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07-16-18 12:10 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - What Are You Watching?
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Well, watched "GLOW" season 2, practically in one night. That was good.

Been slogging through season 1 of "Taboo." It's OK, just really dreary.

Every time I restart watching season 2 of "Westworld," I stop. Dunno why. It's just not grabbing me. I just can't make it through the second episode.

Binge-watched "Barry" on HBO. That's a GREAT show. A bit close to "Breaking Bad," but about being an assassin, not meth cook.

Also ended up binge-watching "Crashing," Peter Holmes' semi-autobiographical show about being a stand-up comedian in New York. It's funny, but probably more funny to me, being a fan of his stand-up. I don't know how it comes off to people who haven't seen/heard him before.

Just wondering when the hell Amazon is going to drop "The Man in the High Castle" season 3.
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We watched "GLOW" on Netflix. Pretty much knocked that out in a day since it's only 10 episodes, half-an-hour each. We've watched it several times through.

We've lately been watching "Godless," a Netflix miniseries about a town of mostly widows under-siege by outlaws. Almost done with it.

Always looking out for more shows to watch.
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I have Prime. Hm, might give it a shot finally, though a lot of the HBO content is also subscription-based where I've got to pay more to watch it through Prime.

Finished "Community." Man, did that ever stagger to the finish line. Well, there's always the golden years on that show.

"Runaways" is just... shit. I'm honestly mad at myself whenever the episode finished because I apparently keep holding out hope that it's going to get better. Maaaaaaaybe when it finally aligns with the books in a few seasons (based on how goddamn slowly this is going with all these original content they're bullshitting us with), but I honestly cannot see this going past this season. Goddamn it, Marvel.

After that I'm still watching "Vikings," but I'm worried for Lagertha and most of the other characters are completely un-likeable to carry the show for me if she gets taken out.

Finally started "Legion." Since he's a super powerful mutant with mental illness and it's all from his perspective, it's all over the place. Need to rewatch the second episode since I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have. Really can't just have it on as background noise.
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Going to wrap up season 6 of Curb tonight, still loving it. I've been watching it off Amazon Prime actually, I guess they have some HBO shows up on there.
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I still have yet to ever really watch "Curb Your Enthusiasm." It'll probably be a while since I ended up cancelling my HBO subscription recently.

Finished "Future Man" on Hulu. Eh... It was... not good.

We're also watching "Runaways," which I loved the original comics for, but this show is just not doing them justice.

I'm only a few episodes from the end of "Community." Sadness.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm is incredible.
Posts: 11508/11550
Maybe I'll watch Rick & Morty someday haha.
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Originally posted by Xeoman
Community was like 10x better than Big Bang...


It also helps that Dan Harmon was behind it, who's now behind "Rick and Morty."

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Community was like 10x better than Big Bang...
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"Vice Principals" is... pretty shitty. Bran and I liked Danny McBride and Walton Goggins, and we figured putting the two of them on their own show with Bill Murray (who ended up only being in the first episode) was going to be gold. It, in fact, was not.

The show's on HBO and NO ONE'S talking about it at all. What does that tell you?

Bran and I have been watching "Community" since I've been subscribed to Hulu. It's freaking hilarious.
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I haven't seen Matilda in ages. Does it hold up?

So... watching John Oliver causes me to catch the very end of Vice Principals... and it almost makes me want to watch the show just to know what the hell is going on.
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Freeform's having another movie marathon now that their 40th-or-something Harry Potter weekend is over, so I'm watching Matilda. Been on a bit of a movie binge lately anyway.
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Originally posted by Rogue
Sunday nights are goddamn awesome right now. New "Game of Thrones" AND "Rick and Morty."

GoT is over for another year (or possibly two) and they decided to not air "Rick and Morty" last night.

Watched the first season of "Handmaid's Tale" that's out. I already know the source material, but I'm having trouble understanding why anyone who doesn't would enjoy watching this week-to-week. It's so dreary, depressing, and frankly, boring.

Posts: 11511/11656
Sunday nights are goddamn awesome right now. New "Game of Thrones" AND "Rick and Morty."

I started a free trial of Hulu just because I felt like watching "Metalocalypse" from beginning to "end" and they're the only ones who have it. Well, Adult Swim has SOME episodes, but will only let you watch like 6 of them. Since I've got it I may as well watch "The Handmaid's Tale."
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Oh man, I dunno about that. I already have a dozen shows we're working through and about twice as many graphic novel series. I dive into K-Dramas and there's nothing left of my day.
Posts: 11423/11550
You should dip into KDrama Rogue...
Posts: 11489/11656
We started trying to watch "The Last Kingdom," but it's slow-going with Brandon's and my conflicting work schedules. We're only four episodes in.

We watched the first episode of "The Hollow Crown," which was essentially "Richard II." Each episode is a Shakespeare play, so they're about 2-and-a-half hours long. It's going to take FOREVER.
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Well, "Game of Thrones" starts in a week.

First season of "American Gods" was ... OK.

This last season of "Silicon Valley" was ... eh, also OK.

We watched the two seasons out so far of Will Arnett's Netflix show, "Flaked," which was OK.

Come ooooooon, "Game of Thrones."
Vanilla Lumina
Posts: 2/14
I haven't watched anything in about a week, but I was watching The Big Bang Theory, I'm up to around midway through Season 2, my sister lent to me the discs since she has all of them.
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I need to get back to Star Wars The Clone Wars.

Watching some more historical KDrama lately though.
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