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11-29-23 11:24 PM
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Elara, it's a spoof on the vegetable meme floating around on the internet.

And yes, Jesse Jackson is hilarious. He's always standing up for the black people, but he ends up calling them all the dirty word. The one he set Don Imus on fire for? Yep. There's something in the water of famous people that just BREEDS hypocrisy.
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While that did make me laugh I can see how it could also be seen as offensive since it is basically reinforcing the stereotype of poor speech skills in African Americans.

Oh yes, what did you all think of the Rev. Jesse Jackson episode a week or so ago?
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On a lighter note, Obama's trying some new advertising.

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Oh, I wasn't going off on you, Nagis, and I'm sorry if it came off that way.

No, I was putting in another way people might look at it that would still make Obama look bad.

The whole McCain rant just sort of came out as something I was going to write anyway and it wasn't meant to sound like it was applied as a rant directed toward you. When read right out it does sound like I directed the whole post at you and that wasn't so, just that one paragraph. And it wasn't meant to sound so hostile.

So yeah.. Go Rogue's lazy paragraph breaks.
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I wasnt being serious Rogue, my apologies for sparking that up.

It is the common talk that is going on right now, cept I added the whole "Worse president than me" joke in there.
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Why the hell are the primaries and delegate-gathering taking so long? The election's in November and we don't have a solid idea of who the candidates are.

Since Ron Paul doesn't seem to stand a chance, although in some of these late primaries he's actually gotten upwards of 26% of the Republican vote, I've already decided to vote for whomever is running on the Dem-ticket.

Nagis, what I can definitely see happening is that McCain will win because you get that good number of people who see a white Christian man (your run-of-the-mill WASP), a black man (who so many are trying to tag as a Muslim as though it's a bad thing if he were) and a woman and stuff the ballot box with the one thing they're comfortable with--the same, old status quo.

I personally cannot stand McCain. He's practically another Bush, but combined with the traits that people loved to nitpick with Kerry: he's a flip-flopping veteran. If you ever keep track of the things he says, you can count the seconds 'til he completely changes his opinion and contradicts what he initially said.

And who could forget his Iraq was a cake-walk get-in-get-out speeches to the press that suddenly turned into his now-famous "Oops, looks like Iraq is our 100-Years-War."

Various videos of him saying we should maintain a 100 year presence, because he believes that so long as Americans aren't getting killed it's fine to stay there for "10,000 years":

And do check this out. IGNORE the writing in between the clips . That's someone injecting their opinion and while I agree, I want to present this somewhat objectively. Here are various things McCain is telling us, as a people, and how others analyze what he says and does:

To argue that we've had a presence in Japan, Germany, South Korea and so on that McCain says we have so we should stay in Iraq for 100 years: Those countries are our allies. Iraq is not our ally and probably won't be for QUITE some time, hence why others are arguing that this would just continue a hostile situation which will lead to a 100-Years-War and inevitably McCain would steer the U.S. to war with Iran.

On top of that those bases and such (as well as one in Turkey and other countries) are there so that if something that needs the U.S.' attention in those areas of the world, American troops are there to assist and won't have to come from the other side of the world.

And here's a video that goes issue by issue on things he says and later waffles on. Again I ask you to please concentrate on the clips and what he says:

I'm sure there are several videos people could pull out about Hillary and Obama.

Hell, Stan Lee (the creator of many Marvel comics heroes like the X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Spider-man, etc) was featured in a few videos recently for his testifying to never giving money to Hillary's campaign. In an effort to hide where money came from for her campaign, her people claimed Stan Lee donated $200,000 to her cause.

Obviously very rarely is a candidate ever clean, but what I'm getting at here is that McCain's stances on war and foreign policy are enough to make me vote for whoever "the other guy" is.

Yes, I know, lesser of two evils. And honestly I HATE voting that way. This two-party system is killing us, but if this is what it comes down to, so be it, I suppose.
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Let me tell you how this campaign is gonna end.

Bush is gonna make Obama Win, and as soon as he does, the world is gonna blame Him on how screwed the United States is. Why? Cause America likes to point fingers. Plus, sad to say, racist people swarm in the states. Take a look at the internet.

Jimmy Carter is posiably thinking to himself. "I am glad there is a President that was worse than me".

Sure this is personal opinion, but if you think about it....

Edit- This post had a -/debate- tag on it. You may resume arguing.
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Originally posted by Rakluv
But anyway, seriously, I don't think that she's going to drop it. I'd be suprised if she stood a chance now, but she's not going to leave it.

Agreed, sadly.

I still think we'll be getting a Democrat into the White House, there seems to be enough hatred for Bush to overcome the bickering between the Democrats...
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Originally posted by Rakluv
Anyone who doesn't know who Dwight Schrute is, need to die a horrible death of lemons.
Don't be silly.

Unfortunately I can totally see Hillary dragging it out. Whoever wins is gonna be exhausted come the election campaign for the president. It must all be some crazy conspiracy aimed to wear those two down!
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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I'm a republican, so I think that they should keep tearing each other apart as long as they can, so that McCain can move in.

But anyway, seriously, I don't think that she's going to drop it. I'd be suprised if she stood a chance now, but she's not going to leave it.

So, I read an interview on CNN(it's lost now), where McCain was asked who he wanted as VP.

"Dwight Schrute!" he quickly piped up.

Anyone who doesn't know who Dwight Schrute is, need to die a horrible death of lemons.
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All I got was a 404 Error, oh well.

So... it seems most people think that Clinton should drop out of the race. Thoughts?
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Originally posted by Basch
Enjoy. This comic is my own.

Cairoi's Political Comicry

Maybe there's something I'm missing, but I see neither a political comment nor any humor, and therefore also fail to see any point whatsoever.
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Enjoy. This comic is my own.

Cairoi's Political Comicry
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I think he should have ran as an independent or something. He might have gotten more attention that way... or at least be allowed into the debates.
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Ron Paul's still in the race. People are just pretending he isn't there.

It's rather depressing.
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I wish they would just agree to team up already. I think that it is wrong for them to pressure her to drop out but I also don't think it should go all the way to the convention.

So what happened to Ron Paul? Did he drop out or did the Republicans just forget he was there?
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So Hillary's being pressured to drop out and McCain's seeking a running mate.

Posts: 4766/9733

How the hell did that happen?
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You managed to post again. Damn. =/

Just stop "Rehash". Just stop.
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Originally posted by Rakluv

Now, assuming we could get both of those problems worked out, how much money would it cost to pay for the health of three hundred million people? Let's go with about five million(that's probably WAY less than what's actually spent) to keep each of these people alive and completely healthy for sixty years, that's 1,500,000,000,000,000 dollars!

One and a half quadrillion dollars!

Of course, that's for sixty years, so let's divide that by sixty, and see if we can make that budget a little bit easier to manage...25,000,000,000,000! Twenty-five trillion dollars...per year... around five times our national debt...

So you see, if this goes to the government to take care of, then everyone is going to have a lower standard of living, or America is going to die of debt, because that is one heck of a lot of money.

You know nothing about economies of scale. When you make outrageous statements like that, I expect a sizable number of cards supporting those figures. Economies have nonlinear dynamics.
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