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01-25-22 08:16 AM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 07-12-10 05:47 AM  
Sim-battle Rules and Regulations (July 12th, 2010)

Long-winded, Somewhat Extraneous Introduction:

It has been a very long time since the core rules of simbattling have been changed, but with the fresh activity, I believe now is a better time than ever. The old rules were the groundwork that created what we stand upon now, but in several ways they were flawed. Along with the new core rules, there will be a guide included to help understand the process of simbattling so that everyone has a deeper understanding of it, and can enjoy it further.

The Rules of Simbattling:

1. God-modding is explicitly forbidden.

A sim-battle is a game without numbers or natural borders, where two vivid imaginations can make even the most unfeasible things a reality. With so much potential in your hands, it can be very difficult to understand where the line of fairness is drawn. However, if there is anything more to strive for in your posts, it is playing with respect to your opponent.

"God-Modding" is the term used to describe any behavior that can be easily seen as unfair. Within the contexts of simbattling, no one is a god among men or skilled enough to be seen as unkillable. The fastest characters get hit sometimes, the strongest grow tired, the toughest bleed eventually. So, pretending these rules don't apply to you will have consequences.

Often times, people misunderstand where the line of "god-modding" is drawn, and even for the most experienced players, it is impossible to pinpoint. Some people take it as an indicator that every attack should hit, that their character is viciously mortal and suspectible to everything, while others take it as a warning that once a page, their character must be scraped on the knee by a catastrophic explosion. Neither of these are true. The healthiest way to look at it is that your character is a skilled combantant who has trained and prepared extensively to fight and win, BUT that your opponent is equally as skilled, equally as trained, and equally as likely to win. It is a match of two even warriors, and you should treat the battle and your opponent with the kind of attitude that acknowledges this.

If you ever have any doubts that you are playing in a way that could be seen as god-modding, do not hesitate to PM other active simbattlers and ask them what they think, or even your simbattle moderator (currently Cairoi). The important thing to gather from this rule is that if you play with respect to your opponent, you are showing a skill and maturity that sets you higher than many others.

2. You cannot automatically hit your opponents.

The easiest way to understand this rule is this expression: The decision to be hit lies with the sim-battler who is being attacked. If the launcher of the attacker were able to choose if the enemy were hit, then matches could be ended in a single attack, and that ruins the fun and fairness for everyone. Luckily, the unique format of simbattling prevents this, by placing the responsibility of damage on the character being attacked. Now, on both sides, this demands fairness, and you must always balance the realistic possibility of your character dodging/blocking the attack with the realistic possibility that your character can be hit, wounded, or even killed.

When writing your attacks, they should be written indicating clearly what the attack is, what should and may happen if the attack were to hit, and THAT the possibility exists that it may not.


The hulking warrior lunged forward, twisting his arms so that the waraxe in his hands would cleave into the puny bag of flash that quivered before him like leaves waiting to be scattered.

While a little on the word-heavy side, this attack shows the style your attacks should be posted in. Any action that does not directly affect your opponent is past tense, a concrete action, but any attack should indicate the possibilities. This is a difficult rule to grasp at first, and often times, reading other threads can give you an indication of how to write like a true sim-battler.

3. Don't redefine reality.

Alright, now this rule is meant to cover a lot of bases. When you create the battle with your opponent, you have to understand that the match and its rules belong just as much to your opponent as they do you. This applies to mundane things like the setting and your character, but also the rules and possibilites of the battle.

A common breaking of this rule is the "hammerspace". Often times character reveal weapons and tools they were obviously not described as having carried into the battle. Often times, if your character has access to any material objects for combat, it should be described in your original post. Bringing new weapons into your game or entire new skills mid-game is unfair and disrespectful for the story being told.

On the terms of rules, there are a few standard rules that almost all sim-battles accept as reality, for the sake of simplicity and fairness.
-No illusionary skills.
-No significant healing skills.
-No teleporting.
-No phasing (avoiding attacks by changing how your body is composed).
-No summoning.

Now, if you wish to have access to any of these, you must run it by your opponent, and you must understand that your opponent, should they accept it, have equal access to these powers.

On the flipside, if you wish to ban something from play that is not normally banned, it should be introduced as a rule in the beginning of the battle.

4. Explain and describe every action taken.

When brainstorming a reply in your simbattle, you may invent an elaborate counter that plays better in your mind than any movie in its depth and creativity, but unless you take that fantasy and spell it out clearly and completely, it will only inspire confusion in your opponent. Sim-battling is, at its essence, a writing exercise between two collaborators, and so it cannot be forgotten than you are writing every action and description of your character.

