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02-20-19 12:13 AM
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Meanwhile, Kiza, Patches, Beldum, and Feebas were busy enjoying yakisoba at a restaurant in Lendla. Patches had his with spices, Beldum with aonori(It's seaweed, and has lots of minerals.), and Feebas, oddly enough, with fish. Kiza on the other hand, had his yakisoba very quickly and with shopsticks. Returning his pokemon to their respective pokeballs, he paid the bill, and tipped heavily with the money that had earlier burdened his friend the APL member.
He heard some rumors about the APL and Team Rocket, but knew that it would be foolish to trust such information. For that, he'd have to meet Team Rocket, as ricky as it might be. He would of done this first, but for some reason, being a Team Rocket member was synonomous with not being able to cook. Kiza was glad he wasn't a regular Team Rocket member.
Besides, he needed to train with his pokemon before taking any more action.

"Especially you, Feebas," said Kiza.
Feebas flopped.
Kiza sighed, deciding that as long as they were in town, they might as well make some pokeblocks, as they were easier to carry than frsh berries. Beldum liked green-coloured ones best, and Patches liked ones that were orange. Never having fed Feebas pokeblocks, Kiza set out a bunch for Feebas. Feebas, after looking at each one carefully, took a bite of the yellow one.
Then he spat it out. He continued to do so with each one, until he got to the blue one, which he happily, or so it seemed. Kiza didn't know what a happy fish looked like. After loading up on pokeblocks and other supplies, he stopped by at an apothecary, and headed south to a training center.
There were many trainers, fighting it out with their pokemon. Kiza thought this wouldn't do at all: one of his pokemon was of unknown strength, and another might draw unwanted questions. But Patches was up for a match anytime. Kiza spotted a trainer that seemed to be doing well, a mountaineer.

"Might I detain you too long for a pokemon match?" asked Kiza.
"Not at all," said the trainer.
"Go, Golem!"
"Go, Patches!"
The Golem looked liked most Golems looked: large and spherical and rather hard-as rock looking.
In a flash of silver, the fight was decided. Though it was indeed a rock pokemon, Patches had mastered the technique of hardening his wings to the mettle of metal, inflicting heavy damage on the Golem.

"I think you need to get it to a pokecenter quickly," said Kiza.
"But in the meantime, catch."
Kiza tossed the mountaineer a hyper potion.
After Patches and Kiza decided it would be "no fun" to stay in this place, the headed south, hoping for something more interesting to do. Since there were few people around, Kiza let Feebas swim alongside on the coast. Beldum and Patches were fine with walking, or in the case of some pokemon, hovering. However, this was ideal practice for Beldum, as not only did he have to hover, but to move while hovering was a first.
No matter, of course, they were making good time, maybe he'd meet some more interesting people than those silly trainers.

Feebas splashed.
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Ryan nodded too, now keeping very silent. He began to feel the pain from hitting the fence, but it didn't bother him. The pain of his mother's death hurt a heck of a lot more. He climbed back over his fence and simply sat by his mother, not knowing what he should do. He guessed the first thing he should do is let his Pokemon know. They looked up to Ryan's mother the same way he did. He let them out of their Pokeballs, and Pikachu was crying the instant he saw the mother's body. Ryan didn't know what to make out of Kadabra's expression, as it just looked... Well, as expressionless as always.

Ryan left Pikachu and Kadabra with his mum while he went upstairs and packed a bag. Just some essentials, such as clothes, snacks, emergency money, that sort of thing. "Why...? Why her...?" He thought, resisting the urge to begin punching at his bedroom wall.

He slowly stepped downstairs, beginning to feel slightly better. He commanded Pikachu and Kadabra back into their pokeballs, then went to his mother.
"I'm sorry mum... Just for anything bad I did that I haven't apologized for. And I'm sorry for leaving you in here... If I was inside at the time, I could have helped fight them off..." He kissed his mother's cheek, flinching at how cold it felt. He slung his bag over his back and proceeded to exit his house.

Meanwhile, in the Rocket Headquarters...
A low, rough voice echoed through the halls of the Rocket Headquarters as the speaker systems all buzzed in to life. "All units ranging from the rank of grunt to executive: You are all being sent on a mission. Mission 241 will commence in 6 hours. Gather anything you think you will need such as Pokemon, items and weapons, then all assemble in the bunker's main hall. The path to it has been opened up from the canteen. That is all."

