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06-27-22 05:58 PM
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Wow! You made an AWESOME song. I wouldn't be surprised if it got used in a real famous band one day. =D I say that it's very pretty and epic at the same time; being descriptive and yet leaves a lot to the imagination.

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Originally posted by Fennicy
What's this from?

Song I made.
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What's this from?
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Hidden Castle of the Seven airs

"And so it came to pass
The seven Virgins of the netherworld
would sacrifice themselves
to bring forth the Unholy Lord
Who would rule the Hidden castle...
Of the Seven airs."

Dear unholy wise
Close my eyes
Bring forth the fall of the land
Sacrifice my blood for the damned

Torn in pain I wither away
To bring forth a land across the lame
The shadows will become the light
The dead will rise and come to fight

The sun fades away into the night
Moonlight shows its face, the greatest fright.
On this night warriors shall behold
an unfortunate story that the children will hold

In August's name, it was the season
Suddenly, it faded without reason
The stars in the night, began to fall
as the snowy fields covered each of us all.

The Hidden Castle of the seven airs
The unholy Lord will Come
Across the land into the sky
It will soon become the death's lullaby!

Bogs above fall, toads and stones
screaming cries - of calf and homes
Across the airs, blood is signed
Drakenlord, awakes his cries

Fire of the sky, rains and falls
Stench of boven, steams and calls
Metal from the blades, melts away
Armor from the warriors, rusts and decay

Castle building walls, crush and fall!
Sadness and decay, justice for all!
Legends around, North and south
east and west, will have major doubt

"The castle Tall bore like another moon in the sky
The fields turned into flames
The dead roamed the earth
Justice and liberty were legends
And the unholy Lord Roamed and ruled the ever sad sky..."
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