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01-18-22 10:55 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
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Posted on 11-20-05 07:51 PM  
Roleplay Rules

BTW, if in any case you believe that a decision made in the RP or out is false, be sure to PM either I, Clockworkz, or Xeios. We'll assist you where nessecary.

Now then, since this IS a roleplaying section, and they can get pretty out of hand at times, I'm just going to set down some basic ground rules...

1) Roleplaying is like writing a book. Each post MUST hold more then one line of wording. I don't want to see a post in here where it's just the person talking and nothing else... atleast attempt to make a paragraph per post in this place. Like, if s/he is talking, what are they doing while talking? Are they pacing? Arms crossed? Just simple things like that to extend your post.

2) Occasionally, there will be fighting within the Roleplaying. This is natural, like if there was a war, or a misunderstanding between two characters. (Characters, not the real life people controling the characters). Refer to the Sim Arena rules for these types... of course, you don't have to follow the Sim Rules here in the arena word to word, just try to use it as a ground base... so you don't ruin the RP, and hurt the Creator's plans.

3) Be respectful to the other players when speaking in OOC (Out Of Character). Just like the rest of the board, there should be no reason to throw names at one another over somthing small that happens in a fantasy world.

4) Following rule 3, always be respectful to the Creator of the RP. Most of the time, the RP Creator has a plan going for the RP, and will occasionally hit twords a path that will make the RP proceed... This is when you should more then likly take that route, as not to upset the balance of the RP.

5) Under no situation should you complain if the Creator has killed you off inthe RP. Most of the time, the RP Creator is in FULL CONTROL of the RP, and has power to determine your fate. Naturally, this means the Creator is allowed to 'God Mod' and 'Auto Hit' and 99% of the time, they are controling the things your killing. If you think you have been killed off due to outside conditions, like an arguement going on in Real Life, then come to a Staff Member in charge of the RP realm, and we'll see if it was just a bad attitude controlling the Event.

6) Most RPs are adventurous, yes, but there also may be special events, like a party. These are alright, due to the fun of it, but by no reason should you make an RP that consists of nothing more then just "Hanging Out". If you want to do that, then make a Chatroom on AIM or MSN or any other messenger/program. But not here.

Any questions? Contact me:

AIM: Moj Wolnosc

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