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10-04-23 12:41 PM
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Come to think about it, it might have been board/

Oh, those were the days.
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Don't remind me of such atrocities!

Posts: 8001/11918
Well now I'm just hanging around the board on the www address.

Remember when the url was something like board/
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Might be something to do with the evil cookies.
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Just... why in the world should the www make a difference?
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Yeah always on with the www myself. I think sometimes when I follow online users myself or links you guys post here and there without it, I won't be logged in either when it doesn't have the www. Weird issues I guess.
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I have in the past. Are you just viewing the page regularly with the "www"?
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Which I am logged into so I think this issue is reversed for me. Have you just tried logging into the URL with the www?
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Nope, I'm on .org.

Just for some reason whenever we check online users and click to see where someone is, the url it links to includes the "www," which we're not logged into.
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You using .net or something?
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I know this is an old problem, and yeah, just by removing the www, you can be logged back in, but would it be possible to make it so it automatically goes to the www-less url?
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YES! Thank you Thex.

Usually I like to click on threads people are looking at, I am an Online.php user when it comes to ACMLM boards.
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it's the URL.

My bookmark goes to - I'm logged in there. Links from /online.php go to - important part bolded. Firefox reads that as a different site, so it doesn't automatically log you in there.

I'm guessing that's your issue.
Kyoku kun
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That happens to me as well. Only if you click on a thread or new reply (I think). Then it refreshes and your logged out.

Or something.
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Maybe I should paint pretty pictures to explain it to Xeo
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I'm feeling a little ignored.

It's a bug no matter what version you're using, at least it's happened to me on Firefox 3, un-updated Firefox at school, and on IE.

Like I mentioned, it's happened to me multiple times and so long as you hit Back and go from there, you'll still be logged in.

Any time I've brought this up with Xeo, he seemed confused and didn't fully understand what I was talking about. Which is fine, it's sort of a random bug anyway.
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Methinks it's just you. I'm running the updated Firefox 3, Windows XP. Try refreshing your cache.
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Originally posted by Nagis
Originally posted by FX
I somehow don't get logged out! Must be something wrong on your end!

What the hell?
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Doesn't do it for me, but thanks?
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I noticed this happening to me a few times, but if you hit the "Back" button on your browser, you stay logged in.


If you click into where aperson is and get logged out and then go onto other parts of the site from there you'll remain logged out. However, if you hit back and then keep browsing from there you REMAIN logged in.

I don't know why it works like that, but it does.
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