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10-03-22 02:12 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Acmlm Rank Help (Rank + Gender Image?)
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Joining a forum to ask aid of those more knowlagable... I appologize if such an action offends.

And now that the chivalric humbling is finished, if I may ask knowlage or aid from one who knows more than I?

I have recently, following a nap, realized how to add images to ranks. I then proceeded to beat myself senseless (exaggeration) over failing to realize that HTML can be used in rank tags. Unfortunately, my objective had not been met.

I recall a board where one's rank image changed depending on one's gender. A male would, say, have a male Black Mage, and a female a female Black Mage. Unspecified would get... well, they're Black Mages. Not exactly possessing distinguishing features, but I digress.

Would anyone know how to accomplish something like this? Say, any way to amend a user's gender to the end of a rank image URL?

EDIT: Stupid me. I forgot to mention, I'm running AcmlmBoard 1.92

Figured that'd be important.


Adding a new catagory to ranks (sex) and trying to get the board to recognize so each gender technically gets a different rank isn't going so well. Apparently I got on the right track fiddling around with getrank in function.php. "On the right track" meaning "wow, the board actually reacted to that twitch" instead of ignoring it. Unfortunately, this "reaction" was removing all displayed ranks.

function getrank($rankset,$title,$posts,$powl){
$rank=@mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT text FROM ranks WHERE num<=$posts AND rset=$rankset (I tried putting a statement of, basically AND the sex tag of the rank equals the user's sex) ORDER BY num DESC LIMIT 1"),0,0);

Still no luck.
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Acmlm Rank Help (Rank + Gender Image?)

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