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01-29-23 01:53 PM
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The kissing went too far...could have gotten a giggle outta me if it was done differently and less...well, less.

I've only seen bits and pieces of random episodes. I forget his name, but I liked the one where the guy who played George from "Seinfeld' did the Star Trek scene. That was pretty cute.
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Actually, the girl... Chelsea... I wanted to hit her with a hammer or something. Honestly, what the hell was she thinking?
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Whose Line is it Anyway is pretty good, I like that show. That first American Clip was really lame. Major 'wow'. That one woman seemed to not know what to say, Shannon just decided to kiss everyone, George at least did try, and Tom Green just yelled.


David Foley looked like he didn't really like it at some points either, then he just went and kissed the chief. Go David. (He was funny stuff when he was part of Kids in the Hall)
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lol, they were all funny, but I admit that it seems the Australian one was the funnier of the three. However, I do enjoy improve in all forms.
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Here's another American one. This one was with Harland Williams (the guy who went to jail in Half Baked ):

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Originally posted by Elara
I have to say that, based on those two clips, the Austrailian version is far better.

No excuse for me posting so darn much (Oh well )

But I just wanted to add another imput on those two videos.

First of all, I hate Tom Green. ESPECIALLY on the american Clip Rogue hosted. Hes not funny, he TRIES to be funny, and 95% of his work is seriously overated.

The cast of "Whose line is it anyway" could have done a MUCH better job than what they did. But to my sources from what I have seen, Ive seen some better American clips.

The Australian clip, I agree with Elara, was alot better.

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I have to say that, based on those two clips, the Austrailian version is far better. I mean, the ones in the American version didn't really seem to even try. George Takai did a bit, but really... that was very disappointing.
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Anything with Improvs in it I will love.

The commercials themselves made me puke with laughter. Some of my favorite comic actors helps out with the show.

And yet, I havent seen a single episode. I dont watch alot of TV and I dont get NBC.

BUT, a friend of mine is recording them for me, so thats a big thumbs up!
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This show just started on NBC a couple weeks ago. It's not bad.

The premise is simple. A group of relatively well-known performers is gathered. Each is placed in a particular costume and put in front of a door. They go through the door and all they can expect is that someone on the other side will notice the person's entry, declare, "Thank God you're here!" and the improv begins.

Here's a scene from the original Australian series:

And here's the final scene from last night's episode (starring Tom Green, George Takai, Shannon Elizabeth and Chelsea Handler):
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