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06-12-24 11:31 AM
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The knife in front of Kismet caught the surprised vampire directly in the scope.
The knife pierced the expensive scope on top of the gun, rendering it useless
but in no way injuring thevampire. Until Kismet descended upon him in a flurry
of claws and teeth however.

Ghost's target attempted to dodge the incoming projectile, and werewolf and
in his hast took the knife in his right shoulder. The blade sank deep into the flesh,
lodging itself in the joint and rendering the arm useless.
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As the word Go reaches her ears, her feet start up and she runs behind the knife, making sure to stay as close behind it as she can. As she runs, she tries to use her scent to see if she too can detect the unseen enemy at the time. She has full intention on slaying her current target.
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"Okay on my mark." Kimura raises her arms to throwing postions. "Run as fast as you can behind the first knife."

"Get set....GO!" She hurled two knives in the direction in front of each werewolf. As they took off she hurled two more behind them.
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*Ghost looks to Makura, and sighs as he changes into his werewolf form*

"Its been a while since I have been in this form, ti feels good... lets get these fuckers and move on"

*Ghost gets into a position that will let him run without to much trouble* "Ready!"
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"I'll need Ghost to run alongside Kismet. It will take the two of you, and only werewolves are fast enough." She turned to look for Ghost.
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Grim sighed behind his really fucked up dodge. "Gabe, remind me that next time I see you, I drive an armored car" He says, and picks up his own gun.

"I'll provide cover fire." He says to Kismit and gets up to spray bullets into the direction of the snipers, not close enough to dislodge them, but enough to get their attention.
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Kismet, already in here werewolf form "I'll do it" She readies herself to run along side the knife. "Ready when you are Kimura"
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Kimura shut her eyes tightly.

"I know where the snipers are. I can feel them." She wasn't sure if she should bless or curse her Vasith powers. She was afraid, very afraid and wasn't used to this comotion. "I think I can hit each of them with a knife. Ghost, Grim, Kismet, one or all of you will have to run either along side or behind the knives once they hit these guys they won't be too thrilled you should have enough time to get a hit in. I'm gonna throw two knives in front of you and two knives behind you so run fast."

She got out of the hummer and braced herself. She turned to the West. "They are about a quarter mile this way. I'll throw when whoever's going are at some sort of starting line." She palmed two knives in each hand.
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*Aria sighed in relief that her plan had worked... and the added help from the Hummer's headlights gave her a new appriciation of the vehicle. There were still two snipers left though, and she followed the bullet's trajectory to try and pinpoint their location... she wasn't about to let some lower-ranked punks spoil their plans... luckily she was far enough away from Grim's truck to not have to worry about it*

"Stick close to shelter, we still have the snipers to ferret out."
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The cheerfully crackling vampire bonfire warms the night and lights up the
damaged street. Another booming gunshot goes off and seconds later a bullet
tears into Grims car again, igniting the spilled and leftover remnants of gasoline
that was still in or on the vehicle turning it into a smoldering hulk of rubble, as
opposed to the hulk of rubble it was before.

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"Gladly!" Kismet says, taking hold of her gun. She was glad her old "friend" had insisted on learning to use her weapons in both her humanoid forms. Not that she needed much accuracy, she aims at the puddle of gas and fires at it.
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"I could have swore that, that was a target I would fire at, and not something compleatly pointless. I must be loseing it. Perhaps I should call it a day." Grim thinks as he reloads.

The ligt exposes the shadow vampires makeing them writhe in pain.

The bullet tears a hole into the wrecked truck, next to the gas tank. Giving him an Idea. Dropping the jun Grim jumps onto the bottem of the the car. Grasping the sides of the tank Grim rends the tank from the car. The prosses of ripping it off left hole, and rents in the tank itself, causing the liquid inside to spill out. Looking around he throws the tank into a space near the largest concintration of enemys, causing the gass to splash over the enemys.

"Kismet! Lite it" He says Leaping From the car, and drawing his sword.
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OOC: Sorry I've been absent, my internet has been fucking with me. I'll spare you all the long post and just post from this point on.


Kimura sprints into the back of the hummer. She yelled at the others, "I suggest we all pile in here." She hoped the hummer was well equipt. It looks like Grim's car is done for. The blast was sure to come soon.
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The flash light, combined with the high beams on the Hummer had the desired effect.
That of severely burning it's targets. Four screams rent the air and four vampires hit the
ground writhing and convulsing in pain.

There was a dull sounding boom, and a few seconds later a large caliber bullet tore through
the side of Grims car, right near the gas tank.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Cain shook his head. His car was lucky enough to have not been hit. He stayed in the car during the next few seconds, as the others tried to find this silent voice.

"Why can't you ever use the simple solution?" he asked to himself.

He turned on the hummer's bright lights, aiming them down the street. It should illuminate any hidden targets.

"Anyone who wants to get in, hurry." He said, leaning out a window. "no SUV is going to overpower this baby."

Just in case someone decided to blow up his hummer, he loosened his dor, so that he could get out if in a hurry.
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*Aria pulled out what she was looking for, a high-powered maglight... more like a miniature floodlight in her opinion. She took careful aim at the Shade that was talking and regained her normal form and turned on the flashlight. She could no longer see the assassins, but she knew where they were standing and she slashed the light to their last locations. She just hoped it was enough.*
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As kismet rolls out of the way a gunshot is heard and a bullet ricochets off of the
concrete right through the path her head occupied moments before. The Shade curses and backpedals, melting seamlessly into the gloom.

The voice chuckles again.

"There is no escape. You should know that... I've always wanted to bring down
The Ghost and Grim. I wonder how my reputation will grow...."
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She finishes transforming as she hears Aria and immediately follows her advise rolls out of the way. Now she begins to use her nose than her eyes to find their attackers.
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*Aria swore silently to herself as she realized who they were facing. This was an elite squad of Shades... high class assassins for high profile cases. Someone really wanted them dead. She saw the Shades as she peeked from behind a car, three of them were surrounding Kismet and Grim, one with a gun aimed at Kismet's head. Using a ventriliquist trick she had picked up decades ago, Aria threw her voice to the opposite side of the intersection*

"Shades are circling you! Roll and take cover!"

*Following her own advice she rolled out of site of any sniper shots. These were six man teams, she should know, she'd led over fifty of them. Where were the others? She began scanning rooftops and bushes for signs of hidden assassins as she felt around in her pockets for a device she'd thought she'd never have to use*
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Once she is pulled off the car by Grim she looks at him, thanking him for the help. Her body had began to heal itself already and she was angry. She had just finish detailing the bike just the way she wanted it too.

She keeps her eyes and ears open, but as she does she begins to transform herself into her hybrid form.
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