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Chris noticed the little lady struggling. So he decided to put her down.

"Now, will you behave and follow the chief where he's leading us or am I going to have to carry you there?"

This girl was cute, but Chris knew not to get his feelings wrapped up with people after Shadowfall, life was too easily taken.

Paco followed the group leaving the bank and heading towards where they were being directed. Keeping an ever-watchful eye for a pretty lady, he walked calmly and coolly, just because he could.
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Alyssa just stuck close to Aiden continually shooting demons. Then it hit her. She looked over to see a demon toppled ontop of a child. Her eyes thinned as she ran up to the demon that was trying to eat the little one and knocked it away. The child got up and ran off.

The demon ran right at her and tackled her down. She wiggled and moved so that the demon wouldn't eat her. Her thoughts began to change from I gotta get this thing off of me to survival. She smirked again. "I don't know what your problem is..." She said finally. "But Alyssa's not going to be eaten by you... You got it? She punched the demon and threw it off her flying getting up and began shooting it. She ran over to the child and threw him at his mother. "GO! Before things really get fun!

She began to shoot off every demon on her own and ran off. "This is too much... Who ever made a full on attack someone is really good... tactically." All of a sudden a fellow shoulder grabbed her arm and she turned around with a knife and held it to his throat. "You're dead too..." She said inching the blade closer. "You're unfit to survive."
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Nina shot her glare from the two men to the cause of the sudden obstruction in her path. She opened her mouth to speak. Afterall, keeping quiet wasn't something she was good at, not when she was fired up as she was at that moment at least. However, her words were replaced by a gasp as she was suddenly lifted off the ground and tossed over Chris' shoulder.

"What the hell is your problem?! We're all already fucked! Running won't do us any good." She exclaimed. Rather than allow herself to slump over his shoulder, Nina had herself propped as upright as she possibly could, without tripping them both. For a few moments she struggled to free herself but then just gave up.

She relaxed, resting her elbows on the top of his back, near the shoulder, and and placed her chin on top of laced fingers. She stared in Cain and Arc's direction for as long as they were in her view. Something seemed wrong...but there was something different attached to this feeling that Nina couldn't shake.
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Aiden was still dumbstruck, but the European Church was eyeing the distance between the bridges as though he planned to jump it. This wasn't good.

"That man is Arc, from what I can tell. Hulk's dad."

Just then, something happened. Arc and Cain were now battling with rays of light, crackling and pacing on their island. This was beyond anything Aiden was used to. But no time to wait.

"Okay! Church, right? You lead the way! We need to get these innocents to safety! JC, we have to make a full retreat! Don't let that old man's sacrifice go in vain!"

Church looked over frustrated, but nodded.

"I understand. The Dreamstone my father spoke of is in Times Square."

The entire group of people fled this district, not looking back to see the explosions made by the otherworldly battle.

Things were going on beyond anyone's comprehension.
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Paco sat quietly in the bank, he glanced around at the pretty women he now would be spending his time with, locked in a lonely old bank, scared, easy to woo. With a smile Mr. Diaz shut his eyes and slumped to the floor. The world's being destroyed and all I can think about is getting laid. Typical me. Paco chuckled, and noted one that the bank was filling up, and he was glad he decided to sit down early on, as the seating places with good views of the ladies were getting snatched up quickly.

It was a shame he couldn't do anything. At least, wasn't. His comrades were dying out there. And he was sitting quietly in a three story building nearby, actually, overlooking the bank. Chris was tired, hadn't slept well the night before. His PSG-1 sniper rifle was leaning against the window. But instead of taking aim and killing a few bastards, he was cleaning his Glock, making sure it was in working order. Chris didn't care, one gun wouldn't matter in the realm of total victory or total failure.

Chris slid the clip in, and checked the safety off when he heard the slathering of a beast climbing the stairs. A shadow beast burst into the room and with a well placed shot was taken down as soon as it entered. It was Chris' job to protect and serve, to save these people, to be better than the rest, and he was not moving. Not because of cowardice or lack of bravery, but because of something entirely different. A loss of motivation. Life was so easily destroyed, yet the same went for both sides. The only advantage the shadow beasts had was a near-infinite amount of lives. But like a sick video game, we always won in the end. Except at the end of the level we wouldn't regenerate our losses.

