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12-09-23 01:49 PM
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Raven resisted the urge to roll her eyes, something Crystle did frequently. Looking around and weighing their options, she decided to go to the gardens. They were quiet, secluded, and she could use some of her own magic to increase the privacy.

"Follow me," she said in a commanding voice and began walking towards the garden.
True Flight
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Kyll nodded. "I did plan on it, but I'm not going to let her live it down." Kyll looked at Sync.

Sync crossed her arms. "Do you what you will, but I want to get this balance together that way I can do my research..."
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"There are a few places in Orikan that can offer us privacy... the grove from which I came, the castle gardens, and several rooms in the castle itself. Any choice that you make is fine by me."

Raven regarded Kyll and Sync for a moment. What a mess....

"I would ask that the two of you set aside your issue for now. If the Light King has truly gone rogue then we shall have bigger problems than who is the true Soul of the girl."

"Now, where to?"
True Flight
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Kyll looked at Sync with a smirk.

The hair on the back of Sync's neck stood on end. Knowing her punishment she thought about what she was going to do. Sync stayed silent.

Kyll looked at Raven. "Ah hah the queen of the Elves." Kyll looked at Kai and nodded as he spoke to her. "My apologies, I must be more polite." She sent a teasing smirk at Kaijin.

Sync couldn't help but listen.

"Suit Girl you seem a little out of sorts..." Kyll said. Sadly my vacation is going to end either way...

Sync looked at Kate. "Kate?" She asked taking the mask off revealing her face. Brownwyn's grace showed through her green eyes. She had a tanner face than Raven but it was deffinetely Sarah's face. She sighed.

"Ah... it speaks..." Kyll mused.

Sync put the visor back on. "What do you want?"

"I am not answering that one... because I would wind up sound like the Grim Reaper himself. Now on to the subject of where to move our group's conversation" Kyll mused again.
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"Light King....?" Kate gushed, as she looked around at the growing group about her.

I knew it... came the voice.

stifle. reprimanded Kate.
Kaijin Surohm
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He chuckled to himself softly as he bowed his head forward slightly. "Whatever you wish. Twould probably be the better idea if we due retire to a more enclosed place. I have a few places, none that truely are appropriate, however if you wish for a better place, feel free to lead."
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Raven's eyes widened slightly in alarm.

"Rogue? How do you know of this?"

She glanced around at the people on the street. Most paid them no mind, but some did still stare at the strange group.

"Perhaps we should retire to a more secluded place to speak of this?"
Kaijin Surohm
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"War. War is exactly what I said it is." He looked down at Kyll, and tapped her head with his palm. "Easy girl. We'll deal with Sarah's situation soon enough, so worry not."

He glanced up at Raven, and smiled softly. "T'would seem... The Light King has gone Rouge."
True Flight
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"Easier said than done..." Kyll said with a smirk. She looked over in the direction. "She comes closer... I swore I made a deal with that piece of junk." Kyll clicked her silent boots.

Sync looked at Raven. "She made a deal with me. She found Kaijin and wanted to serve him... Why? I do not know, but if I were to stay out of the area and find somewhere to hide. Kyll would live a life of leisure and not have to work. However... They only thing that keeps her at bay is Sarah's situation.." Sync sighed...
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Sarah's true owner? Raven looked back at the other three just in time to see Kaijin catch her gaze in a beckoning way. She took Sync's arm and moved her closer so they could hear his words.

"I will try to keep her off you until this can be sorted out, but I think it is time."

Moving closer, she heard Kate's question and the vampire's answer. She also noticed the brief change in Kate's eyes. The Soul was trying to finally awaken.

"War? What do you mean, Kaijin?"
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She grinned mischeviously as she marveled at the flame. She still may or may not believe this "dream" but she might as well be herself while she's here.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's grab this shit by the balls and go back home."

Once again, the blue features passed before her eyes, and for a brief second, as though uncontrolled by Kate herself, she winked, before her eyes turned brown again.
Kaijin Surohm
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"Ah" He waved his hand infront of his own face, whily snapping it, causing a minor black flame to appear, and vanish quickly. "That would be the correct questions... and so soon too! My my, you shall make this easy for me after all!"

He waved around her gracefully, and landed behind her as he glanced at the other people around her. "There is an issue that will matter to most people around us as the balances of rule tips unfavorably. There is a war marching amongst us, and we're directly in the middle of the damnable thing."
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She waved her hand dismissively.

