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04-15-21 12:42 AM
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I've not sim battled in a long while purely because I've not yet found another website that does the rules like Xeogaming's. It was only really Acmlm's board that had the same rules.

All the other places had really awkward character development trees, experience, skill lists etc. or used the so called 'unorthodox' rules, instead of giving each player full control over his own character. I really can't stand unorthodox... Of all the battles I saw, they either last about ten posts with one person killing the other off within seconds of 'actual' in-sim time passing, or they last for bloody hours with characters regenerating, healing, cutting limbs off and reattaching them...
Cyro Xero
Posts: 1688/1778
I'm an avid sim-battler. I used to do it all the time a couple years back. I was even part of staff of a board dedicated to simbattles until it died down. In fights I make a lot of long posts with many actions strategies. When it comes to RPs I like to be desctiptive. I haven't done either of those in a long time. Simbattling went down when people stopped posting at Acmlm board over past few years. I remember times when those specific forums rivaled General forums in activity. Lot of people did battles and RPs back then. Bad-ass stuff. But if you want to start something, any of will join.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1600/1852
Sadly I'd have to agree. Since I'm currently still in Job Corps, it's a little hard to beable to Sim Battle, when we have a web filter that blocks this site, except from 7:30 pm to 5:00 am: and I'm not really willing to give up sleep for a few fights that rarely ever finish.

That, and theres a chance that the internet filter here just might block this site for being a message board (really stupid rules of internet use in our free time), it did block this site once, so no idea when it will again.

It's a shame that it's a case senario, considering that my writing abilities are improving all the time, even now as we speak I'm always thinking of ways to improve, plus I always have new inspiration (I have one hell of a book being thought up, haha.).

In a few weeks time of TRYING to become active here again, and the websense doesn't block this site, I'll give Sim Battling a go again, since my sim character, Kaijin, is getting even more deadly with some ideas I need to test drive So good luck to you sorry sods who manage to become my test dummies, ahah. (just having a good laugh with ya guys, nothing serious)

See all of you in the Ring sometime.
Posts: 3301/3807
I appreciate the kudos everyone. I think of myself as a pretty good writer and I've been working off the forum on all kinds of stories.

Well, as my summer is beginning to dwindle, my activity's definitely going to pick up.

I'd say Ryan, Vulkar, and myself are your best bets at simbattling. Xeios, Kaijin, True, Clockworkz and a few others also simbattle but they're harder to get a hold of.

If there's interest I could start a simbattle tournament to kickstart the activity in here.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3322/4539
If you want to do a simbattle, I'd say that you could challenge either me, Ryan, Cairoi, or possibly a few other members, but be warned, we ALL procrastinate. Having the battle actually finished is unlikely, although I have won at least one fun battle in two rounds before, xD.
Posts: 888/3409
I would recommend the stuff that Stitch wrote here, but he's not a Sim-battler as far as I know.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3321/4539
When I try, I can write really well, but I usually don't on Xeogaming, so I don't.

That said though, I Gusss no one on Xeogaming has really seen any of my better writings, other than an abbreviated version of Sins of the Father, which I think was quite well done.

I'm not really sure who I'd put down as best, probably not me, but we have a lot of good writers here.
Posts: 1688/1748
Well I'd like to consider myself as a pretty adept writer, considering I do a hefty amount of role play (Outside of this site). I'm just too good at losing interest in RPs and battles very quickly.

However I'd say Cairoi and Xeios are especially good writers/role players here.
Posts: 6/6
Just curious who're the best writers here. I'm kind of a wandering simmer, and I'm curious as to who's who here. It's not often I find active sim boards, even if they are Orthodox type and a few months without posts.

Thanks ahead of time.
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