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01-30-23 05:46 AM
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It was the best thing I ever seen in my life. It was so intense what I saw.
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Yeah, stupid time issues.

For that I can't wait for an uncut DVD or whatever.
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That line isn't in the movie actually. They cut a whole bunch of what's in the commercial out.
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I still need to see it, though I'll probably end up waiting until it hits the cheap theater.

Anyway, someone came up with a way for you to make your own McLovin fake ID:

Despite not needing a fake ID any more, I'm totally making one of these. The whole line about it sounding "like a sexy hamburger" makes me laugh every time I see the commercial.
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Apparently, according to Fate here, it is also on TV Links now. So that means I should be watching it sometime soon.
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Yeah, it was incredible. The story of my life.

Way better than American Pie and all those movies because it seemed believable at times (maybe not all the parts with the cops).

Definitely more fun if you've experienced some of that stuff and are through High School though, I'd say.
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Was so SUPER GOOD! I'll put a trailer in here, but OH MY GOD it was hilarious. Anyone else seen it?
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Superbad

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