If your character walks somewhere, describe them walking there, but if an attack is hurtling towards them prior, be sure to include what happened with the attack, and how you somehow managed to find the time to walk where you walked. You must paint the image, make your opponent see in depth just how your character operates, if you expect your opponent to understand.

Also, especially when it comes to fantasy or science fiction elements of your character, explaining how and why something exists or works is a NECESSITY. You don't have to explain how magic or technology in general works, for example, but stating that an attack is made of a certain kind of magical energy, or explaining just what your incredible sword is made of makes your character more plausible, and thus fairer to your opponent.

Once again, if you're having trouble describing the action you want to take, looking at examples in other battles or private messaging another battler is a great chance to learn how to flesh out your posts and improve the quality of your battle.

5. Be ready for out of combat discusssions.

No matter how elegantly you create your posts, there will be times when your opponent is confused and needs more information than your posts can offer. That is why it is crucial to communicate with your opponent outside of battle. If both players can communicate, then the intensity of the battle is sure to pick up.

In many cases, your best choice for running a possible attack, exploring possible holes in defenses, or seeking answers to pure story aspects is your opponent. In the end, they are your co-writer in the battle, and they are the only people in the world who understand your battle as well as you do.

6. Editing your posts should be done carefully.

In the event you review a post you've made and find yourself unhappy with it, forums allow you the chance to edit them. However, when it comes to sim-battling, this ability can often lead to confusion or cheating from uninformed parties. Common protocol suggests that you can edit your posts after posting them without permission as long as there hasn't yet been a reply, though you should let your opponent know right away. Often times, they will have an image of what the post means that won't match up with your revised version, and deserving learning of the difference after it's too late.

Meanwhile, if you wish to edit a post that has already been replied to, you must ask permission from your opponent, letting them know that you wish to fix the grammar or make it more readable. You cannot under any circumstances change what actions you have taken in that post, as doing so disrupts the continuity of the fight and renders every single post after it null and void.

In short, editing after your opponent has replied is allowed only for grammatical purposes. It is much easier to just PM or talk to your opponent and explain what you meant. Otherwise, you are redefining the reality of the battle, and as we've already learned, that is bad news bears.

Addendums :

1. Grappling your opponent is still an attack, and should be treated as such. Keep in mind that it is poor form to consistently dodge grapples, as they difficult to avoid. It's best to have an understanding between each other concerning them.

(Last edited by Cairoi on 07-12-10 08:14 PM)
Kaijin Surohm
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Since: 08-16-04

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Posted on 09-16-05 07:58 PM  
Sim Battle Rules (July, 05th, 2006)

1. No Automatic Hits.
By no means, should you be saying if your hit connected with your opponent. Only your opponent has the right to say if the attack acctualy connected. This defeats the perpous of fairness, since you are stealing the oppertunity of allowing your opponent to evade, deflect, or any other way to avoid getting hit.

If there is a problem with if an attack should have connected or not, depending on the situation, then calmly talk to your opponent through the Private Message system the board offers, and work your problem out. If you cannot work your problem out that way, then speak to a moderator of that forum, and have one of them make a judgement on the fight.

2. No God Modding.
God Modding is exactly as it sounds: Acting like a God. When you act like a god, your are being unfair to your opponent. Any sorts of things can be counted as "GM"ing, such as dodging every attack thrown at you by using unreasonable speeds, using overly powerful attacks that don't ware down your body, or mental state, taking damage and pretending it never happend, or blocking any attack thrown at you, with no signs of weakening. Other oftenly used GMing abilites would be Mind Reading, and Fore Sight to dodge attacks. This is cheap, and unfair.

GMing is something that Sim Fighters don't like to take lightly. As per usual, if a disagreement occurse, please try to peacfully work it out, without flaming one another, using the Private Message system.

3. No Outside Interference.
A Sim fight will be set up between two fighters. While any other special fights may be set up, like Two on Two, or One on Two, Sim fights are usually just One on One fights. Outside interfeerence disrupts the pre-set rule of what both fighters have agreed upon. If this rule is broken, the person who interfered with the rule will be given a Strike on spot. There will be very rare exceptions to these rules, like a Judge whom steps in to make a ruling. Past that, the fight will stay the way it has been set up from the beginning.

4. Don't go overboard.
This could easily fall under God Modding. By no means should you beable to attack 15 trillion times in a single motion. Keep it resonable: this usually means no more then 2 attacks in a single post, otherwise your disrespecting the power of your opponent, but assuming he or she is too slow to keep up with your attacks.

