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02-27-24 02:55 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Table top and miniatures discussion?
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So I am currently running the anniversary edition of The Rise of the Runelords... the first Pathfinder adventure that they put out. I have two groups... a bunch of veterans and a bunch of newbies.

The newbies are a weekly group, so they are farther along. It is very funny to watch the dynamics of the two groups. The vets react more to the plot in some places, but the newbies are better at figuring out things because they are not overthinking stuff. They also stumble upon more things because at least one of the party members is the "search and take everything... just like in Fallout" kinda player (this is the only fantasy thing he's ever dealt with. Ever.)... which is both good and bad.
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Let me know what you think of Thunderstone Elara! We're still playing it and getting new expansions off and on, haha. Great stuff.
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Agreed about Pathfinder. I'm finally in a game and I actually ENJOY playing a dumb fighter for a change! Seriously... a stupid, uncharismatic half-orc meat shield named Pixie. Good stuff!
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Based on the pictures you showed us, Xeo, I am going to see if the gaming store in Grove City carries Thunderstone next time I am up there... I think I am due for another blood donation so I think that will be soon (the blood bank is across the street).

So yeah, in other news, for those that haven't seen me rant in other areas. PATHFINDER! Fuck D&D 4th Edition and it's dumbing down to the point that I hate playing and running it.

What is the Pathfinder RPG you ask?

Epic, that is what it is. Especially the campaign setting. I love the world of Golarion that they've created, it is super interesting and detailed and just awesome.

Website: here

SRD (all the rules): here

Also the books are easily findable in PDF form if you know where to look.
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So my friends and I have really got into this stuff lately.

Thunderstone is amazing. Anyone here play that one?

Seven Wonders and Last Night on Earth are amazing too.
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D&D, whoo! I have my own little miniatures box plus some on my shelf. I just need to master painting them.

For those that play... thoughts on 4th Edition? I have mixed feelings about it.

I also play Magic, and it's fun but I don't really keep up with Type 2 anymore and haven't since Mirrodin. Still, I like my little B/W deck... Vile Deacons are the shit.

I have a starter box thing for the WoW tcg but I've only played it once. It was interesting but I prefer Magic.
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Shards of Alara Visual Spoiler.

Some good cards there, I think it may re-spark my interest in Magic. Shadowmoor killed the game for me.
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Use It's a really useful resource.
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I forgot about that, thank you FX.

Making an artifact invincible is another thing I forgot to mention.

I'll have the cards listed sometime soon, along with the sliver deck.

Ooze deck is another one, but I cant find it anywhere.
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Uh... Platinum Angel is already an artifact; it's an artifact creature. Also, Wrath of God doesn't target, so it could take it out (unless you make it indestructible).
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Platnium Angel deck is just as bad pretty much. There are cards that make it where you are forced not to target the target creature.

Edit- I forget the name's of the cards, but once I have them, Ill share some secrets.

But also the trick is to make PA an artifact, which you can use with the Sword, Shield, and helm of Kaldra, along with -- I forget the name, but using it makes any target you want an artifact.

And seen how you cant target it, I can attack it with some bullshit creature, it spawns another 1/1 monster will all the benefits of PA. Including the Kaldra set, AND cant be targetted.

So pretty much I can make an army without drawing a single card.

And with Platnium Angel being that target, I win. Not even God's Wrath can't take it down because you cant target it.

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Originally posted by God Mode
I still think that my sliver deck would rape anything out there.

M:tG language of course.

I also have a Platinum Angel deck that is nearly invincible.

Slivers decks in general make me rage, it's all about Sac Engines, Combine Alter of Dementia, Grave Pact and some elf token generator + some Elvish Prefects and Lords and you can deck and wipe the field at the same time.

I've got a decent red/blue creature hate/aggro everyone at the table deck..and then I putz around with two preconstucted decks out of the new block...I don't really like em that much.
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I'm currently hooked on DnD Miniatures. Maybe one day I'll actually be able to use them in a DnD game! I've got about a hundred of the little guys already and don't even know how to play the miniatures game...

I also love L5R but haven't played in a few years. I have a couple M:tG decks and my fiancee loves the game so I play that every once in a while.

I'm also interested in Star Wars miniatures and actually being able to play the WoW card game (I've got like a billion of those) but nobody else seems to play them around here.

Alas, I'm almost doomed to find some tabletoppers to game with me (I hate meeting new people).
The Accidental Protege
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Currently working on a R/W deck that can effectively kill by turn 2 or 3. Involves Through the Breach, Dragon Tyrant, Blazing Shoal, among others.

Fun times.
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I still think that my sliver deck would rape anything out there.

M:tG language of course.

I also have a Platinum Angel deck that is nearly invincible.
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Originally posted by Raoh
Does M:tG count as a tabletop game?

Just wanna know, cause I can talk about that, but not about any of the other games listed above.

I guess it could work also, I mean you play over a table right?

But M:tG is a good one that I played a little bit back in high school. After that I kind of advanced onto L5R or Legond of the 5 Rings. Now there's a card game that would put Magic to shame .

along those lines I used to play a little bit of Yugioh and Pokemon as well.

I will edit my first post and just start a huge list of all the games that we've come up with so far..
The Accidental Protege
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Does M:tG count as a tabletop game?

Just wanna know, cause I can talk about that, but not about any of the other games listed above.
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The only tabletop games I can enjoy are all the Hasbro or Mattel ones... The simple ones where it's just the players, a board, a bunch of player pieces, a bunch of dice and a load of squares you have to move across to get to the end.

I've tried to play the apparantly simple version of DnD, and I've just not had the money to play either version of Warhammer, although 40k interests me a bit.

There used to even be a club at my school for such activities, although since DnD didn't interest me and because I can't afford Warhammer pieces, I didn't go. I'm just not very good with games with manuals you could beat a Walrus to death with.

EDIT: My friend and I did try to make up some rules for a game involving those little green plastic army men you can get about a hundred for a quid now. I should try to expand on it a bit more... Poorhammer FTW!
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Originally posted by Xeu
I've only played DnD. I always thought Warhammer 40k looked awesome, but seems like it's a pretty expensive hobby (some friends of mine used to be into it), and the matches would take hours upon hours. Though I guess that's just table top games in general, lol.

Yea it is pretty spendy, last time I checked for just a regular space marine squad it's like 35 bucks. When you get it you have to put each miniature together (8-10 pieces usually) and then primer and paint.

They range from 35 to I think I saw a starter set for 150 or something which comes with the core rulebook and a bunch of miniatures also.

One of the biggest thing I liked about 40k was some of the artwork in the rule books...

Example 1

Example 2

Most of it is black and white, at least in most rule books that ive seen. I almost prefer it that way.
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Since this is a sort of catch-all thread, I'm gonna sticky it and see how the activity goes.

Don't have anything else to contribute though.
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Table top and miniatures discussion?

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