"I can see all of that." She says, smiling sheepishly. "I meant...what's going on here" she continues, adding emphasis to the word "here."

"I mean this place..." She attempted to continue her clarification. "There's a reason for it's existence, a reason for being here right this second, and...awww christ...there's a reason for the difference in the two worlds. Mine and this..."

"Why am I here, right this second. No need to attempt to prove this to me...I have this nagging sensation already doing that for the both of us." she added ruefully. "Is there something needed from us?"
Kaijin Surohm
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"What's going on is exactly what you do every night." He gave her a knowning glance, and straightend his posture.

"You see, you are experiencing what you really do during your sleep, what the true basis of your dreams truely are. Your true existance past your human form, my dear." All he could manage was to soften his grin a bit.

"Welcome to the Underworld. And this is the first time you've been here consiously."
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Of all the questions she could ask, Katie only knew what she wasn't going to ask.

While still skeptical about whether or not this was a dream, she knew why she was there. Whatever it was that was sharing her mind with her, it seemed, wanted her to believe. To the discredit of herself, she knew she wouldn't believe any of this if she wasn't slapped right in the face with it.

That was why she was there.

She glanced from the Bat Lady, to Kaijin.

"What's going on?" She said simply.
Kaijin Surohm
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(For thoes who RP with many characters, do try and speak in the third person a bit more, so I can tell who's doing what. >Glances at Sara< It helps me oh so much in my time crunches to post.)

He couldn't help but chuckle in a low, errie sound that echoed through the streets.

"Dear child, if you keep talking much further, I dare say I'd have no room to speak." He was so humoured by the turn of events, that he had no real way of speaking, even if he wanted to.

So much, yet so little... Regardless:

He turned about, nearing where he was intending, but the street was plenty enough, since the crowd he was hoping for had arrived anyway. "Now then, my dear friends, I'm sure you all are familiar with atleast one or two aspects of thy surroundings now." His grin couldn't fall. "I'm sure you all have countless questions, and yes, I intend to answer them when I can. Just don't expect everything all at once.

Little one" he looked over at the Bat Girl "do as you see fit. You know I dare not command you, since you've never listen to anything I say anyway. Anyway, Questions all and questions one. Ask away."
True Flight
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Sync looked at Raven. Slowly she turned her back on Raven. "She's the janitor. She plans to clean up a mess. Her name is Kyll. She is a guardian of the Death Gate and the owner of her host Sarah."
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Raven watched the interaction between the three down the path intently, trying to puzzle out who the woman with the horns was. Some kind of servant of the vampire? They were just out of hearing distance, so she was not sure what was being said.

She turned to look at Sync. There was a tinge of fear in her eyes that even the visor could not hide, and the acidic tone she had used before was gone. The arrogance of the creation Sync remained, but this was perhaps the closest echo of Bronwyn she might ever see in her. Slowly, Raven took a step forward to better block her from the view of the others.

"Who is she, and why is she after you?"
True Flight
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"Ah... Worldly names..." The bat lady smirked. "My name is...." She sighed. "My worldly name WOULD be...." She paused and rolled over looking at Kate as if she was laying on her stomach. "Princess... Well her mother calls her Angel... Her peers feel as though she is too far ahead... and other adults don't understand her..." She looked at Kate. "I am who she really is... Well.. Who she is supposed to be..." The bat lady noticed the change in eye color. "Oh?...." She kept a smug grin. "I might be able to get your help after all." The puzzling bat lady looked at Kaijin. "Master... You didn't tell me you brought potential..."
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Instinctively, Kate tensed as she bat lady floated about her. Not the presence of this girl, but the question was the source of the tension.

"Da--" She paused and blinked several times.

"Kate..." She announced.

My name means nothing right now... her inner voice cooed.

I don't belong here...why couldn't you do this? Why wouldn't they know you? Katie thought to herself.

No need to belong...just believe...this...denial you've put yourself through has tampered with my ability to access your world.. a pause, and then a soft chuckle.

Katie sighed, aloud, even though the conversation raging on was in her mind and her mind only.

She looked up at the Bat Lady, then to Kaijin, and finally back to the Bat Lady. She simply shrugged and offered a meek smile.

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