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08-17-22 07:28 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy birthday, Cyro!
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Cyro Xero
Posts: 1263/1778
Ah, so I guess I was just a fad, then. I haven't been around for quite a while, so it makes sense. Those were the days.

Nice vid, too.
Posts: 2179/2785
Hey, hey. I have different eye candy now, but you were one of them, way back in the day. Well, I guess you still could be, but I'm too preoccupied with creating Kamehamehas on YouTube to actually care. What was I talking about?

Oh, happy belated or actual Spawn-Day. I'm only about a year behind you, so I don't feel any younger/older/Stargate.


Just in case you're wondering, here's the link to the kamehameha spoof commercial thing I made one evening. Should work on a better one, but I don't have the head (budget or video) for it. Got four other projects...HaPPY BirfDAY!!
Posts: 6982/11746
Yup, exactly the pictures I was thinking of.

And yeah, I can say I was definitely one of those noobs myself back then.

I think I got into boards around the same time myself, though I was quickly banned from Acmlm's until like 2004 (then became a local mod! Haha). Man, it has been awhile.
Cyro Xero
Posts: 1260/1778
Sweet. Thank you all for this thread. I love these things. That's why I try to post in everybody's birthday threads. I wasn't around from 4pm or so yesterday and got back at 3am today. I had a good time yesterday. My brother and I went to go lift weights in the morning and then had lunch with our parents at Apple Bee's. My brother and I then went to a friend's place with another guy at 7 for a while and just the 4 of us liquored up partied it up down in his basement which looks like a very good lounge bar. Nicely done with good music. We were dancing pretty smooth down there. at 10:50 we called a cab and went to downtown Minneapolis to hit up the clubs (Club Spin). As soon as we got in my brother and I got separated from our two buddies and we never saw them for the rest of the night. They were doing their thing and we were having fun just dancing together (One of the guys doesn't remeber much from last night and barely remembers getting home. Hehe). I had a very good time. Tonight my parents are having a several people over to play board games. My brother and I are bringing a few friends as well. I suppose I'll be getting my brithday cake today, too.

You know, being this old isn't so bad. I don't even 27 yet. But that's natural since many people don't feel their age until a week or so. Time does fly, though. I've only know a lot for for a few years. But I've been on Acmlm boards since 2002-03 and have known others for several years. It's weird to think back to when I first met them. I was in my early twenties and some of these guys were 14 year old noobs barely in highschool. Now most of them are at least 20. That's a long time to go from noob kid to an adult, and sometimes it only feels like yesterday I've been around them. And I've often wondered what board life will be like here when everybody gets older. Will most people still be here by the time they reach my age? Will Xeo change this place to be a more mature site? Hm. We'll have to wait and see, won't we?

Here's that picture, Xeo. Taken 4 and a half years ago.

Posts: 1400/1748
Happy birthday!

Yup, that's it. This is why I rarely post on birthday threads. Mine are so basic.

Nothing like getting back to them though.
Posts: 1626/1858
Happy Birthday man!

We have to play some games on the PS3!

How's the married life, by the way?
Posts: 4731/9719
Over the Hill is 40

But anyway, happy birthday Cyro. I'm not far behind but I'm just not going to think about that....
Posts: 532/546
Happy birthday Cyro! Wow 27 that must be fun.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 2875/4539
Only three years until you're over the hill. :-P

I would make a joke about you being one year closer to death, but, you know, I know old people don't like old people jokes.
Posts: 6980/11746
Originally posted by Rogue
Yay, it's Zabuza's eye candy's birth-iversary.

Haha, reminds me of Cyro's awesome lighting pictures that he showed off, I remember one looked like he was about to blast a Kamahamaha (wtf spelling? DBZ).

Anyways, hope it's a good one man and it's cool to see you around these parts again.
Posts: 2371/3649
**sigh** We're all getting so old. Aha.

Hope you're partying it up though!

Happy Birthday!
Posts: 4062/11900
Yay, it's Zabuza's eye candy's birth-iversary.

Hehe, just kidding.

Getting up there in your years, aren't ya?

I'm not far behind.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy birthday, Cyro!

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