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05-24-24 07:12 AM
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Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 312/328
OOC: Just to let you know, this will be my last post until around Christmas. When I get back from basic, I will PM you guys that I am going to try and start it back up. I hope you will all want to return, I will also see if I can get Triggerhappy to come back. Sorry for making you guys have to take a break from it. To the Admins and Moderators, please keep this thread open, as I am not done with it yet. Thank you for your patience.


*Andraele looks up at the bars overhead.*

We can't stay here. The Shadow Knights will find us before too long, and these people would get caught up in a battle they arn't capable of fighting.
True Flight
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Breeze looked at Andraele. "We got captured... by a group of militaryish guys." Breeze sighed. "Most of them are freakin racist."
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 309/328
*Greg watches as the men leave, only two left to watch over the cell, their backs to it. When he is sure noone is paying them any attention, he turns back to Andraele and lays a hand on his chest, he closes his eyes, and a moment later, Andraele's wounds begin to close up. It is several moments later before Andraele is coherent. He looks around, confused as to where he is.*
True Flight
Posts: 3010/5243
Breeze walks with Greg into the tent then positioned herself so that Andraele was laying on his back with his head on her thighs while she sat on her ankles. She looked at Greg. "Can you do what you can?"
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 308/328
*You follow the group of guerillas for almost an hour before you come to their camp, about twenty tents concealed by thick undergrowth. All of the equipment looks like it has been used for some time, and the tents are faded, and torn in places. They take you to a pit, and two men lift the wooden bars, obviously some sort of holding cell.*

Get in. We'll let you out once we are sure who you are.
True Flight
Posts: 3003/5243
Breeze looked at Kadife. "That's what we're doing," she said. "Now let's get a move on before this gets any worse."
Posts: 141/178
“um… guys I think the black knights are moving in we best move now” kadifes eyes dart toward the south where leaves can be herd rustling in under somebody’s movement.
True Flight
Posts: 3002/5243
"Easy there tiger," Breeze said with a bored look. She put a pinky in her ear and yawned. "Don't wear yourself out too much." She smirked towards Lexa.
Posts: 192/204
Lexa, who had been rather silent this whole time, watches her team members. Finally she steps forward to the guerrila leader and says simply, "If anything happens to my your men, the elves will be alerted and your closest ally will be withdrawn" Her tone smooth and casual. "But I expect a man of your honour will see to it that we are not we are not enemies..." Her voice getting softer as she watches him with violet eyes, using a simple charming spell, a type of illusion.
True Flight
Posts: 2994/5243
She glared at the guerilla leader and sighed. Breeze looked at Greg and smiled as she put the other arm around her shoulder. "I guess one back ache is better than two," she followed the leader and watched as the others hopefully did as well.
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 303/328
*Greg slips on of Andraele's arms over his shoulders.*

Let me help you carry him.

*The guerilla leader motions once again with the rifle, his voice becoming very frustrated.*

Get Moving!
True Flight
Posts: 2991/5243
Breeze looked down at Andraele and then nodded to Greg. She kept him on her back as it cracked in and out of place. Jesus... She thought. How heavy can someone be... Breeze looked at the guerrilla leader and rolled her eyes. He was following her orders anyway.
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 301/328
OOC: Alright, I am understanding that you don't have the time, I have gone through a couple of those periods myself, and have quite a few coming over the next couple years. Thanks for the brief time you spent with us, and I hope you come back soon.


*Greg walks over to Breeze and Andraele.*

He's in bad shape. It's amazing he's not unconsious.

*He leans in close, his voice dropping to a whisper.*

I'll heal him enough now to stabilize him, and heal him the rest of the way later, when the peanut gallery here isn't watching over our shoulders.

*He lays a hand over Andraele's chest, you can feel his breathing stabilize, though he still seems unaware of his surroundings. You suddenly realize that Bob is not with you, and you havn't seen him in a while.*

(Guerilla Leader) You watch your mouth missy, I give the orders here, you do what I tell you, not the other way around. Now get moving!

*He motions to the south, and deeper into the forrest.*
The PulP
Posts: 165/165
OOC: I am sorry certain things in my life prevent me from being an active member at this time. Please remove me from the RP or get another person to take over for me. Again, I am sorry that I could not be on and keep posting. If I could then I would.
True Flight
Posts: 2987/5243
Alycia shoved someone away from Elemental. "Get your hands off him," she said calmly. "We'll go, but you're going to leave this person to our group, and if we have any more racist comments you're going to be the sorry ones." Alycia picked up Andraele and glared at the group. "Resistance or not, we're not enemies." She winced as her back went in and out of place again.
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 297/328
We're with the resistance, committed to protecting this fine nation from our enemies. The war has claimed the lives of people these men care about, and we are not going to let them have our country without one hell of a fight!

*A corus of Oorahs come from the men around him.*

And until we know if you are with us or against us, you are going to be our prisoners.
True Flight
Posts: 2985/5243
Alycia's eyes filled with rage. She closed her eyes and sighed calmly. "Who are you with? That's my question."
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 296/328
*A pair of guerrillas come out of the woods, dragging a barely consious Andraele between them.*

Sir, we found another one in the wounds about half a mile from here.

*Andraele is extremely pale, his clothes soaked in blood and drops drip from the tips of his fingers. He hardly seems to notice his surroundings, and he doesn't react to the presence of the others. The leader looks at Andraele then back at the group.*

Your all coming with us.
Posts: 134/178
“Look I’m not Iranian, I’m Egyptian and besides I’m still a Japanese citizen and a missed placed political refuge. I would really like to resolve this conflict without bloodshed so I’m going to let you in on a little secret there is a small army of criminals chasing us whom will stop at nothing till everyone is including you is dead. If you don’t want to die I suggest you scatter we are going to do some running of our own but I seriously believe that it would be bad for your health to stay around us for two long, we are certainly not your enemies but they are defiantly not the friendly type.” Kadife tenses up again as he hears a twig snap in the distance, it could have been anything but he is defiantly on edge.
True Flight
Posts: 2984/5243
Alycia gripped her fists she had just about enough of this USA pride show from this fool. "SHUT UP!!!" She shouted. "I've just had about enough of your U.S. OF A BULLSHIT!" Alycia glared at the person spouting out racist comments. "If you're so proud of this why do you act like an American and give a helping hand. After all that's what America has done many times. Even when we had lost the faith of those around us. We still tried to help." Alycia continued to glare at him. "And when you thought it wasn't enough. With a president who didn't back out of a foreign country in time. The one that caused all the deaths? Yeah you know who I'm talking about. His armies still backed him up EVEN WHEN they didn't support him. They still worked under him."

Breeze took in a deep breath. "Act your own age and shut the hell up."
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