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01-20-19 06:12 PM
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Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 3832 days
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Posted on 06-29-06 04:14 AM Link | Quote
I thought you HAD a mini-fridge...

*shrugs* Coulda sworn...

oh whatever...

Ok well this computer moved about 2 inches to the right, because I got bored and pushed my desk...
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Since: 10-06-04
From: Petaluma, CA

Since last post: 4537 days
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Posted on 06-29-06 04:57 AM Link | Quote
I had a mini-fridge at my old house, but if you recall, Kevin and I left a couple 6 packs of generic brand soda in there for a few months.

Subsequent to that it became unusable.

I really need to get a new one.

I just remember, I'm gonna be moving this Saturday, so I won't have the same awesome set-up. Lame.
Bloody Tears

Since: 05-15-05
From: Hmm... I dont know... OMFG Where do i live?

Since last post: 4588 days
Last activity: 4588 days
Posted on 06-29-06 12:39 PM Link | Quote
The only computer in this house is in my room. My Mom bought it for her but she never got on it so we put it in my room cause I would always keep her up with my typing and such late at night.
Trigger Happy Jones

Since: 02-21-06
From: It's not hell... But it sure feels like it. *sweating*

Since last post: 4566 days
Last activity: 4566 days
Posted on 06-29-06 03:00 PM Link | Quote
I used to have a minifridge. Then I lent it to a friend, who lived in a really bad part of town. You can probably guess what happened.

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Since: 08-20-04
From: Read "Real Name"

Since last post: 2411 days
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Posted on 06-29-06 03:23 PM Link | Quote
My setup in my room will be different in a few days once im finished moving everything. I will have duel 21 inch monitors connected to a switch, so that my File server and my main pc can share at least one of the monitors, the keyboard, and mouse. Then I will have my speakers in a semi-surround sound setup around my room when I get the chance to set it up. This will all be up at my grandparents mind you because that's where I will be moving, Once I am finished there will be a computer in 4 of the 6 rooms, each running windows 98 exept for my 2, the server which is running Windows server 2003 (evaluation version, which I will soon change once i get the money) and mine, when I finish replacing the hard drive, which will be preferibly windows XP Sp2, or windows 2000 pro.

Each of the computers in the house will be hard wired to my file server, in which has about 80 or so gigs of space at the moment.. so yea.. it's going to be nice

In my room there's only one window.. but it dosnt have a curtain or blinds or anything, plus the sun shines right through it mid day or around noonish.. so it get's pretty hot in there..

Since: 01-22-05
From: The restaurant at the end of the universe....

Since last post: 3754 days
Last activity: 3020 days
Posted on 06-30-06 01:51 AM Link | Quote
I have two 24inch plasma flat screens. One for a mac and one for a pc. It's in my den/office on a big cherrywood desk. Rather sophisticated if I do say so myself.

Dry Bones

Since: 07-30-05
From: Macomb

Since last post: 2482 days
Last activity: 1454 days
Posted on 06-30-06 11:25 AM Link | Quote
As Spyware put it our computer is in the electronic den A.K.A our basement which is actually pretty clean for the first time in a while.


Since: 06-28-06

Since last post: 4088 days
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Posted on 06-30-06 09:11 PM Link | Quote
The computer is in my basement bedroom at the moment. My mom doesn't seem to like it when I sleep on my bed there, so now I just use that bed as another table to put my stuff on.

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Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 2 days
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Posted on 07-02-06 04:18 AM Link | Quote
Well, usually I am in my room on my laptop... sometimes it's at school in various places. If I'm on venomouslobster's computer it's in his room (usually... it moves sometimes), or if at my friend's house in his room. Rarely I'm on the home computer which is in a detached room out back... though I hate that damn thing so I use it only if I must.


Since: 08-17-04
From: Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Since last post: 1562 days
Last activity: 1373 days
Posted on 07-05-06 12:57 PM Link | Quote
My main computer in the living room with the television, while my laptop I mostly keep in my room. Whenever my PC is acting up, I'll use my laptop to connect to the internet. Eventually I plan on installing the internet feed into my room.
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