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08-15-22 06:03 PM
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True Flight
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dude people sorry I didn't know because i was in a huge rush to get to woooork. You know where I shred leads.
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Yeah, when I first saw it, I had the song stuck in my head all day...
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 2277/4539
That was...strange...

That pretty much sums up all of my thoughts on it.
Posts: 3351/11900
Yeah, there's a sequel too.

Zabuza and I were introduced to the Shoes video, shortly after it became public, in the worst way--in a bar in L.A., surrounded by aging scenesters, while waiting for Margaret Cho to come out and start a show, and then all night everyone else who came out on stage had to do more bad imitations on the "Shoes!" catchphrase. A lot of those people appear in the sequel posted above.

To top this off, our local TV people are nuts:

If you really like Liam, he also briefly appears in the music video in my profile.
Posts: 1380/1567
The chick with the fiery hula hoop was hot *cough*

but anyways. I thought it was a pretty trippy video, more than likely because I just got off of work and am tired

I guess it is true, if you buy a chick some shoes she will love you forever
True Flight
Posts: 2434/5243

My sis Yuzu made me watch this and I was laughing. XD I don't know why but it's just funny.

Shut up deck.
I'm gonna betch slap you.
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Oh My God Shoes

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