Chris stood, his procrastination had gone on long enough. After stretching his back he leaned down and grasped his sniper rifle. Shots went off quickly and rapidly. His couple minutes delay was now made up for by his rapidity in kills. People were scrambling, and one person even lifted a car. Pretty cool, Chris thought. A voice was shouting from down below, it was Aiden's, telling people they needed to retreat. Chris decided he'd listen, and he packed up his rifle, slinging the strap across his back. He heard the crawling of the Shadow beasts as they ran up the stairs after him. Chris checked his ammo, and his clips, made sure he had everything he needed. A shadow beast blew through the door, leaping for Chris. A wooden chairleg which was at Chris' disposal as placed between the creature's jaws, protecting him from it's bite, and Chris was sent out the window with the creature. With a strong kick Christopher flew backwards and landed on another Shadow Beast, this one was on the ground however. He pulled the trigger and the second beast was down. A women was walking towards the guy who lifted the car. When, all of a sudden, an arm blocked her path.

"Ma'am, I need to take you to the bank, Chief's orders."

With that, he didn't wait for a response from Nina, He grabbed her and tossed her over his shoulder. Though Chris was thin, he possessed enough muscle to easily move her.
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Nina did not follow anyone to saftey. She couldn't help but follow the old man. Afterall, she felt obligated to care for him. She was very fortunate thus far, even after the disaster, to have always had someone to catch her when she fell, and Nina would be damned if she allowed anyone to be harmed if she could help it.

Her strides were quick and deliberate, as she weaved in and out of the people who hurried in the opposite direction. She moved with such grace and percision, despite the heels and despite the fallen debris, that she didn't think the old man even knew she was still behind him.

However, she haulted to a stop as they were completely outside of the bank. Everything was much worse than she had imagined. Then, the old man was gone. No longer in her sights. "Shit..." She mumbled under her breath as she ducked behind a nearby fallen piece of rock. She clung tightly to it and braced her forehead against it as the demons swarmed over her. They were on the hunt. Too busy to notice her.

Every once in a while the ground would stop shaking and she took that opportunity to glance around from the rocks. After taking a few glances, Nina finally spotted the old man, speaking to another figure. That must be him... she thought, an eerie chill shooting down her spine yet again. With a shudder, she escaped the feeling, but could not take her eyes off of the old man and the figure, soon to be recognized to her as "Cain" and "Arc".

"You can't just leave him!" Suddenly, Nina was to her feet. Her face was red, she had shouted so loud. Her hands were balled into fists at her sides. She had only met the old man moments ago...she didn't even fully understand how she felt. She just knew something was stirring and she couldn't hold it in. She had no idea what the hell this "Cain" person was, but she was angry. And not afraid to show it. Her olive eyes narrowed into a glare as she stared defiantly into Cain's direction.
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Kate was doing her job well, stationed in the tower she was assigned to as the onslaught began. She picked off demons here and there with a Battle Rifle at her disposal. Unfortunately, the tower was very close to the battle itself.

As the tension was raised and the flood continued its brutal assault, the demons began to attack the tower she was on, and after several thuds and clangs, the structure gave way to the beating, and toppled over into the interior wall of the city.

As it crashed down, Kate rolled out of the sniper pit, and onto the street with minor cuts and bruises. Over the sound of gunfire and screams, she heard Aiden's voice, ordering people to retreat. She panicked and did as was ordered, running with the people fighting as well. She never really learned any of their names or really cared to bother. Names get lost in the gloom of death that was undoubtedly upon them all.
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Aszu ignored most of the commotion around her, leaping about and lashing at the
demons whenever she could with foot or fist. She stopped, goggle eyed, when
Church picked up the squad car and threw it but then a feral grin split her face and
she rushed forwards to stand near him, tripping and hurting demons as she went.

After Arc spoke she pondered quietly to herself, never taking her mind too far from
the fight, and the dance. "Watchers? What's he talking about?" she muttered.

"Um... go where?" she shouted to Aiden as Arc made his last, obscure
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"Shoot them between the eyes!"

Alyssa's eyes thinned and she pulled the trigger on her rifle straight at the demons killing each one. Her face began to twist with a thrill of killing each one. The order's kill!!!

Alyssa's eyes widened. She looked at Church and reloaded the weapon. She noticed her killings. What.... is going on? she thought. "Watchers?" Alyssa stayed right by Aiden continually. "What are watchers?"

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Aiden turned to see Alyssa behind him. "Stick close! Shoot the bastards in between the eyes!"

He then turned around again and ran after Church, who was literally pushing the car forward in bursts, knocking demons down the sides of the bridge. The few still left behind were being taken care of by Aiden.

Suddenly, Church seemed to struggle, and he and the car were knocked back, close to Aiden and Alyssa. Aiden jumped in front of her, expecting to take the hit, but Church deflected the car back up into the air.

Standing in front of the demons was Cain, the Lord of the Shadows. He smiled at the rising form of Church, obviously remembering him.

"Ahh, Church, it has been too long. I'm quite glad to see the Harpies didn't peck out all your organs," Cain said in his slightly raspy, yet regal voice, the slightest smirk curving into being on his face.