5. Substitutes.
By no means should there be substitutes. By this, the rule means, the second you get hit, you claim the attack went through an illusion, or you magically transported yourself, and replaced it with a log or some sorts. If the attack is comming at you, do not god mod, and substitue yourself at moments will. This is cheap, and kills any enjoyment there is to a fight.

Substituting will result in an Instant Disqualification on spot.

6. Recovering.
There should be absolutely no healing spells involved in a sim fight. Healing spells, techniques, or powers prolong a fight, and give the opponent an unfair advantage over his or her enemy. The only healing type of spell that will be allow, is a mending spell, that will allow the user to seal their wounds, to stop bleeding, but the damage will remain.

7. Teleporting and Phasing.
This rule follows the Substitue Rule. Teleporting and Phasing will not be allowed to be used to avoid an attack. This also counts as using portals, or moving to a diffrent dimention in a whole, just to get away from an attack that you cannot avoid in any other way.
When your not in harm's way, Teleporting, portals, or any other sorts may be used to move around the arena, so long as it isn't being used as an evasion action.

8. Edit.
You are not allowed to alter your post after you have posted it without the permission of your opponent, or a judge first. This rule also applies if you posted too early, or if you need to edit your post to delete a layout that's hard to read (by wich case, the layout needs to folow the layout rules posted in the Art forum)
This way we can keep a clean record over what has happened over the fight, and we, the judges, will know any accurate actions that take place.

9. Respect.
Respect is one of the major parts of Sim fighting. If you do not respect your opponent, you will not think so highly of him or her, and will tend to act like you are supirior in the fight. This will, in turn, violate every rule stated, for you will be tempted to dodge everything they throw at you, or you will feel the need to throw everything you have at them just to proove a non-existing point.
This also mean you may not insult your opponent. Insulting your opponent violates the rules of the very board, and the staff in general will take action accordingly.

10. Communication.
Communication will play a vital role when sim fighting occurs. By lack of Communication, sim fighters will have vauge ideas of what the opponent has done as an action, and mistakes will be made. This will leand to pointless arguements, and sometimes, flaming and spaming. Make sure each of your posts are clear, and well thought out.

11. Descriptions.
Your posts should be thought out with care. Never should an attack description say "Impossible" or "Cannot" when talking about what your opponent may or may not do to avoid, or counter the attack. Instead of saying Impossible, or Indestructible, state just how powerful the object, or spell is, and say what the spell can counter, or what it's immune to.
By thinking logically, your description can be thought out clearly enough where there will be no question as to "How did that happen" or "What did you do". If an object is indestructable, you must state exactly how it became to be so durable, or if a spell is so powerful, you must explain exactly why its that powerful.
Spells of intenst power will either require a very powerful downfall upon the caster, or multiple posts just to gather the energy to cast the spell.

12. Summoning.
Only one type of summon is allowed per fight. The Summon is also only be allowed to be used for the post that it is summoned. This way the summon will stay exactly as it is, a spell. Summons will be slightly risky to use on the user's part, due to the fact the summonin rule can easily violate rules 2, 3, and 5.
Also, Depending on the summon itself, the mental drawback of having one of the field will also be there along with it. Having a summon that is stronger then you will easily destroy what little mental abilites you have left for the fight, due to the massive strain that's on your mind. Having lesser summons won't be as harsh, but will still leave you drained.
Also to note on magical items with summons imbuned in them, even with the creature there at your disposole, having the mental control to have it under your obediance, and to have it on the material plan from which you fight on still takes a lot of mental strength on your part. While this may seem drastic for something that cheap, but this will still leave the fight fair, and usually won't violate any other rule.
As per the usual spell rules, any summon that is summoned on spot will be considered the weakest form of magic, and may, if not will be destroyed by anyother forms of magic that has Zero or more charge posts. Zero level charge spells are negated upon the destruction of summons.
Judges will keep a close eye on summons, to keep players from abusing them.

These rules were originally created by Sparda Hellsing, and have been revamped by Kaijin Surohm. If you wish to use these rules on your board or site, contact Sparda Hellsing for the proper permission.

For any other information, or questions, please PM the correct Moderator, Trainer, or Judge.

(Last edited by Kaijin Surohm on 07-06-06 04:05 AM)
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Posted on 04-23-05 05:15 AM (Last edited by Kaijin Surohm on 07-24-05 11:03 PM)  
Sim-Battle Rules (Updated July 24, '05)

(Note: Recovery of the rules from before the switch to 1.A2) - DarkSlaya

Rules By Sparda:

Feel free to PM me anything you have questions about.

