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07-24-21 10:11 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Sar Cathan
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Nataku Sherineui
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An interesting character design, indeed. You're obviously fairly familiar with Norse Mythology, since you've used some of the general terminology. Aside from the nouns mentioned in the old myths, do you know much Nordic Gaelic? I'm also very curious about your reasons for creating a character based on Norse Mythology. I understand why one might choose Hel on the left and Asgard on the right... by why such an obscure reference to Mimir's Tree down the back? Is the character specifically aligned or allied with any gods? Was he inspired by ant particular gods?
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Originally posted by Cairoi
Interesting. The Norse viking approach is rarely treaded ground.

Hence the reason that I like it so much.
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Interesting. The Norse viking approach is rarely treaded ground.
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Sim climate?

Yeah, it hasn't really happened in a while. Then again, activity has been a bit slow in the last month in general.
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Thanks. He's greatly more developed than his character profile implies, however. I'm not sure he'd fit in the current sim climate here, but it seems there hasn't been activity here in almost four months.
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Me likey.
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Name: Sar Cathan
Age: Physically, twenty-five.
Race: Human
Height: 6'
Weight: 215 lbs.
Build: Lean but muscular.
Hair: Deep red.
Eyes: Green.
Date of birth: Unknown.

Weapons of Choice:

Tyrfing: The Tyrfing is a golden hilted blade that is held on Sar's left hip for ease upon drawing. Although quite big for a one-handed blade, 4'2", Sar utilizes it so. Forged by Dvalin and Durin, two extremely gifted smiths of an ancient past, the two were captured and forced into making the sword for Svafrlami, the king of Gardariki. They made him the blade, and it shone and gleamed like fire, but it was vengeance that colored the sword. Out of spite, the two cursed the blade so that whenever it is unsheathed, blood must be shed in order to satisfy its lust for death. Friend, foe, or passerby, Tyrfing drives the wielder to madness until its blood lust is satiated. Sar is the only known wielder capable of resisting the madness the blade induces.

Sólrök: Fated Sun, translated literally from old Norse. Hung from his back by five leather strips, attached to his belt, the blade is gigantic. Nudged just below his lower back, tightly held next to him as to not be a hindrance, the blade is at least twelve inches in width. Not nearly as long as as the Tyrfing however, the weapon itself broken. The blade is rustic, turned red from age, stained blood, and the wear and tear of battle. Cracked and broken, the weapon seems almost to disintegrate the longer it is exposed to air.

However, under its horrific exterior lies an awesome power. When Sar feeds his own energy into the weapon, it takes on a new life, both physically and mentally. Consumed in an ivory white blaze, the sword's shape, size and visage changes.

There is no actual recorded history to this blade. The only possible link between this mythical weapon and any legend, is a Frisian text making note of Fosite and Sunna's love affair. To this point though, it is all speculation.

Typical Clothing:

Clothing: Not one to wear constricting clothing, Sar is usually seen in a pair of jeans or his favorite frayed Military Issue Snow-Camos, a black tank top, and a brown leather jacket. Always wearing his favorite necklace, the symbol ">" is cut into its face, which represents both the essence of fire and the will of an artist.

Tattoos: Inscribed on each hand is a word, starting at the base of the thumb's first joint and stretching along the inner cuff of the hand until it reaches the index finger's knuckle. On the left hand, the word Hel. On his right hand, the word îsgar∂r. And finally, strewn across his upper back, just below his neck, is the word Mîmamei∂r.

Martial status:

"A beast has no past, only the present and a future."

Fighting Style:

Berserkr: A fighting style originally founded by the Vikings, in which one abandons the concept of self-preservation and relentlessly assaults an opponent without regard for their own health. This style, in of itself, is usually induced through psychoactive foods, herbs or medicines. However, Sar's knowledge of the style is not intimate. Physically, he has a deeper understanding than anyone and is able to utilize it without the need to ingest anything, but it is a subconscious and latent ability. Sólrök is somehow tied to this, though it is unknown as to how and why. To this day, the style has only be released once, but the change in Sar is frightening.
Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Sar Cathan

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