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02-02-23 09:06 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy Thanksgiving from Boot Camp (and a quick update for those that care)
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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I had something around five...

But I think that I'll put it in more digestable(heheheh) terms, since plates vary in size.

Four large pieces of pie.
Three large scoops of whipped cream.
Six biscuits.
Six large spoonsfulls of creamed spinach
seven large spoonfulls of sweetpotatoes/sweet potato pie
Four giant spoonfulls of mashed potatoes
Three servings of gravy.
five epic pieces of turkey
Six spoonfulls of cranberry sauce.
20 spiced nuts.
Five spoonfulls of green bean casserole.

I got into an eating contest with my uncle who had won a bike eating massive amounts of Captain Crunch. We tied.
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Originally posted by One Shot One Kill
I had one plate with my grands. They really like the fact that I eat very little. Not. Then I went over to Gabby's house and had thanksgiving with a huge family. Note: never be the only skinny girl at a thanksgiving dinner with a huge family. =_= SIX PLATES DAMN IT SIX FULL PLATES AGAINST MY WILL!!

9 Plates...Full of Turkey.

Yeah, Bitches 8)
True Flight
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I had one plate with my grands. They really like the fact that I eat very little. Not. Then I went over to Gabby's house and had thanksgiving with a huge family. Note: never be the only skinny girl at a thanksgiving dinner with a huge family. =_= SIX PLATES DAMN IT SIX FULL PLATES AGAINST MY WILL!!
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I eat a lot of food and I'm feeling exhasted. So I went to sleep afterwards.
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Originally posted by Amudaus
one shot, i compleatly agree i just got realy angry at jexim when he insalted my best friend. i belive all branches of the military are equily important and they all cary vary hevy resposibility but most importantly they all compliment each other.

Like Cybot said, it only causes pointless childish arguements. "Who-what-how is better" arguments is seriously pointless. Each of the branches have their ups and downs, so in this world we call reality, there really isnt a "Better" branch, its really a matter of opinion and how you look at each branch.

But for Thanksgiving I had alot of turkey, took a nap during some kinda game, woke up to kids screaming, and I went and played MS all day. Praise God I dont have work till Monday.

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one shot, i compleatly agree i just got realy angry at jexim when he insalted my best friend. i belive all branches of the military are equily important and they all cary vary hevy resposibility but most importantly they all compliment each other.
True Flight
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What I kinda find upsetting is that... I never got an off post pass for Basic. Just smoked with 20 push ups for me so I can be thankful for joining... then 20 push ups for my battle buddy because I should be thankful they stick up for me (bull) 20 push ups for my drill sergeants because I am thankful my drill sergeants are working to make me trained then 20 push ups for the soldier in Iraq who I am thankful to know that he is risking his life for mine and I would be risking my life for his in the future and then 20 for the Army and then 20 for the United States Military and then 20 for myself again.

That's about 140 reasons I have to be thankful for. =_=;

Edit: oh and no military force is better than the other. Yeah some are easier, but jesus it's what's in your mind that makes you a part of a force. I plan on going ACTIVE in four years and keeping a career out of this. Infact your's truly may be going to WLC pretty soon ; because the pt test is sooo passable now.

So if you're going to get all defensive and go ARMY HOOAH or MARINES OOH-RAH. May I also mention that the Army and Marines share the Hooah-Oohrah bar in MREs.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Spartan/Jexim, don't reply to his post or you risk a forumban from general. Dirk, I would tell you to stop, but you're sort of gone now.

Out of moderator mode: Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you all ate huge amounts of food. I'll say how my thanksgiving was later.
Dirk Ralthar
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Jexim when you insult the Coast Guard, you not only insult every member of the United States Coast Guard, but you also insult every member of the United States Marine Corps. The bond between the two is strong, forged over many years, and we look out for each other. Marines have come up to my dad at gas stations while pumping gas and told him thank you for everything the Coast Guard has done. We earned the respect of America's most elite fighting force on the battlefield, because the men the Coast Guard has sent into battle have risked their lives many times to get the marines onto and off of enemy beach heads.