Nearly everyone in the offices except for those above executive rank (Which, quite frankly there are very few of) switched off their computers, quickly gathered there things and moved along, trying to get as much free time as possible. The office work did get quite tedious for most, and many of those that didn't do office work were glad they wouldn't have to look at another Pokemon's insides for a while. Rough lines and groups were slowly forming in the bunker's main hall over a five and a half hour period, with the odd few coming in at the last minute who had almost forgotten about the mission during their leisure time.

(ooc: For anyone who is/will be starting a rocket character, I will draw up a simple map of the headquarters for you, as it is the biggest building in this RP and you could get lost quite easily without it. )
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Kayla nodded. She patted Ryan on the shoulder before taking off to the nearest phone booth. She dug through the pockets of her labcoat for some change. Quickly, she put the coins into the slot and picked up the phone.

She froze. Bakairu... she thought to herself. She stared at the phone, now cradled in her shaking hand. Finally, she just swallowed and took in a deep breath. Kayla then quickly dialed the number.
The Accidental Protege
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He only looked at the boy. He had become like Dutch. Parentless. It was a tragedy. He was stoic, for he had seen this before.
Finally, he pointed to Kayla. "You; call the police. Tell them what happened. Ryan, you stay behind, and give the cops the details. You need some time to yourself, anyway. Then, Kayla, you and I will go to the Pokemon Center and tell them what you're doing. Finally, we'll come back for Ryan, and regroup at your apartment. Sound good?"
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"Hey hey hey!" Kayla wraped her arms around Ryan from behind to stop him from hurting himself more. She turned him around to face her and reached up, wiping a tear from his eye.

I have no idea how to handle this... she thought to herself ruefully.

"If you're in a hurry to leave this moment...don't let us keep you..." She didn't even turn to Dutch as she spoke. She was too busy tearing a piece off of the bottom of her lab coat and wrapping it around Ryan's knuckles. "There, that should hold until I can look at that properly." Finally, she turned to Dutch. "This needs to be handled right away and I need to at least go in tomorrow to let them know I'm taking off."

God damn it Kayla! Do you HAVE to sound so insensitive?! her thoughts echoed through her mind as she faced Ryan once again.
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Ryan's eyes began to fill with tears as the events finally fully sank in. "Those... Bastards... Killed my mother..." He wiped across his eyes to wipe away the tears, only for his eyes to betray him and produce twice as much. "She's slumped up in a corner... Slashed and bashed all over... I got my revenge on those... Gah, they don't even deserve being called anything they're that worthless!" Ryan began subconsiously punching at his garden fence, slowly cracking it and slowly causing his knuckles to bleed.
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Kayla flinched at the screams that came from Ryan's house and turned sharply to him when he suddenly appeared at her side. "What happened?!" She exclaimed. She casted a sideways glance at Dutch before turning her attention back to Ryan.
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Name: Shi-Kiza, or Kiza for short.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Public, but has worked for TR on occasion.
Pokemon: Scyther, Beldum, Feebas.
Description: 5'4", average build, wears loose, dark clothing with stitched pockets.

He had met scyther early on in tall grasses, and lured it with promises of friendship, and of course, food. He named it Patches.Ever since, they had been a duo. On occasion, he worked for Team Rocket: they paid well and in liquid funds, and didn't ask questions. He liked to think of what he did as barrier-unlocking and the sort. Yet these were usually solo missions, and he didn't have--or care to have--extensive dialogue with much of Team Rocket, and knew--or cared--little of the inner workings.
Two years ago, he came across a person named Steven. It turned out he shared many interests with this Steven, but not Steven's mastery of Pokemon battling, not in the least bit. Kiza accompanied Steven on an expedition to research an ancient phenomenon that seemed to be reoccuring, yet questions led to more questions. In the end, Kiza decided to explore Kinma to see if there were any connections. As a departing gift, Steven gave Kiza a Beldum, and Kiza initially did not think that such a tiny piece of metal would weigh so much. Of course, he forgot the fact that it was in fact, mostly solid metal. Steven noted that it would be hard to train it for a long while if Kiza wanted it to be a stong battler, but its innate abilities would suit Kiza perfectly.

