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05-28-22 06:35 PM
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Bria looked over at Adalmus and shrugged.

"Fucking retard..." she mumbled under her breath, rolling her eyes in Saren's direction.

However, at Saren's urgency, Bria tensed up, ready to go, even though she made no move for weapons as he ordered. Bria had what she would need on her at all times, and if not, using anything around her was never an issue. Carrying anything else on her would only drag her down and take away her graceful edge.

Kiana's mother suddenly tensed up. Kiana couldn't help but notice her mother's nervous glances toward the doorway, as though she were waiting for something.

"I thought you said he was busy." Kiana says softly. "His door was closed."

"It's not that..." Her mother's voice trailed off.

After a few more moments of trying to finish her meal peacefully, Kiana couldn't help but notice her mother's constant glances out the window.


The sound of the metal fork crashing onto the glass plate startled Kiana enough to make her jump. Now, peering across the table to her mother, she was certain something was wrong.

After dropping the fork, her mother swiftly rose to her feet and was at Kiana's end of the table in what seemed like a flash.

"We need to go."

"But-" Kiana protested, but to no avail. Her mother was already lifting her out of her chair and dragging her through the halls.

"What's going on?!" Kiana exclaimed, trying to make sense of what was happening.

"Shhh!" Her mother commanded as they continued through the halls, making sudden twists and turns throughout the manner. "You just need to do as I say." Her mother said, keeping Kiana close to her.
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Loftar and the rest of the Sorcerous Arrests division of the Phoenix Guard appeared just outside the Athyra keep.

"I want the sorcerers to get a teleport block around the place. I don't want anyone getting in or out unless I say so. Don't try to block them into whichever room their in, it'll be a waste of effort. But set a few men aside to try and pin down their exact location. Wenjak, take your men and try and find any possible routes of escape. Firios, you and your men are coming with me."
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Saren looks over, at Adalmus and smirks at him then chuckles reading the paper again noticing the slight mistake he made the first time reading it, his facial expression drops then settles into a look that could best be described as "Oh Fuck what did I do"

He lurches out of the chair abruptly and dashes towards his coat and throws it on throwing the door open he begins talking quite urgently, " Get your weapons and whatever else you'll need there is about to be a raid on a very important family we need to get there NOW!"
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Adalmus was confused, he hadn't known many Dragaerans who didn't speak to their families, but I suppose the thief got her ass booted, huh...

"Saren, want to know how my mother's doing too, she's great. Thanks for asking."
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"Your desk has seen more than feet." Bria replied nonchalantly as Saren bent over to pick up the piece of paper.

Her smirk faded at his question.

"Years. I've lost count."

She paused.

"Honestly Saren." Her voice was strong, yet sincere. Saren wouldn't bring up such a topic unless there was some serious business, Bria was almost sure of that, so there was no need to be coy this time.

"You're quiet." Kiana's voice sounded much louder than she intended it to be. The sound of her own voice shocked her, but Kiana knew that finding the right pitch in the large, antiquely decorated dining room. The fact that sound was prone to echo in a room that was so silent anyway didn't help much.

Kiana's mother simply smiled. "I have not much to say tonight, dear." As usual, the smile cleared any doubts of cheerfulness Kiana had of her mother's disposition.
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Saren turns watching the lithe woman at his desk smirks a bit and says, "Bria, my desk is not a footrest, and look you knocked something off of my desk."Saren reaches down and picks up the envelope his eyes widen a bit then he chuckles some more a dagger appears in his hand from taken from somewere on his person he cuts open the letter and pulls out the parchment inside reading the precise handwriting inside.

"I thought this would be the case," Saren quickly glances down again using a sorcerious technique to save the image of the letter to memory he tosses the paper into the fireplace ensuring its destruction and that no other eyes but his own would see it.

"Bria, when was the last time you spoke with your parents..."
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A letter slipped from Saren's desk as Bria put her feet upon the desk, falling to the ground.

It had three words scrawled onto its envelope.

"Your information, sir."

Meanwhile, some ways away, Dedeceris was in council in a cozy bar, the lightly dim atmosphere keeping people's conversations to themselves. He was obviously among those of lesser ilk, and while his presence was somewhat offputting when placed against these scoundrels, he had their ears, and he had the aged, inert gears in their head beginning to turn.

Seemed things were beginning to go his way.
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Bria continued on her way, trailing Saren. It didn't take three people to lock up, especially when the two left to complete the task were Adalmus and Beil.

"You know, 'please' just may get you a better reaction out of me." Bria says coyly into Saren's ear, now standing behind him as he removed the cape.

Bria, instead occupied the empty desk chair, crossing her legs and placing them on his desk.

"I don't appreciate unexpected visitors."

