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12-05-21 11:40 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - And to think it started with just ONE noob
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I wasn't on Gaia that day but it was so hilarious when I watched Nagis post on the "crew only" announcement forums of Gaia. XD

That time will never be forgotten in Gaia history. XD
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What do you not understand?
Gan Ning
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I still don't get it.
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Alright, Ill explain a little better.

Normally, on Gaia, instead of viewing forums for updates and rules, you get a little tab saying how many announcements you have.

Well, let me also explain that Yesterday, Gaia was making updates to the moderation Colors, which are labled as Green for Mod / Full Moderator, Brown for Designer, and Gold for Adminsitrator.

Well, they announced it right, in the announcement tab that there will be glitches throughout the day (Though I havent seen one, I guess for things like Towns and stuff), and that the Gaia users should be warned about it.

Well, so it went out through the day right. And the update was made about the moderation colors. About an hour later another update popped up, and some random noob quoted the entire announcement and just said "Sweet". Thus causing a chain reaction of people to enter the Staff forum and so forth. Making Gaia FUCKED UP in the process.

You see, no one can make a post in the Announcement area, but seen how they were doing updates, no one thought they could post there untill that one noob caused a chain reaction: Knowledge of a glitch being that you can actually post in the staff, and the announcement section of Gaia.

I got warned as well. Seriously warned XD Mainly because I posed some random crap there XD
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Originally posted by Vidar
I'm afraid I don't quite follow.


I concur.

Please explain!
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I'm afraid I don't quite follow.

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So today I had my hilarious experience with Gaiaonline.

It all started with there being a huge update to the coloring system with the administrators. They did say there was going to be some minor glitches, and that there was nothing to worry about.

Well, a new announcement came up, and some random noob quoted the announcement saying "Cool, thanks". Thus started the massive posting Chaos.

I had my major laugh for the day!
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - And to think it started with just ONE noob

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