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08-08-22 11:55 AM
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True Flight
Posts: 3124/5243
I never saw that being as I haven't logged on gaia in a looong time. O.o
Posts: 5281/7838

Also, wtf

Just saw this and it kinda looks like your drawing.
Posts: 2250/3649
The bows make it actually...keeps a certain innocence to it.

And bows are jawesome. <333 **wears them all the time IRL**

And to make the brand look like flesh...**shrugs** Maybe just make it a little lighter, ya know? And not so perfect. Other than that...well, not even "other than that"'s adorable.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1466/1852
o.O The hell is this...? Wait... Wha..?

Is this what you humans call... Grinning from ear to ear? My God. o.o


No really, It's awesome, Lol. I couldn't help but grin staring at that. Besides, who wouldn't like having a slave that looks like that. XD
True Flight
Posts: 3065/5243
actually that's supposed to be a brand on her. O.o; sorry I'll make it look more flesh like if I ever draw the duo again. XD
Posts: 5250/7838

Looks good. The star on True's chest to me stands out and does not match.
Posts: 390/684
That female charaacter is more sexier than I thought.

I really like that sketch.
Posts: 3786/11900
Haha, that's hot.

But Kaijin looks really boy-like.

I would like to see her arms a bit more, but otherwise that's really cool.

And sexy.
True Flight
Posts: 3061/5243
so my character is officially Kaijin's slave now. Anyway here's the pic

I know the legs are a bit off and the arms as well. Plus I know that the eyes are a bit far a part as well so you don't have to point that out. Oh yeah and if you ask yes, I love bows. XD
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