Let me tell you a little story:
Only one member of the USCG has ever won the Medal of Honor. That was Signalman First Class Douglas Albert Munro, Coxswain of a group of 24 Higgins Boats. He dropped a group of Marines on the beaches of Guadal Canal, the marines were pinned on the beach, and the navy was about to drop shells on that same beach. The Navy ordered Munro to bring his boats back to the fleet. Munro knew that those marines were going to die if nothing was done, and he made the decision to go back and get them off the beach. Japanese reiforcements were bearing down on the Marines when Munro and his Higgins Boats arrived. He took his boat, and placed it as a shield between the Japanese and the Marines, using the two small machine guns to hold back the Japanese while the other boats loaded up the survivors on the beach. Near the end of the battle, Munro was hit by a Japanese machine gun, and was mortally wounded. His dying words were, "Did they all get out?" Because of him, every marine that was on that beach alive and dead both, were evacuated from that beach. So before anyone says that the Coast Guard does not engage in combat, think about this, this is just one of the more famous stories of the United States Coast Guard. Munro was an ordinary man, from an ordinary town, who did something extrodinary. When you degrade the Coast Guard, you belittle what he has done, and that is an insult to him, to the people who were there, the people who he saved, and the people that have followed in their footsteps. Don't ever say that the Coast Guard is little more than Rentacop service with boats, The United States Coast Guard is a proud service with a proud history, and people who are proud to serve in it. Always remember that.

Well, it is about time for me to go, so I won't see anything after this post until christmas.
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Dear Spartan,

Please tell Jexim verbatim what I have written hear.

There is no need to be such an ass. Just because you chose to join the army DOSE NOT qualify you to be an ass hole to people who have joined other branches of the military. Every branch is important for one reason or another and you have no more right to call Dirk a pansy then I have right to call you a pansy because you dint join the USMC like I did. Get over your inflated ego. You have a simple mined if you think all the cast guard dose is drag drunk boatmen out of the water. The coast guard is on the forefront of the war on drugs, that commands a lot of respect you know.
So Jexim go crawl back in you little hole and stay there! your insulting and belligerent attitude is not welcome here!

Dirk, keep up the good work and don’t let ass holes drag you down.
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What the hell happened here? Spartan, don't post for other people. Especially when all you're putting up is hardcore flaming. It looks bad for you. Whatever problem Jexim has with Spartan he can keep to himself. That whole thing about army branches was like listening to some kid scream why his video game console is better than someone elses and why that makes him better. Dirk is still serving for his country. Somebody's got to maintain law on the water.

Nagis, you're sticking up for Dirk, but just be careful not to go overboard.

Now, as for Thanksgiving, mine was a long time ago. It was just okay. I ate with some of my family on my dad's side and watched football.
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Spartan first: Nagis, he is sitting right next to me and Anyone in the Petaluma group can vouch here that Jexim can in fact fight lol...I do not enjoy sparring with him cause he grapples to fucking much were TKD is distance...

Dirk on the subject of Sam I have one word...well its actually a name: "Karina"(probably spelled wrong)

You know what I'm talking about...

And Uh...Happy Turkey Day..

Jexims Turn:
Bwahahahahahaha, If I could I'd tell him to his face right now, I've known Jason/DirkMcDick in rl for quite a few years, I've fought him a few times already(though those were just fucking around sparring) and believe me, if I had the chance I'd make sure he knows how I feel and do it quite forcefully. Also Nagis I'd like to point out that MP is not a BRANCH of the military, it is a job within' all the branches.

ah, now moving on to dirk's post....
You sir, are retarded, I still say you're a pansy, and so are all of you CG buddies, you call yourself military, and you say you do alot, I'd like to point out that you're just a bunch of water cops, everything you described is the work of local cops, cept, hey, you do it on water... big woop. okay, you're deployed in persian gulf, you have... what... maybe a few hundred men out there?

also, ha, you want to talk about psycologically demanding? oh no, a hurricane, let's keep the boat moving guys... Ya? You know what I'm fucking doing, I'm going to be and EOD specialist (Explosive Ordanance Disposal), you want to talk about psycological? let's see you keep your cool when you've got high explosives a foot and a half from your face, on a regular basis. And your comment of my discipline? I've got more discipline in my left pinky then you have in your whole body, I'm surprised you fucking managed to pass your ASVAB and your Physical.

