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02-03-23 09:27 PM
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Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 326/328
You provided very valuable advice which led to the creation of the final cut. That is why it say "In association with..." and not "and Imperial Productions." For that I felt you deserved to get a little bit of credit because this cut would not exist without your help.
Posts: 173/178
I love how you added impirial productions in there for no reason, i did jack didly on this vidio.
Kyoku kun
Posts: 783/1329
I found that pretty good! I've seen better, but this was very well done for only using a couple episodes.
My only suggestion (I don't know much about making AMV'S) is to download the episodes raw, so they don't have subtitles. There is also a program that you can use to remove subtitles... but I don't what it is.. Sorry.

I know I wasn't of much use, but that's my feedback :-D!
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 325/328
I just finished with the following AMV. It is my first attempt at something like this (Fourth cut before I posted it) and I was hoping to get some input on how to improve on my ability.

Xeogaming Forums - Anime Lounge - Bleach - Sunday Bloody Sunday

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