Kiza: It's rather quiet, isn't it?
Steven: That's the beauty of it, isn't it? It uses magnetic waves to communicate.
Kiza: Wait, you can't understand magnetic waves and I know you can communicate with your metagross. And I thought it [Beldum] would be a bit, more like metagross?
Steven: Well I don't know about that, but I'm sure you'll find your own way. And to your second question, nope, you're going to have to raise it--maybe it'll be stronger than mine someday.
*ensue laughter*

Kiza, being neither a Steven, nor a psychic, created a device which he could interpret these waves, and in time, learnt to communicate with Beldum. Of course, in this time period, he had little time in which to train his pokemon. Beldum did not use words, but instead thoughts, and it was exceedingly rational. And thus, he started out for the unknown land.
Seeing as he had no pokemon that he could surf across to He caught a Feebas, and seeing that it would make an awful dinner, and looked rather pitiful in the first place, decided to keep it, and make it a better fish.
Deciding that he didn't want to get entangled in any dispute with the APL so early on, Kiza decided to go towards Lendla. It was mostly public areas, and the nearby Team Rocket bases didn't seem to much opf a problem.
Maybe I'll meet some old friends, he mused to himself.
More importantly, there's food to be thought and digested right now, Patches implied.
"You're going to have to wait til we reach the mainland," said Kiza, "but I would agree, a snack is in order."
He tossed each pokemon an apple. Patches quartered his, Beldum somehow devoured and converted its energy to his mechanical form, somehow. Patches, seeing the feeble situation of the fish, considerately diced the apple into bite-sized chunks. Kiza ate his apple in silence, as he set out a bowl of bottled water from his backpack.
"I wonder," said Kiza aloud, "what are we going to do if we meet any of those pesky APL buggers?"
"That's far too crude," he responded to a motion from Patches, and continued, "besides, that's far too messy."
Beldum pondered and emitted soundless magnetic waves, which in English, would be most accurately be translated into the notion of shrugging.
Feebas flopped about and continued to feed.

A gruff man appeared behind them, entering Kiza's ship compartment, carrying a shotgun.
"Surrender that bug and fish, kid, and you might just get out of this alive," he said.
(Beldum isn't often seen, and looks rather like a hunk of metal. In the wild beldum travel in swarms, and most APL would be up to a challege, with the metang and metagross around. And if they met Steven--let's just say they wouldn't be very happy afterwards.)
Kiza replied indignantly, "But I'm just a newbie trainer, please spare me," returning Patches and Feebas to pokeballs and handing them over.
Beldum then proceeded to bodily attack the man in the area of the lungs, knocking him out.
"Thanks, " Kiza told Beldum, "That could have turned out rather badly."
Kiza re-posessed his pokeballs, as well as making sure to remove the man of the burden of his weapon and wallet. He noted and copied the details of the man's APL card, as well of freeing him of his cash. Kiza then proceeded to pull a needle out of his pocket, and injected a healthy 1mm dose, ensuring that the man wouldn't remember much of the happenings, and have a nasty headache, to boot. He then injected a harmless solution into the bone of the man's wrist, a tracer exclusive only to Beldum. Checking the hallways, he then dragged the man and placed him next to the man's room.
"Good thing there was only one of them, mind you Beldum," he thought to Beldum. "He'll think he was drunk, and won't be the worse for it."
"Yes, we do need to be more careful, but isn't that odd that an APL member would be around such a public and even Team Rocket-infested place? What sort of idiot would come here alone? I think they're up to something this time."
With no further detainment, Kiza and his pokemon landed on the shores of Kinma, and went off to Lendla Forest City. Being so heavily populated with trainers, the city was safe from the APL at the moment, but the outskirts could prove hazardous.
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Ryan shook his head a bit, snapping himself out of his semi-trance. Without speaking, he climbs back over his fence, takes his pokeballs out his hiding place and enters his house to warn his mother what had happened. His scream of terror that followed could be heard easily for miles. His house had been trashed while everyone had been fighting. Literaly everything had been turned upside-down, probably the APL looking for Pokemon or pokeballs. Kinda lucky they never checked the garden.

Ryan let out another scream as the sight of his mother, covered in cuts, blood, bruises, basically anything that you would expect an APL to do to someone who defended against them, and this person was quite defenseless to do anything back. Ryan literally sensed people coming up behind him, so he grabbed his knife and turned around, stabbing them through their stomachs, making damn sure he hit right in their arteries. Three APL members dropped to the floor.

