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05-24-24 06:49 AM
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awwwww. Now what am I gonna do for my SM fix T_T

oh well. Hope all goes well for you, I guess this just means I need to spend more time with my husband. Take care!!
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OOC: I'm sorry to say this, but I"m not going to be able to continue this rp. A few things have come up that are keeping me busy. I'm very sorry. THank you for everyone who joined and for being so wonderful. HOpe everyone has a happy holiday season.
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Makoto pursed her lips quietly, watching as Usagi and Mina as they left. What in the world was with Minako's strange mood shifts lately...she wasn't even acting like herself at some times. The dark haired girl crossed her arms and stared at the door, She decided it'd be best to stand next to it, and quietly eavesdrop.

She was curious after all.

She leaned against the wall, and listened quietly, to both parties.
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*Hotaru blinked as Usagi was pulled out of the room, then moved to where the older girl had been standing*

"Makoto seemed really worried when she left the restaurant... I wasn't able to catch up with her and Mina to ask what had happened. Are you really just a little sore?"
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Minako looked at Usagi. "Usagi-chan, please stop faking," she said. "We don't know how to help if you continue to keep up walls..."
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A bit surprised by Mina's actions, Usagi walks with her to the lobby silently. Facing her, Usagi watches her friend, worried and curious...was something wrong? "Ok...what about?" she asks simply, waiting.
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Minako grabbed Usagi by the arm and walked with her out of the room. "We'll be right back," she said to Makoto and the rest. As soon as they left the room they went into the lobby area that was empty. "We've got to talk Usagi..." She said looking at her.
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Usagi gave Mina a goofy smile, "No one blames anyone silly....Michiru will be fine no need to worry....right" She looks then to Michiru with a wide smile, fake but nonetheless, bright.

Haruka hears Hotaru and glances to her with a soft smile, "come here....Michiru is alright, just a little sore I'm sure" now trying to not worry Hotaru. She puts her hand out to Hotaru, needing to comfort the younger girl as she remains by Michiru's side.
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*Hotaru peaked from around the corner at Usagi as she greeted the other two girls. She had followed silently the whole way after hearing that Michiru had been hurt. In many ways, she was afraid to go into the room... but she followed behind Usagi and the other two as they made their way to the room. Again, she paused before entering. Almost as if she could sense the worry and sadness in the next room. Finally, she took a breath and slipped inside*

"What happened, Michiru-mama?"

*tears gleamed in the corners of her eyes and her voice was a bit unsteady*
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Clotho smiles "Grandmother is a very special person, but very distrustful. GIve her time. When she is ready to meet you, we will let you know."
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Minako blinked looking at Usagi. She was a bit concerned. "Usagi..." She looked over at her. Minako couldn't stand asking such a question so she tried to not sound like she was getting angry. Minako didn't want to come off as angry but concerned. "I was wondering," she smiled and gave her a hug. Minako sighed she wasn't going to ask the question she was planning on asking. "Have you been blaming yourself for this? Don't blame yourself, because this would've happened anyway. Heck if it were me I'd do the same...."

Amamizu looked at Clotho. "Why can't I go to ask as well?"
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Clotho looks at the drawings, something familiar about them. "Hmmm, I'm not sure, but maybe I can take it to Grandmother. She's not very friendly, but is very wise. I'll let you know what she says." ((OOC: OSOK, I think I know who they are, but send me a pm on who each one is please))


Michiru looks up at Haruka while they are alone. She thinks to herself of what she did, knowing how foolish it was, but when she though of what could have happened, she is happy she did do it, not even wanting to think further of the ugly result that could have happened otherwise. I life without Haruka wasn't a life at all.

She looked up as the rest of the girls filed in and smiled. "Thank you Makoto. You all didn't have to come. I'll be fine" She gives Haruka a sly smile "Especially with the all the attention Haruka had better be giving me"
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Stating that worry was the whole reason she came home from training was not the best thing to say, Makoto decided. She simply followed her friend into the room, and took to standing next to Haruka.

She didn't know what to say. She wanted to apologize for not being able to come and help. The teen rubbed the back of her neck, "I'm so glad your ok Michiru."
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Having not seen the other girl right away, Usagi gave a small squak when she was hugged. But she smiled and hugged her back, "I'm fine...really...neither of you need to worry on my account" She pulled back and looked at her two friends and said, "well...if its just you two, let me take you to see Michiru"
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Minako blinked as she walked in the hospital and looked around. Minako sighed as she looked at Usagi. A close friend. Minako looked right at Usagi. There was nothing she could do other than try to hug her.So Minako went in for the hug. "Usage we got so worried."
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Usagi looked up to see Makoto and smiled, giving a small wave. "Hmm...Oh, I'm fine" she said simply, "and Michiru is doing ok as well, Haruka is in there with her right now" She glanced around, "anyone else come with you?"
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((OOC: Had to make a run to my mothers ._. sorry))

Makoto pushed open the doors to the hospital and quickly gained directions to Michiru's room. As she walked down the hallways, she sighed, shook her head, and straightened, dumping any vision of her being upset beyond concern for her friends.

Her feet stopped at the sight of Usagi waiting for them, and she smiled sympathetically, "Hey you, you alright?"
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Amamizu stared at the pencil and paper. Her memories began to consume her. Her eyes began to go blank. She grabbed the pencil and began to draw a man with glasses on. She took a marker and began to color the whole man black and kept the glasses white. She took a pencil and began to draw in the left eye an eye design. Then she began to smirk as she began to draw another figure. This one had long black hair and a star on its head. Then she took another paper and began to draw a blacker figure with black wings and it held a sword. "I don't know their names," she said as she shook her head. "But this one felt awful..." She pointed to the first one. "Then she had a very pleasurable darkness..." and she pointed to the last one. "She was the reason I had awakened."
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Usagi smiles and nods, "I will be back with the others in a bit then" She pats Michiru's hand gently and glances to Haruka who nods at her. She turns and leaves, hoping Michiru gets through this alright.

Haruka waits til Usagi leaves the room and the door shuts, she looks down to Michiru, fresh tears in her eyes. She searches for something to say to her friend, no her life...but finds them hard to find. The thought of having almost lost Michiru clouds her mind.
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Clotho comes back with a sketch pad and colored pencils and sets them down on the table "Go ahead and show me please"
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