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12-09-23 12:46 PM
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I'll edit my post after I make up my charrie. I think this is a pretty cool idea.
True Flight
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Character's salary? OOH OOH I wanna play a prostitute!!
Cyro Xero
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That's a little better. I didn't like the idea of disclosing my character's salary.
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Originally posted by Cyro Xero
What the hell? Somebody made that? Geezus, should we throw in a social security number and our favorite sex position while we're at it?

Good idea.

XD No, but seriously. I think I'm going to go through and weed out the REALLY unnecessary things. Also, added a backdrop for the story-line.
Cyro Xero
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What the hell? Somebody made that? Geezus, should we throw in a social security number and our favorite sex position while we're at it?
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Idea: Somebody said something about making an RP that takes place in our world (no magic, no robots, etc). I stumbled upon the craziest character sheet ever. I figured it'd be fun to create an RP in the real world with ridiculously fleshed out characters.

Backdrop: We all play characters trapped in a resort for two weeks due to a freak snow storm. Phone lines are dead, and cell phones aren't getting any signal. There's heat, water, and power, but that's it. Connection with the outside world is effectively severed.

The point of this RP will to play real people in a real situation which will test them in every way possible. Try not to play the same character you always do. Try to really play a believable person, with real motives, dreams, and ideals. Let's see if we can write some high-calibur shit together, people.

Ready? Go.

Also known as (nicknames):
Birth date:
Place of birth:
Eye Color:
Hair color:
Hair Style:
Distinguishing marks:
Ethnic background:
Character's current home:
Current occupation:
Current employer:
Marital status:
Police record:
Grooming: (hair style, clothing style)
Mannerisms: (accent, gestures, etc)
Smoker/Drinker/Drug User:
How would he/she describe himself/herself, if totally honest?:

EDITPALOOZA: Weeded character sheet thin, added basic backdrop to story, etc.
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