Edit - Internet Kung Fu? I see your witty banter has gotten no better in the time that I've not seen you...
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 315/328
Thanks Nagis, its nice to know that somebody has respect for the Coast Guard. I have always had respect for the military, and it wasn't until recently that I decided to join. And I think I can handle his internet Kung Fu.
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Spartan, tell Jexim to tell that to his face and see if he says that again. I have relatives in almost every field of military, Hell, My Uncle was a Drill Sergent in 3 different branches: MP(1970's), Army, and Navy. My cousin is currently in Iraq, my Friend Randy (MCDOOGAL) is there with him, and other relatives are in the Coast guard. So before you call anyone a punk bitch, make sure you get the fucking facts straight and know that someone has to do that job. If you cant tell him what you said to his face, you sir are just a punk bitch behind a keyboard. Go back to the safety of your home the Coast guard delivers every day. Thank you.

Dirk, you sir are a hero in my eyes. I may not like the military, but I do have respect for those that serve it. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving dude.

Edit- I love how he said he wanted to fight you Dirk, Im sure he cant fight . Im sure he can fight on the internet tho, so better be careful o___o

Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 314/328
What I meant when I said we have the hardest basic course, was that the United States Coast Guard has the hardest basic pistol marksmanship course of all branches of the military because they lack the funding of the other branches, and when you are fighting on SHIPS you don't have the luxery of just blasting bullets left and right, you need to be able to hit your target the first time, every time, without damaging the ship, especially when that ship is carrying fuel or explosives. The basic course is shot at 25 yards, which is 10 yards farther than the basic pistol courses for the other branches. The Instructers at the range were ex-Marines and Air Force, and they could ace their respective pistol courses blindfolded, and neither qualified on the Coast Guard basic pistol course when they shot it when they came through boot camp. Every shot I fired with the exception of one was a kill shot, and that last one would have incapacitated my target And the Coast Guard does get deployed, there are several cutters patroling the Persian Gulf, why you may ask. BECAUSE THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD IS THE ONLY BRANCH OF THE MILITARY THAT IS AUTHORIZED TO BOARD CIVILIAN VESSELS IN INTERNATIONAL AND FORIEGN WATERS. I joined the Coast Guard for the job training. If I could, I would love to do a tour in Iraq, but the don't send anyone there who has less than three years of experience, and there is a waiting list with several hundred people who want to go. Combat positions like that are volunteer only. And while Coast Guard Boot Camp is less physically intensive, it is the most Psycologically intensive, they don't care if you can do forty million pushups, your on a ship and that kind of strength means absolutely nothing there, they want to know that you will not break under stressful conditions like, I don't know, Driving a boat through a Fucking Huricane or something. The Navy pulls into port for Hurricanes, they don't sail through them. The Coast Guard has smaller ships, and we still go out, we still fly, and we still do our jobs. The Army and the Marines are able to go fight on the front lines in places like Iraq BECAUSE the Coast Guard is here to help protect our shores. While our job is less well defined we serve many purposes: Search and Rescue, Port Security, Drug Interdiction, we enforce immigration laws, We enforce fishing regulation laws, envirnmental protection laws, maritime safety laws, in addition to our work in the Persian Gulf. And we do it with approximately 90000 men and women (both reserve and active duty)... the army puts over 150000 recruits through basic training in a year.

The next time you decide to pass judgment on the U.S. Coast Guard, consider the fact that in an average day, we do more than the Army with a fraction of the manpower. And Jexim, I take offense to your comments degrading the Coast Guard, my grandfather IS A RETIRED a Coast Guardsman, my father IS a Coast Guardsman, and I AM a Coast Guardsman. The Coast Guard is in my blood. I was destined to come here at some point. It has become a family tradition. And knowing you, I doubt you could grow the self discipline necessary to graduate from basic.