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Saren chuckles as he watches his comrades reactions and he nods as Dedeceris departs continueing to walk at the same pace towards headquarters a block away as he arrives at the front door to headquarters he pauses for a moment and mutters, " is that sneaky bastard getting into Headquar-," Saren stops talking and sighs as he enters Headquarters fully expecting to find his Lyorn right hand man sitting at his desk in his office.

"Beil, Briel and Adalmus, Lock the place up and meet me in my office, I don't want the bitch patrol or the Guard showing up unannounced...we need to talk."

Saren walks off pulling a keyring from inside his clothes and pulls out an everchanging key to unlock his rather peculiar office lock he steps inside his office and turns to remove his cape.
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Dedeceris looked at the group with a suddenly cold gaze.

"I'll be taking my leave, Saren. You'll get your information at headquarters. Farewell to you all until then."

Dedeceris then turned and made his way back into the alleyway, disappearing into the buildings' shadows.
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Beil didn't bat an eye at Dedeceris' appearance. The former ex-Lyorn had been doing handy-work for Saren for some time, but Beil had noticed that he didn't hang around much. He thought that his expulsion from his house had hurt his pride. Going from a high ranking Lyorn knight to a footman for the Jhereg probably wasn't one of his aspirations.

Loftar accepted a folder from an official as he and Firios entered the Phoenix Guard section of the Dragon Wing of the Imperial Palace. He unwound the string from the leather folder and quickly skimmed through the sheaf of papers inside.

"Lieutenant Firios," they were on duty, so Loftar addressed him by his title, "assemble your men. And tell Lieutenant Wenjak to do the same."

Within minutes, Loftar stood before a crowd of Dragaerans. Firios stood behind him, along with his second lieutenant, a Dzur named Wenjak.

"Alright, men. We've got a group of Elder Sorcerers, at least two, operating from an Athyra lord's keep. It will require top work from all of you, but we can do it. Now, report to the armory, then prepare to be teleported to the keep."
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A strange look came over the mysterious man's face.

"Don't worry...Bria, was it? He wasn't expecting me. Not yet, anyhow."

A strange silence filled the air as he looked at the group, a small grin on his face. He quickly changed the subject, turning slightly to the Easterner with the itchy sword grip.

"Quite the pretty sword you've got there, my great master. Be careful where you pull it out in this city. People have a habit of stealing gleams of greatness from one another."
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Bria sighed. She reached out and placed a hand on Adalmus' shoulder. "Saren or Axes would have been down his throat if he was of any harm." A grin spread slyly across her red lips as she spoke. She was speaking to Adalmus, but her eyes were on the stranger for a moment and then an icy glare was shot in Saren's direction. If Saren was expecting to meet this man, she didn't like the idea of him keeping that knowledge from her.

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Adalmus allowed a chuckle to escape his lips. His eyes still intently staring at this man before them.

"I hope I'm mistaken, but it sounds as if you mean to threaten us."

The jewel encrusted Greatsword was pulled free from Adalmus' back, and Adalmus held it almost effortlessly. He took a defensive stance quickly, and was prepared for any attack which might come. Goddamn it Saren, you're always one to make plenty of enemies.
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The stranger laughed under his breath.

"Jumpy lot, eh? Don't worry, that twitch of yours will go away soon."
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Adalmus gripped his greatsword tightly. The jeweled handle glistened lightly. Fierce green eyes seemed to pierce the other's soul, attempting to discern his true intentions. Well, if he acted up, Adalmus would just have to kill him, and think nothing else of it.
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Bria's hand twitched toward her dagger as when she first heard the voice.

However, she refrained from acting hastily until she got a feel of the situation. Saren did not seem to budge into defense, so that was her first clue.
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"It's been a while, Saren." A voice said from the alleyway the group was passing. A Dragaearan stepped out from the shadows. Though clearly Dragaearan, his features were somewhat unfamiliar. His high cheekbones, tan complexion, dark brown hair, and thin lips seemed somewhat different than those of the normal characteristics for a clan.

"Sorry it took so long to finish up North, but the job's done, I've got your information." The man was very charismatic, noted by his well-kept clothes. He wore a white dress shirt, brown vest, and black pants that fit comfortably.

"So, these people our new recruits?"
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"Ha, Indeed I would, good friend!"

Firios finished his klava as well, and was teleported along with the captain. He stood in the Dragon wing, what Firios had known as a home for a long time.

"It is good to be back though."
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"And you'd definitely give the executioner's star some extra work."

Loftar finished the last of his klava, and left an imperial on the table to pay for the drinks as well as the waitress' tip. Checking the time via his link to the orb, he stood.

"We'd better get going."

The captain and his lieutenant left the bar and immediately teleported outside the Imperial Palace. They walked up the stairs of the Dragon wing.

Beil didn't feel comfortable with the easterner behind him, but he hung just behind Saren, his arms continually crossed, seemingly out of reach of his axes.
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