"Those fucking assholes!!! That's it!" Ryan ran up to Dutch. "Two hands, i'm with you! I'm making sure those dick heads don't continue doing shit like this again!"
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"Two days. That's all I'm putting into this. Two days. They need the help and can't afford to be without it for any longer than that."

She turned and glanced back in Ryan's direction. "As soon as we handle this situation, we'll head back to my apartment before we go." She sighed. "But we can't leave this scene." She says, waving her arm behind her, refering to the dead and unconscious bodies on the ground.

"The poor boy's mother..." She mumbles, breaking eye contact momentarily to look to the ground and shake her head slightly.

"If you're hungry, I'll get you something together real quick at my place, then we'll be off."
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He never looked away. "If we destroy the sources plundering each town, the flow of injured Pokemon will stop. Come with me and destroy the base near this town, and I can practically guarantee you that you won't has many patients on your hands. Which means you'll be freed up, and be able to give me a hand."
He smirked.
"Besides; the first base shouldn't take more than a day or two. That's not too long, is it? That's right."
The Gardevoir only rested her hand on her forehead. *He's trying too hard...*
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Kayla's hands flew to her mouth and her head faced the ground. She held her breath for a moment or two. At first her body trembled slightly, but she wasn't crying. "Of course I'm supposed to learn first." She finally looked up, a small smile spread across her lips. "Would YOU want me operating on you if I didn't know what the hell to do?" She glanced over at the Gardevoir and her smile broadened a little. "But I'm not simply learning anymore."

She stood and walked right over to Dutch and stoor directly in front of him. "That's the thing. No one there is getting the chance to learn, other than on impulse. The APL are hurting pokemon, severely...If I weigh out the two...going off to beat the shit outta these bastards is a little less important to me than helping those that are hurt. It's a vicious circle. If the APL aren't stopped, then the center will always be overflowing with injured pokemon, true...but what about the pokemon that are being hurt? Sure, people may try and stop the APL, but let's face it, until they're taken out completely, they'll always get in a few shots of their own here and there. We need people on both ends, don't you understand?"

Kayla didn't say another word. She just stood there, quietly looking up, not breaking her eye contact with Dutch.
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He stopped. He was only a few steps away. WIth that, he whipped around, with an angry snarl on his face.
"Dutch, just let it go-"
"You see injured Pokemon every day with gunshot wounds and broken bones."
He narrowed his eyes. He started shouting at her.
"And what are YOU doing to stop it? Watching? Learning? What the fuck is WRONG with you? If you're too afraid to do any real helping, this will NEVER change! For God's sake! You say you're making a difference, but you're not! You refuse to get down and get your hands dirty, because you want to stay nestled in your Pokemon Center, blaming everyone else."
He settled down, and just grimaced.
"Get up. Stand up with your head held high. If it's all we can do, then so be it. But acting is better than waiting for something to save us. Am I right?"
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Kayla tensed up and closed her eyes as he ruffled her hair. Something about the man made her so angry. She offered a half hearted smile to the Gardevoir as she passed, but she did nothing else while the pair walked away. She balled her hands into fists and bit her bottom lip, trying not to do what she thought she was about to do.

"I'm not even from the damned city!" She shouted. She did it. She was already on her feet and her cheeks were red. She didn't know what she was getting at by saying that, but she didn't care. "Every day....Every day these bastards hurt more and more." Her eyes were swelling up but she took deep breaths to keep them from doing more. "I'm supposed to be an intern! I'm supposed to watch and learn, occasionally getting my hands wet until I get my degree...its pretty bad when there's so many coming in, every goddamned day, that even the aids must act like doctors. It makes me sick!"

Kayla...stop it... she thought frantically to herself.

"They don't just come in with little scrapes and bruises anymore." Her hands began to shake. "Its getting worse...much worse..." With that, she finally calmed down and dropped to her knees. "So go. Do your thing, but understand that we all can't go off and be a vigilante like you. We all can't go off and deal with these bastards ourselves." She says softly, nudging the unconscious man to her right. "No matter how much we'd like to."
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He shrugged. "Fine. No skin off my nose. You city people are all alike, you know that?" He walked past her, and ruffled her hair, and kept going.
"See ya around then. Night! Come on. There's no use staying here any longer. We have our own plans to take care of."