Spartan, I don't know what you seem to think I did to Sam, but we just lost touch with each other, we started hanging out with different groups, and we grew apart, that is all there is to it.
Posts: 1375/1566
This from Jexim(I was at his house when we read this and he cant remember his info)

You sir, are a fucking pansy ass bitch. 1) You joined the fucking COAST GUARD! I know WHY you joined the COAST GUARD, you joined the COAST GUARD because they DON'T GET DEPLOYED! Another way to say that, is because YOU'RE A PANSY ASS BITCH! I just fucking joined the Army of the United States of America, the bunch of people who are REALLY out there fighting, dying and giving ALL they have to protect this country. I'll be shipping out to BMT (Basic Military Training) on January 3rd, at which point I'll be going into a NINE, not your pansy ass 7 and a half, weeks of training, And that brings me to my SECOND POINT! 2) You said, and I quote "(Keep in mind that the Coast Guard has the hardest basic course of all of the branches)" and to you sir, I say, BULL FUCKING SHIT! WHY THE FUCK would a group of rentacops with boats that don't see more action than towing drunk boatist back to shore have a harder fucking course than the people that are being shipped to OTHER FUCKING COUNTRIES TO DEFEND OUR NATION BY RISKING THEIR LIVES ON THE ACTUAL FIELD OF BATTLE! I can give you a 100% guarantee that the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marines ALL have MUCH harder Basic than your pansy ass COAST GUARD. For one thing the Coast Guard has 1, that's ONE basic training utility, the ONLY other service that has that is the Marines, and that, is because they are a highly specialized group. Did you know, the COAST GUARD has a fucking recruiting waiting list because SO many people (JUST LIKE YOU) are such pansy ass bitches that they want everything that the government offers for it's service people, WITHOUT having to risk your lives or to know what it's really like to DEFEND your country. You Jason, or DirkMcDick, what the fuck ever you call yourself, have lowered yourself in my eyes, I never did like you very much, but you have officially lost ALL respect from me, you are, in fact the lowest life form existant on this planet. If I ever see your face any where near me, I will officially beat you until you are an unrecognizable pulp of flesh.

Now for Me

Umm...well after that I'm not quite sure what to say...I will say this though I used to think you were cool but after what you did to my friend Sam during High School you have lost my respect...

Also, spend more time at the range...117 is not that amazing...If you get the chance post scans/pics of your groupings...
Dirk Ralthar
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As many of you know, I am in Boot Camp right now. All of the recruits recieved off base liberty for the day and were picked up by local families to spend thanksgiving in a more relaxed environment, and give us a chance to relax and regain our focus. The family I am with was kind enough to let me use their phone and computer. To anyone who may be wondering how I am doing, I am doing better than I had expected. I am through 4 of 8 weeks. On the basic pistol marksmanship course (Keep in mind that the Coast Guard has the hardest basic course of all of the branches) I scored 117 of a possible 150which was three points over what I needed to be qualified with a pistol (meaning I am qualified to use a SIG P229R DAK PDW should I choose to volunteer for boarding parties when I get out into the fleet), and enough people in my company qualified to win us the black marksmanship pennant for our Guidon, making us the first company to win it since February. Only one person in my company won the Coast Guard Expert Pistol Shot Medal, I think he had a 148. Unfortunately while the second half of my company was out at the range shooting (we had split into two groups due to the schedule being messed up with thanksgiving) the first half which had already shot was screwing around and have brought the wrath of my Company Commanders down upon the entire company. We lost nine people in two days. I failed the push-ups and run on my PF test, but I passed the Sit-ups, so I need to get up at 0400 every morning for remedial PF until I pass it.

I have rambled on long enough for now, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING XEOGAMING!
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy Thanksgiving from Boot Camp (and a quick update for those that care)

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