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06-19-18 04:31 AM
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Posted on 01-30-18 01:04 PM Link | Quote
Hopefully he doesn't leave... but wow, the drama at that place. Don't these people have lives?

So my supervisor is taking a personal leave of absence because her mother is ill. I feel very bad at the reason behind it, but the entire department is silently celebrating because no one can stand her... and her stress over it all is making her more unbearable.
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Posted on 02-03-18 09:47 AM Link | Quote
Well, hope your supervisor's absence makes everyone less stressed. I can imagine her emotional state.

The drama at my work is so bad, I've just hit this point where I want to quit. I ended up talking with my boss about it today. He was pretty shocked by the things I pointed out to him.

Essentially the one who got me the cake for my birthday and got in trouble because the girl complained -- well, he and I were sort of on the outs last week (my fault, mostly. I unfairly blamed him and got upset for something that wasn't him.) We patched things up, but things are still weird. Anyway, the 60-something-year-old, promiscuous Japanese lady we work with, who tends to be VERY controlling and frankly turns on everyone at some point, may or may not have a thing for him and they've been really close lately. Well, SHE and I are not doing so well either. Worse yet, one of our coworkers who hates her, has been coming to me to tell some of the things this woman's been saying about me. There's blood in the water, so the sharks are drawn in.

I ended up having an emotional outburst in front of the woman and other people. I look like a fucking child.

I haven't had this much drama in my life since... well, you know... my first year in college.

So yeah, I sat in my boss' office at the end of the day, and talked about some of this stuff.

I cannot express how emotionally compromised I've been the last few months. It almost seemed like work was my happy place, but then it all changed in a flash when one of my friends/coworkers told on the other (again, the one who got me the cake.) He hasn't been the same since, and it's changed the WHOLE goddamn dynamic.
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