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12-01-23 11:46 PM
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I have been calld back from my new home on 4chan to re open this rp, if anyone is still intrested please respond.
Dirk Ralthar
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OOC: WHOOO!!!! I AM BACK!!! SO LETS GET THIS SHOW ON DA ROAD!!!!! At least until I have to get underway, but I will try to track these as closely as possible when I can.
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this rp is temparly closed untill Dirkralthar reterns froom boot camp since there is only myself and one other person left. till then have fun.
Dirk Ralthar
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OOC: It's alright, this will be my last post on this thread until around Christmas, since I will be at Boot Camp. So Amudaus I think you will need to push the pause button since there are only three of us in it now that TriggerHappy left.

Ok. We need to find out who he went to see. That means, we go to Washington... Though I have no idea how we are going to get there. The three of us do look somewhat suspicious.
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((Ah! Sorry all, life got a bit chaotic there!))

Jade looks up to Darren and shakes her head, "I...I don't think so" She looks down at her feet for a moment, thinking back now. "Well...last week or so, he went to go meet with someone, I don't remember who exactly...but the name and all that wasn't familiar. I was told ot stay usual, so I don't even know where he went....but, he came home" She looked up, "and he was a bit off for a day or so.." she added quietly, thinking now maybe that wasn't her father who returned.
The PulP
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OOC: I am sorry certain things in my life prevent me from being an active member at this time. Please remove me from the RP or get another person to take over for me. Again, I am sorry that I could not be on and keep posting. If I could then I would.
Dirk Ralthar
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*Darren picks up the hard-drive, and packs it into one of the pouces in his utility belt (kinda like bat man you know, might be a missile defense system if we ever need it). He turns and walks over to Setsuna and Jade.*

We should go, I think whoever that was has just started a war, and we need to end it before too much blood is shed. We need to find the actual president and get him into a conference with the emperor. Jade, did your father meet with anyone in the last couple of weeks? Someone out of the ordinary?
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You fiend amongst the ruble a burnt a hard drive, its burnt and badly damaged.

the palace is in an uproar, servants are rushing about trying to get the plaice ready to receive the advisors, however there efforts are in vain as diplomats and military officials began to pore in.

Bobdoe comes to in the plaice inner garden there are a few servants resting as they take a brake from their normally tedious work. There are also a few young mages in training practicing manipulating the water in the fountain.
Dirk Ralthar
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*Setsuna looks at Jade's outstretched hand, unsure as to what the gesture means.*

I am Sakurazaki Setsuna. And what I did is nothing that deserves praise, I did what needed to be done.
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Jade sighs and watches Darren a moment, worried for her dad now. She then looks over to Setsuna and smiles, "thank you...for back there....saving me" Her voice soft and friendly. She then puts her hand out to the girl, "The names Jade.." she watches Setsuna, waiting.
Dirk Ralthar
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I don't know where your dad is. But I can't imagine that he is safe, that imposter was accurate in almost every detail. I didn't catch it until it was too late. There might be something in the wreckage that might give us a better idea.

*He walks over to the platfom, a slight limp in his right leg, and pulls himself up on top of it. He then walks over to the helicopter's smoldering corpse, looking for anything that might have a hard-drive that could have survived the explosion.*
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Jade looks up to Sestuna then over to Darren and then practically tackles him with a hug. But she isn't crying, keeping most of her calm now that she see's they are alright. "I should have stayed in my room!" she teases, still hugging him, then asks softly, "where's...where's my dad then?" She looks up to him, letting him go now.
Dirk Ralthar
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*Darren pushes himself to his knees, reaching down, he tests the piece of shrapnel sticking out of his leg, and fliches at the sharp pain. Gotta come out sooner or later. He grabs the metal and rips it out in one quick jerk, letting out a grunt of pain. He looks over at Setsuna and Jade.*

You alright?

It's alright, your safe.

*Setsuna tells Jade. She looks at Darren.*

We're alive. She's a bit shaken but her life is in no danger.
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Jade gave a scream and clutched to the woman holding her, everything happened so fast, she wasn't sure what was happening. She clamped her mouth shut, eyes shut, and just held onto Setsuna.
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The fake president explodes in a giant fireball, Daren, Satsuna and Jade are thrown clear of the blast. The solders aren’t so lucky. Daren takes a small pace of shrapnel in the leg. It hurts but dose not impar his movement.
Dirk Ralthar
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*Darren pulls a pistol magazine from his belt and quickly loads it into the gun, leveling it at the president he squeezes the trigger 3 times, aiming for the hand with the detonator.*

*Setsuna pulls Jade off the edge of the platform, raising a hand, a barrier of ice quickly forms beween Darren and the president.*

*The bullets hit the newly formed ice wall, as Darren turns and leaps from the ramp, rolling as he hits the ground.*
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“hahah! I know your bluffing and there is no need. I was never supposed to survive this and nether where you!” the fake president pulls a button ought from his jacket and begins to press down.
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Jade gives a gasp as she is grabbed by someone, but then looks up to the girl who took off her blind fold. She watches her a moment, 'she's so beautiful' She thinks and then looks over to where Darren is. Oh no! She steps forward and says quietly, "No, Darren...dont get hurt" Obviously she cares for Darren greatly.
Dirk Ralthar
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Maybe your telling the truth, maybe your bluffing. Tell me where he is, and you may walk away from here alive. Refuse to tell me, and we WILL know if you are bluffing or not.

*Tendrils of air wrap around Setsuna, she lunges forward, and disapears to the naked eye, to reapear next to the helicopter. She pulls the blind-fold off Jade and lifts her out of the helicopter, turning she lunges back to the edge of the platform.*

This will all be over in a moment.
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“Vary good!” the president begins unbuttoning his jacket “however I don’t think I am otherised to tell you that, you see I don’t think it would be in the best intrest of our share holders to revile anything to you.” He removes his jacket reviling enufe C4 to blow up the helipad. “I wouldn’t advise killing me ether you see I have a dead mans switch on this, if my heart stops everyone dies!”
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