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11-27-21 07:15 AM
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I'm going through some shit. My dad died less than a month ago. My mental health is being put through its paces.

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Good luck, boss man! They're giving you fucked up hours and you gotta do what's best for you, especially your mental health.

Speaking of which, I had my first day off today where I didn't have to go to either job, for the first time in over a month. What's a "weekend"? I don't know her. *Insert awkward, smiling sweat drop emoji*

Thank god for therapy, though. I'm at the stage where seeing people without masks right next to me is becoming a constant occurrence, but yeah, I've been sporting an N95 most of the time. Still, I couldn't have done this even six months ago.
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Well I did the thing, of quitting my job, without a real backup plan.

Will be fine for the first month but hopefully I land on my feet soon and somewhere better.

Until then I'm relaxing, while taking up a Python course at Udemy along with a book.
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Yeah, I was originally told I'd probably get to transfer back "within or sooner than 9 months!" You have to do 9 months in another department to transfer around again the company, even during that COVID shuffle I guess...

Well my former department seems to be in shambles and has lost more clients, they got rid of all temps they had, more full time people are either quitting or transferring. I'd think maybe that opens a slot for me to return, but I keep in touch with a few people over there and still hear nothing.

I could try to advance where I am now or transfer somewhere else... but after taking a week off and a lot of introspection, I'm just done with this place. For 5 years I've worked Tue-Sat and I know my social life took a huge hit because of it (never felt up for hanging out Friday's). Now I'm on this overnight schedule too and ugh...

tl;dr, I don't think I want to be anywhere in this company anymore. I'm done. Going to try my best to give a good two weeks and not burn this bridge, but yeah haha. I've got a few recruiters I'm talking to and the job market seems to be bouncing back, so I'm sure I'll find something this summer and get back on a normal schedule. And hopefully a company that doesn't have constant OT or weird schedules. Please...
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Originally posted by Xeoman

It's weird since in the past I was the one to leave jobs on my terms. But this, getting shoved out of my old department that I liked, and for some reason hanging onto this crappy position for nearly a year now... ugh. Hope I find something new this summer.

Seriously looking into getting into coding and or IT now as well. I feel like I've kind of hit a wall with my resume and skillsets otherwise.

Honestly, that is how I felt when I transferred to the Sam's Club out here in California... it seemed to time itself perfectly to them fucking over the departments that I was in. At least I was able to give my old coworkers a warning so they didn't get blindsided. That was the longest year of my damn life, I swear.

I hope you find something better suited for you... or at least with better hours. Overnight shifts absolutely suck.
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Wait, the way I wrote that makes it sound confusing...

I was going into work at 3:45am, since last July.

Now they're moving my starting time to 1am.

So I'm not working 22 hours or whatever haha.

But yeah, I've been on "vacation" this week while trying to make the adjustment, getting up at 10-11pm and this is just depressing as hell. Not to mention being in a second story apartment, I feel like I have to tiptoe and use headphones for 70% of my day now.

We were all told we could probably transfer back in 9 months or sooner. Well that certainly didn't happen.

It's weird since in the past I was the one to leave jobs on my terms. But this, getting shoved out of my old department that I liked, and for some reason hanging onto this crappy position for nearly a year now... ugh. Hope I find something new this summer.

Seriously looking into getting into coding and or IT now as well. I feel like I've kind of hit a wall with my resume and skillsets otherwise.
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Originally posted by Xeoman
Current one is making me go from 3:45am to 1:00am now

Jesus, is that even legal?! Holy shit!

Originally posted by Xeoman
Not a fan...

Yeah, FUCK. I don't blame you.

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Hoping I find a new job soon. Current one is making me go from 3:45am to 1:00am now, so more of a true third shift. Not a fan...
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I did my first week back at the center. I did all right, but yeah, most of everyone doesn't wear their masks at all, even though they're supposed to.

