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02-28-24 09:20 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Role Play - Xploitation, an RP which is totally not safe for work. Unless your boss is cool like that.
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Will looks at Dexter and he starts to laugh. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet and grabs out a wad of money.

"Whoever said I wouldn't pay?"
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Dexter smiled. A weakness...Knowing one would be great.

"Well, we will just have to experiment on their weakness, what we can do against them to assure their death is fucking permanent. Until then, let's just try everything." ((Yes there is a weakness, I will alert everyone to it as soon as it comes up.))

Dexter turned to Willy and shook his head.

"There's only one female here and just cause you're a porn star she won't fuck you, she don't fuck for free."
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13 stood in place behind his master. He had abandoned his duster the moment he hadn't needed to conceal his weapon, instead opting for his spandex under-armor and black cloth pants. His shotgun was now slung over his back, and a large metal pipe was resting on his shoulder, covered with a strange, rusty looking liquid.

No one had yet questioned the identity of the tall, silent killer that hovered just over the shoulder of the man responsible for all this chaos. Whether or not Dexter would answer the truth if someone
did ask was a mystery. Would he admit that one experiment had been successful? That due to a series of events and variables beyond his control, he had managed to create the perfect super soldier.

13 eyed the members of the room, and adjusted his grip on the pipe. In this situation, any ally could immediately become an enemy. 13's observations were hidden by the wraparound sunglasses that he wore. They say that the eyes are the gateway to one's soul. While 13 wasn't exactly sure if he
had a soul, but he still didn't want people aware of his observations or thoughts.
Leon D. Sagara
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:: Detric could be seen standing in the doorway of the room, his arms crossed as he leaned against the woodwork frame. His coat now gone, more then likely due to an attack that required him to remove it, his black tank top formed around his average sized body. His swords now completely visible at his waist::

"So how do we kill them? Its like I kill one and two more take its place while the same one gets back up. It's a lose lose situation"

:: Detric looks at the man with the gun and then back to the others, walking forward slowly before speaking again::

"Well since we're all in this hell together, maybe it would be best if we all knew each others names, I don't like dealing with yous and thems. I'm Detric Fairinheit, but my employers call me FalleN"

:: Detric waits for everyone else to respond, keeping a stiff elbow on the black sword on his hip::
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Will sat in one of the chairs that was in the security room. He went through the desks and found a handgun. He places it in his belt. He walks over to the group of people.

"So what female wants to fuck a porn star before we all die?"
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"No no no no no!"

Dexter screamed and ran towards the two waiting by the door, grabbing them firmly by te ears and pulling.

"Listen this is the way it's going to be, follow me or DIE!"

Just then the action seems to come to a halt as the film sputters and melts. A secondary projector is turned on, explaining that the management apologizes for the inconvenience of a missing reel, and says that the film will be up soon. The film begins again from a new location, the Cederbrook Shopping mall. All of the player controlled characters are somehow here, unknown whether they were drug here or came of their own free will.

Dexter turned a corner and made his way to the security room, this part of the mall went into lockdown when the zombies started to attack, and they were relatively sparse in comparison to the other areas. Once inside the security room, Dexter and the others looked at the cameras, hundreds upon thousands of Zombies littered the mall. The gray section was the worst, and that was not good, since that was where they were going.

After bolting the door shut, Dexter faced the group.

"These creatures are a scientific experiment that went on in my labs. We tried to create the "prefect" soldier, all we wound up making were freaks of nature, beings that would become cannibalistic, live, even if they were supposed to die. And the higher-ups decided it would be perfect to put this in a gas form, and use it to wipe out entire continents. My guess is, someone screwed up down there, and the gas got out. That is what we're fighting, an extremely contagious disease. Transferable by almost any mean, destructive and lethal. By the fact that we weren't changed, along with many others, I'd assume only a small amount of the gas got out. But it's spread from the constant cannibalism these things crave."

Dexter shook, then tried to act like a leader.

"Let's rest here for a little while, then make our way to find my colleague. He knows of a cure of sorts.A way to end just these creatures."
Leon D. Sagara
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:: Detric drew his black sheathed sword and spun it around once, placing the blunt end on his shoulder and looking at the white coated guy::

"I prefer it this way, what fun's life without danger"

:: Detric watched as they walked off and looked at the bulky bouncer nodding once before planting his foot in the other door, leaving it propped open for the people still inside::

"We'll kill what ever walks out that doesn't belong will die"
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"I could explain on the way, but that would lead us to be distracted, and death would soon follow. These things are not human, kill them if you have to."

Dexter turned to those who wished to stay behind.

"Anyone who wanted to listen to us has already gone, the rest of them, will be dead before they move from their lusting positions. If you want to wait, you may join them as dead. Not like I fucking care. You got a better chance of survival this way."