Church growled under his breath. "Cain, this world will not be yours. I'll see to that here and now."

Cain chuckled under his breath. "Church, you've said that several times already, and never followed through with that. Why should I believe you now?"

Suddenly, the old man stepped up in front of everyone, taking everyone by suprise.

"Because, Cain, it will be I who stops you." The ancient man said, now standng firm and brave.

Cain laughed heartily, walking closer. "Old man, you are not as hardy as you once were. Arc, you've let mortality get the best of you. You cannot kill me, no one can."

Arc spoke with conviction. "No, but in this world, the second generation of Watchers lies. And they shall be your demise."

Cain grew fearful, something he had not felt in ages. "You lie!"

Arc laughed, knowing this knowledge held power over Cain. "Yes. Church, son, take the civilians present to the Dreamstone. Those with the Blood will be able to follow."

Church said frightened, "But father, what of you?!"

Arc looked over, smiling lightly. "I shall make Cain keep me company here."

Drawing a wand, Arc turned to Cain. The bridge split into three pieces, seperating the demons from Cain, and Church, Aiden, and Alyssa from Arc. Now, Arc and Cain stood on one platform, held by nothingness.

Arc turned, bellowing "Now GO!"

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Alyssa stood at the wall as she was and always will be... rear security. Alyssa rolled her eyes. "I don't understand," she said aloud. "Why do they...." She looked down. Alyssa then saw the commotion for some odd reason she didn't feel like helping. Her eyes thinned. "They don't trust me anyway..." She gave an evil smirk.

Alyssa blinked and ran down the debris of wall and ran straight Aiden. "Alyssa reporting." She said with a concerned look. "Anything I can do?"
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Dove looked up from her sketch book to see a foot soldier barking orders. If the bank wasn't safe that was bad news. She hopped to her feet and did as she was told. The small crowd seemed like a party she wasn't a part of.
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The old man looked deeply into Nina's eyes, looking over towards the door.

"Cain...The Lord of Shadows." The old man regained his composure quickly and climbed over the counter.

"Quickly. You must all follow this man to safety."

Aiden shot round after round into the first demon, and it dropped after four shots with a crashing thud. Beasts seem to fall left and right as he shot off more bullets, then reloaded. His men couldn't reload fast enough to keep the demons at a safe distance. The demons reached the blockade and began jumping over. The solider to his right was seconds from being devoured before he fired lead into the demons head. He then pushed the massive corpse over and turned his attention to the main fight.


Those not mutilated began running backwards, continuing to fire shots. When Aiden saw Church walk towards the beasts, he stopped and called out to him.

"What are you doing?!"

He soon found out. Church walked calmly towards one of the beasts and threw a right hook into its gut, literally knocking it back into the oncoming horde.

Everyone stopped in surprise. Topping his last act, he lifted one of the squad cars and chucked it into the crowd of demons.

Aiden's eyes were agape with disbelief, but he regained his composure and barked out orders.

"You two, keep him and me cover! The rest of you, go with Glick and the civilians! Go! Go! Go!"

Aiden then ran forward after the rampaging European, cocking his pistol. This super powered man might just get them through this.
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Jack lived in a fairly small restaurant, which is what gave him the inspiration to cook for everyone. It wasn't a bad job. Another advantage is that that was right next to the bank, making it so that when he was supposed to run to the bank, it was a short walk.

He pulled a large pistol out of a drawer. This pistol wasn't intended for the demons, he kept it there in case anyone caused too much trouble in his restaurant.

He also pulled out a metal pole, about about a foot and a half long. He was wearing a dark blue jacket, along with completely blue clothes. He liked blue. The pistol went into one pocket in his jacket, his club went into another. He always kept them with him, he liked it.

He looked outside quickly, all of the civillians were starting to run. He could fight, but he didn't care enough to. He looked too good to go fighting demons.

He exited the restaurant, and started running after the crowd, passing a woman who was trying to help a man to an entry way. "do you need any help?" he asked.

He didn't want to fight demons, but he didn't mind helping these two people get a move on.
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Aszu looked around wildly, making sure all the civilians in the immediate vicinity
had made it to shelter before turning her attentions back to the approaching

"I really don't like those things," she muttered to herself. She rushed forward,
unzipping and throwing off the tight fitting leather jacket to free up her arms range
of movement. Ducking next to the bumper of a car she settled into a low crouch,
body tensing as she waited for the demons to stream by her.
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When the man grasped his chest, Nina froze. Then was pulled back to normal as the man's son, Church, lept over the desk. She gave him a slight nod, to let him know she would stand by the old man. Whether he caught it or not, she didn't care.