I'm about to be pretty busy again with no weekends. *Sweat drop akward smile emoji* ;P

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I wrote to my boss at the center to let him know I think I'll be ready to return to work next month after my dad and Brandon's vaccines would be in effect. He's desperate for help, I guess, since some people have left and that one co-worker passed away.
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Excellent! I heard it's like a 94% effective rate. You should be good.
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I got my second vaccine shot a few weeks ago, so hopefully it's fully effective now, and Brandon's heading back to work either this week or next.
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"Not Much To Report" is pretty much the rule of the day.

I'm still housebound, but terminated from therapy (because they do not feel I need it any more, so "terminated" is a good thing in this context.) Self-imposing exposure therapy has been OK, but I hit a snag here and there sometimes. Going outside felt like I was re-teaching myself how to walk and talk.

These days it's just streaming things, sending cards in the mail, cooking, and ... waiting.
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So again, not much to report. My husband built me a new computer with a loud-ass keyboard, which I love.

Been going out a bit, because my counselor wants me to as part of my exposure therapy. But I'm still mostly housebound.
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I was more or less referring to how internet culture basically became fully bridged with mainstream culture around that point. 2012 really started that, though it finally happened in 2016 or so and now we have crap like TikTok, which is setting objectification of women/children back 200 years, fused into, and normalised as part of youth society (take the word 'simp' for example, which came from there, which means 'male flirt' and was coined by a typical 'hip-hop chav' on TikTok if I'm not mistaken)... and Twitter - a constant back-and-forth hellhole of nolives nowadays on both the neocommunist hypocritical far left, and the conservative, devout Catholic right; neither of which the arguments of course get anywhere, and yet they're taken just as seriously as a real argument, in real life. I guess modern society is equivalent to the aesthetics Genocide City Zone were supposed to convey, as Hachelle-Bee pictured it in S2 Long Version, huh.

"And if you tolerate this, then your children will be next..." seems to become more and more of a relevant song lyric every day that passes, huh.

Wow, that was one hell of a long post, sorry for the lack of organisation. You likely didn't even read most of it...
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That's pretty much what I was thinking. Seemed like with every celebrity death of 2016, everyone became more and more despondent and blaming the year number for all of the world's ills.

2020 is just a number. It has been a shit year, but it's been a shitty few years, if we're being honest. This one just chose to wreck EVERYONE'S good time. Unless they're making money off the suffering and enjoying it, in which case fuck them. *Shrug*

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Honestly everything seems to be a continuation of a very long, dragged-out and worsening 2016 for me and what's going on in the world, especially with the way social media is getting rapidly globalised and such since then (see: Discord finally killing most forums).
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Oh, Rogue from 2019. How naive you were then.

So this year has taken a dump on everyone, some more than others.

I've started therapy and medication for all my mental shit, and even though I've had the occasional breakdowns, it's been fine. The real work is in the exposure therapy I'm putting myself through. Baby steps.
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Well, I legit thought I'd hit the "Happy Thread" in Last Posts, especially while I was reading the last thing I wrote here. Eh.

Still working two jobs and still pretty tired all the damn time, but yeah, I guess you could say I'm happy. Glad the second job lifted the ban on trading shifts to get days off, at least for now. It's to help people seeking extra hours get them while those of us who don't want to work so much can just give away those hours. This has given me the ability to actually have days where I don't have to go to either job and to actually rest or spend a day out having fun and not worry about getting back in time to get ready for work.

Anyway, I can't believe the year's almost over already. It's been quite a ride. I wouldn't have predicted how this new year had gone since the beginning. To 2020, everyone.
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Hope your health is improving, Xeo. Sorry your spine has been having problems.

I'd spent a lot of last month incredibly ill and at one point had hit a really dark place. Ah, depression.

Anyway, am back on the horse, in a manner of speaking. Took a few days in San Francisco to see Metallica and run around town. Got our rental car broken into and stuff stolen, but the most valuable things were quickly recovered.

I finally passed my probation at my second job, but we're going through a slow season, so I'm only getting a couple shifts a week lately. I'm actually cool with that since it finally gives me some mental wiggle room.
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