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03-02-24 03:42 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy Birthday Makura, a day early!
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Glad you did. I wished you a happy early birthday on Christmas, but I shall toss in a late one as well. Hope you liked your present.
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Thanks Everyone! Even though I'm out of town working my but off I still had a great birthday!
Posts: 431/684
Happy Birthday Makura.

Enjoy while you can.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Happpy birthday, Makura.

Enjoy cake, presents, and having your birthday right after another big celebration!

Oh yeah, also enjoy being one year closer to death!

Had to get that last line in...
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Makura!!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

I miss you.
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I haven't forgot about Makura's Birthday. In fact, I knew that it was Tomorrow.
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Happy birthday, Makura! Hopefully this year we'll get to hang out in person.
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Happy early Birthday! Although there's only 10 more minutes until it's tomorrow. lol
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Cause I looked at the fucking calendar! FUCK YES!

Yeah. Gratz and all.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy Birthday Makura, a day early!

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