1. Absolutely no auto-hitting. It's a cheap and totally unfair to all opponents.

You might be asking yourself, "What the freak is auto-hitting????". Well, I’ll tell you. Auto-hitting or instant-hit is when you automatically attack your opponent without giving them a chance to deflect, block, or evade. So, how do you define an auto hit? I'll show you.

AutoHit- Sparda slashed the enemy's stomach.
Correct- Sparda slashed AT the enemy's stomach.

Notice the at in the correct version. This makes a huge difference because the word "at" causes the sentence to mean that you attempted to slash at your opponent but you don't know whether it was successful or not. Also keep in mind that there are also other forms of auto-hitting that was not referred to in the example. Simply keep in mind that if the attack automatically hits you without giving you a chance to evade, dodge, or defend against, then it is in fact an auto-hit.

2. No god-modding.

The term god-modding or GMing is a very vague term. To put it simply, GMing is to act like god. The following is a few examples:
-avoid everything launched at you
-unleashing a powerful and massive attack without any cons or consequences to you
-unleashing an attack that is both unavoidable and unblock able
-creating a barrier, to block powerful attacks, from out of nowhere without giving any signs or hints that you had prepared to create it in previous posts
-taking a massive hit but suffering from only tiny scratches or no wounds at all

Of course, the list can go on. But for our purposes, this will suffice. If you believe your opponent has GMed against you, simply PM a staff member who is knowledgeable in simbattling and inquire.

3. No outside interference.

This rule is very simple. No outside interference is put into effect mainly because a fight between two fighters is ONLY between those two fighters and no one else. To have someone interfere and/or intervene with the fight is considered very rude and illegal. Also, outside interference within the fight includes the creation of monsters that fight for you as well as summons. In other words, if two fighters started off a match, it better stay that way throughout the entirety of the fight.

4. Don't go overboard.

C'mon man. Don't go crazy and start ripping off the limbs of your opponent. It's not real, it’s just a simbattle. Try to limit to "goriness" of your attacks. And be serious. You are not capable of unleashing one million attacks all in one turn. Its just magically, physically, mentally not possible. So don't do it.

5. Have fun.

This is the most important rule. There is no point in simbattling if you can't have fun at all.

6. There shall be absolutely NO clones or substitutions of ANY kind from any fighter unless both fighters agreed to it. This includes clones, doppelgangers, solid illusions, etc. In other words, if you create or summon any clone, shadow, illusion, doppelganger, etc, you WILL be instantly DQed with no exceptions.

7. Recovering is absolutely illegal. In no way are you allowed to allow your character heal him or her in anyway unless it is simply regenerating extra skin (meaning the damage is still there). However, recovering only applies to moderate to high amounts of energy recovered. Only small amounts may be permitted.

8. Teleporting/Phasing through attacks is absolutely restricted. What does 'phasing through an attack' mean? Well, I’ll put it into simple terms. It basically means changing your physical body into that of a gas, mist, etc. composition to avoid attacks. Teleporting through an attack is where you instantly transfer your body from one location, to another.

Example: Fighter1 slashes at Fighter2 with his sword but comes in contact with nothing. The blade instantly went through Fighter2 as he turned his body into mist to avoid the attack.

Fighter1 throws a constant stream of fire at Fighter2. Fighter2 vanishes and reappears in another dimension/across the arena until the attack finishes.

9. Editting your posts will only be allowed under certain circumstances. First of all, you may NOT edit your post after your opponent has already made a reply. Secondly, you must gain the PERMISSION of the opposing fighter if you wish to change anything in your post other than grammatical errors. If you simply wish to change a grammatical error, then simply do so…of course if this is after the opponent has replied, you must also gain his or her permission first.

10. Be respectful of the opposing party. This is just a game, not real life. I don’t want to see what I see in some Counter Strike servers where a person curses at another person just because he killed him or something. That is beyond immature. Rather, show respect to your opponent. If you do not wish to do that, simply do not show disrespect.

11. Maintain a reasonable communication between both parties when battling. By doing so, you prevent confusion about certain techniques and attacks executed by a fighter.

All those who wish to use the XGF Simbattle Rules, made by Sparda, for their own Simbattle Forum must send him a PM as well as post a link to XGF on their website.

12. This rule only applys to Tournement, and Title fights: Any and all techniques need to have a bit of sense to it. For example, if your spell instantly kills, you must explain why the spell will kill you instantly. Or if your Sword can cut through anything, explain what has happened to the blade so it can do so.

The Sword is Indestructible. Why? "The blade may not be broken due to the Magical Runes etched into the side of the blade, completing the durability spell." or something else along thoes lines that would have a bit of reason behind it.
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