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12-07-22 10:43 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Oh how I miss the Frontierland
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Posts: 1224/1461, not something you expect to happen at the happiest place on earth. Still, interesting to know in a morbid kinda way. Not sure what to ask about because the only one's I've heard are the ones that I know are false.
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Being in Frontierland, a section in the Magic Kingdom themepark, was by far the most awesome land in my opinion. Even though we had to wear the costumes illustrated above, it was actually quite fun.

But the attraction I was promoted to be in charge of: Splash mountain, actually got me wondering.

How did a racist movie like that went to become a legendary ride within the Magic Kingdom? I sure ash hell dont know, but it is the 5th popular attraction in the world, so people dont complain in the summertime.

Oh yeah, got any Disney-secret questions you would like to know? Here is something to grasp your teeth on.

Under a contract and policy, I was not allowed to reveil this untill I was finished with the Program. But you see this in DIsney Pins, but more so in every Poster, Bus, and Tram: A picture of Pluto, raising one ear asking "Heard the best Kept Disney secret"?

Well, here it is:

In 1995, during a parade ceremony (Im not sure which one) there was a freak accident where Pluto fell from his float and was crushed to death by the parade vehicle. The person inside the costume's name im not sure of, but the legend of that person's death was brought forth as a memorial for dear Pluto's death. Its not some travel program, its not a secret recepie, its just Pluto's death. Now when you see the parades go by in ANY Disney theme park, if you look close enough, you can see them tied in some sort of protective restraint. And that my fellow posters is the BEST kept Disney secret...Have any others you would like for me to spoil?
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Oh how I miss the Frontierland

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