"Sir, if you don't mind, I'd like to keep you away from the entryway and get you somewhere comfortable." She says, gently placing her hands on his shoulders to lead him away from the door and support him should he need it. Just as she did so, before she could even attempt to get him to move along with her, Nina froze yet again. Time seemed to stand still. Nina closed her eyes, her entire body stiff. Despite the chaos around her, it was almost as though she was underwater. She could hear her own sounds, but everything else around her seemed slow and silent. Every other sound but her own breathing ceased.

Then, it all came flooding back to her, in one big shiver, starting from the base of her spine to the back of her neck. She let out a gush of air as though she shiver had knocked the wind out of her. Then, she began to hear the sounds from outside. The gunshots, the shouting. Nina turned sharply to the old man.

"Who is this 'he'?" she asked, trying to gently nudge him further from the entry way.
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Aiden looked over at JC, nodding intently.

"Sir, there's no need to spare the troops! I can take care of all that myself!" Aiden looked over at the biker girl.

"Hey, ma'am, if you want to help, come with me, we have to go check up on the survivors of that crash."

The old man looked over at Nina, a small smile appearing on his face.

"Miss, I could not tell you. I cannot shake the feeling today will be different then what we've seen before." Suddenly, his eyes blew open and he clutched his chest, gasping.

"Church, he is here." The old man managed, fear filling him like a wave of cold water. Church, the tanned European man, grew stern and jumped over the desk.

"Father, stay here. I'll do what I can." Church ran out of the bank, standing face to face with Aiden and Aszu.

The two were about to speak, when a terrible cry was heard. The group turned to see at the end of the bridge an enormous army of demons. They looked like wild animals stripped of flesh, dripping shadow and their bloody muscles evident to see. Where the sun struck them the muscles and sinews were visible, but where shadows could breathe, the beasts were cloaked in darkness. Some stood on four legs, some were thin and lithe, others colossal and dense.

Strangely, the beasts all seemed to part as a single human stepped from their midst. With parted black hair reaching his shoulders, the pale man smiled a terrible, smug grin. He wore a black robe that reached his feet, the inside of it being of red trim. He seemed demonic in appearance.

The snipers could visibly see him extended his hand, and then the beasts began to charge. Winged monsters made of bone and dangling organic matter flew atop the crowd, garnering the most attention.

They were soon to be upon us.

Aiden, Aszu, and Church moved to JC. Church spoke first, saying

"Tell your snipers to focus on the Avians! The larger beasts will trip over themselves if taken care of right."

Aiden spoke up, saying "Sir, the land mines will decimate the bridge enough to give us time. Make sure the birds are taken care of!"

A nearby runner heard this and went to spread the message. Just as the birds were to reach the group, they were shot down with extreme precision. A small victory, and one heralded until a massive boom shook the group.

The bridge exploded and the demons began slipping and falling into the water. Seven had fallen before they learned to stop, all of them now staring at the gap between the parts of the bridge.

A moment of silence until the man once more appeared, this time closing his eyes and pointing at the gap. In a few second's notice, it seemed to be encased in shadow, providing a path for the demons.

The land mines had failed.

Aiden took his post, ready for what was soon to happen. As the demons charged forward, bloodthirsty, he yelled "JC, I'll lead the front here! You tell the people in the bank to get going! Take troops!" He then turned to face his fate.

"READY....FIRE!" And the battle truly began.
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Posts: 1475/1555
Section 6 was becoming a dangerous place, but that didn't stop Dove from sitting and sketching the world she lived in. She'd find a part of Times Square sketch it, take home, and paint it in full, new, vivacious color better than even the original.
She lived in an abandoned building. Like many. There were so many vacant rooms that she had to travel at least two floors to find any life of any kind besides rats, and cockroaches.
It was cold. As she tightened her scarf around her, she heard the alarms and saw the lights. She was in no mood to have her life threatened, and while she wasn't defenseless and had helped security before, this time was different. She kept her head down and headed for the bank.
She plopped down on the floor and lit a cigarette. She exhaled deeply. She didn't examine the faces around her. She kept her head down and continued sketching.
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Nina ran a steady hand through her slightly knotty hair. Her olive eyes narrowed as she surveyed the crowd. Her black heels clicked beneath her as she walked along the marbled floor. Luckily, she was able to find her usual customers safe and sound. Afterall, the clique that frequented her bar were like family to her.

After letting out the breath she held in, she continued to survey the room, until she spotted two men walking into the bank after a bunch of the passengers from the bus. Upon seeing them, she strode directly to them. The only thing that detered Nina from her objective was the sounds coming from the outside. For a moment she froze until the first wave of noise settled a bit and then continued on her way.

"How long do you think it'll last this time?" She asks, gently placing a hand on the older man's shoulder.
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