Dexter shook his head, he started to sound to over dramatic, so he had to throw in a off the wall statement. That'll learn 'em. Dexter began walking away at a quick pace. The others really should follow him, if they didn't there's no guarantee they'd even get to the security room.
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The moment the infected bouncer touched pavement, 13 placed his booted foot on the former man's chest, effectively pinning him down. 13 reached into his coat and, drawing a large 12 gauge shotgun, placed it against the bouncer's nose. A moment later the weapon was back in his coat and the contents of the bouncer's head were cast across the pavement. He silently moved back into position behind his master.
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Kevin reached up for the katana above the bar, but realized it was attatched to the mount. "Oh fuck..." He moaned. Instead, he took firm hold of his shotgun and loaded it with the four spare shells he had in his pocket, then jumped over the bar and followed everyone out. "Can't you explain on the way instead of when we get there?"
Leon D. Sagara
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:: Detric stepped up beside the bulky bouncer and nodded in agreement, his elbows still resting on his swords the same as before::

"I ll stay with him, its best this way. Everyone else should follow the white coat"

:: Detric stood at the doors of the club and began to show people out. Watching carefully for anyone who was either bleeding, or biting other people::

((Thinking)) "The hells going on"
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1439/1852
Xal watched the scene in horror. He quickly began to gather what was taking place, and it disturbed him to the core. His eyes watched every movement of the bitten bouncer as he stumbled toward Dexter, and as the man corpse was thrown. Slowly, his mind clicked.

"Hey." He touched Will on the shoulder, and gave him a sharp look. "The man said he'll explain later, just follow him." He glanced up at Dexter and gave him a nod as he turned around to the front doors, glided across the room, and slammed the doors open.

"Everyone, please leave this building in an orderly fashion." He said with a booming voice, trying to help Dexter in his urgency. He began to wave to the door to attempt to herd out the crowd. "You, your Dexter, right? I'll stay behind and make sure people vacate." And with that, he jammed his foot into the base of the door to leave it pried open.
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Will followed Dexter out the door and followed close behind him. Will helped Dexter get the bitten bouncer off of him.

"Dexter your one of those scientist people, what is going on?"
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"Not the mob, something much worse. We have to go, the things coming after us are...not of this world. now let's Move!"

Dexter charges through the front door, leading onto a darkened street. Several street lamps illuminate the roads. Few figures dot the group's field of vision. A bouncer that had been bit was with them, he quickly began shaking violently. Falling to the earth, the poison taking over. He rose and stared with glazed over eyes. Lunging at Dexter, who proceeded to throw him over himself. Dexter had studied some martial arts, nothing major. But this poison was faster than usual, means it's mutated.

"Stay away from anyone who has been bit. They'll be turned into 'them,' and let me tall you, you don't want that happening."
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Will looked around for something to use a weapon. He spots a butter knife and grabs it. He walks over to the crowd of people and stands there. Will stands by the door waiting for other people to venture outside before he does.

"Hey um...who are they? The mob? I am friends with them."
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As Dexter turned and began to call out 13's name, he was cut off, as the tall silent man was already standing behind him, his coat seeming to flap in the windless room.

As Dexter alerted the rest of the bar, 13 once again questioned the logic. There was plenty of protection back at the shelter, as well as a large arsenal for him to defend his master with. They were just decreasing their odds of survival by going to an insecure, public, location, and limiting their arsenal. It was a risky move that would mostly end in their deaths, and truthfully, 13 wasn't bothered by that.
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Dexter sighed audibly.

"I said I would explain later."

(PS Leon, the fat guy is the guy you had killed.)

Dexter pushed everyone along towards the door.

"We're not safe here, soon 'they' will overwhelm us."
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Tabby looked around as Dexter still had her by the wrist, and people began to gather around them. Where's Mike? she thought as she looked around for him. She couldn't see him but was sure he would have followed her and Dexter, so she wasn't too worried.

She looked up at Detric and grinned. "He's harmless. No worries." She says, as she lightly tapped his chest with her free hand and then pulled from his grasp. Gently, she pushed herself past Detric. She could see commotion behind the men standing in front of her and wanted to know what for.

"So this is why we have to head to the mall?" she asked, as she watched people frantically move about the joint. Some were falling over practically, covered in blood and others were still just fine.

"What's going on?"
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 714/859
:: Detric lifted his head as the people in the bar started to panic and gather around the man with the funny glasses. Detric then saw the fat man on the ground, his face stood emotionless and his body saturated in his own blood. He rose from his sitting position and looked around again, speaking shortly there after::

"Man, I was having a good hangover nap too"

:: Detric made his way toward the bulky bouncer and the man with the glasses holding his stripper friend Tabby::

"A'ight Specs, whats going on"

:: Detric placed his elbows on each of his corosponding swords, resting them comfortably on the hilts::
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1438/1852
Xal grew a bit annoyed at the scene with the fatass, and a bit angry that one of his fellow bouncers was hurt so easily. Then again, almost every fight for him was easy, and he's easy to forget that.

Slowly, he pushed away from the bar counter, slipped his hands into his jeans, and waltzed over to where the dead fatass lay. He glanced down at the corpse, caked in blood, and smelt like ass.

"Lovely." He said, without a flinch. He glanced back at the hurt bouncer, and shook his head slowly, looking back down. Slowly, he began to kneel down to drag the body out, when Dexter made his small announcement. With a sigh, he ignored the body and made his way over to Dex.

"Alright, buddy, what the hell is going on?" He was beginning to lose his patients with the night in general, as he glared holes through Dexter.
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