The Gardevoir looked longfully at Kayla, then nodded, and follwed him.
"Thank you for offering to heal me up... Well... Bye," she said as she paused next to Kayla, before regrouping.
"Dutch... You don't have to be so mad. I mean, we can find more reliable help in the slums, rather than these leashed city dogs back there.
Dutch's only response was lighting up a cigarette, and blowing smoke as he walked down the street.
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Kayla glanced up at Dutch with a raised eyebrow. "Make a difference...finally?" She was outraged. She jumped to her feet again and stormed right on over to Dutch. Her hand twitched, but she kept it at her side. She wanted to reach up and slap him and was trying her damndest to restrain herself from doing so. Instead, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Listen...Mr...."Two-hans Dutch"..." she paused and stared up at him. "You don't need to waste your time explaining things to me. I'm not going with you. I hate those APL bastards just as much as the next person." She let out a sigh. Kayla never was good at displaying a wide range of emotions. She sure as hell could feel them...she just didn't know how to show it and often came off as insensitive. "What they did to your family was awful...but..." She walked back over to the two unconscious men and crouched down between them to make sure they couldn't get away when they came to.

She glanced back over to the kid. "Please bring me your pokemon so I can check them out...and call the cops while you're at it, or at least bring out your parents so I can explain all of this to them." As she waited for Ryan to do as she asked, she looked back up at Dutch. "I'd rather stay here, where I'm not needed at all and not make a difference."
The Accidental Protege
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Dutch looked around. Then stared at Kayla. "Nice job. I knew you could handle yourself." He looked at Ryan, then at Kayla again. Finally, he looked up thoughfully.
"I know what you're thinking, Dutch. And it's crazy." The Gardevoir could tell what ran through his mind.

"Don't worry, Night. I know what I'm doing. You two!" He glared at the both of them.
"I know you have your entire lives ahead of you. But this is gonna be your choice. Your opportunity to make a difference, finally."
He sighed. "We've been attacked by this assholes our entire lives. It's time to fight back. I'm just passing through, but I can always use an extra pair of hands to help me out. I have.. A personal vendetta against the APL. They..." He didn't know how to say this delicately, so he just said it.

"They were the ones who killed my parents, as well as their Pokemon. The APL doesn't usually kill humans, but they had a reason to."
Looking at the ground, he threw down his dead cigarette, and twisted it out with his foot.

"I'll explain, but only if you're willing to help me, and everyone else. There's no reason to explain things I don't need to to people who won't help me here."
The Gardevoir sighed. She was used to his impetuousness, but this time, she thought he was going too far. Still, she trusted him, and backed off.

"So what's it gonna be?" he asked finally.
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Kayla smirked as the two men grabbed hold of her arms. "Bakairu..." she mumbled as allowed them to grab hold of her arms. It wasn't suprising to her that they weren't holding on too tightly. She was used to being underestimated and not too sad about that actually. She brought her arms down as hard as she could to bring them down a few inches. Kayla's arms slipped upward easily, since their grip wasn't very tight. She then grabbed them by the hair on the back of their heads and slammed their heads together. They both crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

She wasted no time darting over to the Gardevoir. Kayla walked a circle around the Gardevoir only to realize that she had not been injured at all. Kayla smiled. "Good." She says softly. She then brushed herself off and looked over to the boy and Dutch. They both looked fine.

"Bring me your pokemon." She says to the boy. "I need to make sure they're alright." She then made her way over to her two unconscious attackes, stepping over the other bodies, and knelt between them. She then looked straight up at Dutch with her emerald eyes. "We need to call the police." She says sternly, brushing a piece of her auburn hair out of her eyes. Her ponytail was a complete mess, but she didn't bother readjusting it. "You've done nothing wrong, but I'll give you a few moments to make your leave if you still don't wish to get caught up in this when the police get here."

(Bakairu...bastard. :p)
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Ryan drops back to the floor, only to have the crumpled heat of his attacker fall on him. He clambered out, breathing heavily. He had never witnessed first hand one of these guys get killed before (He'd only watched it happen on the news until now), so it was quite a shock to find a dead guys blood all over his shirt. He just stood quite still, only moving his eyes back and forth from the heap on the floor to his shirt. "Fuck..." He mumbled, feeling slightly woozy. "Just... Holy shit... You're good."
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The Gardevoir remained unharmed. Shooting from a bike, with pistols no less, at a thin pair of Gardevoir legs required much accuracy, but she was stunned, nonetheless.
"You worthless garbage! I'll annihilate you!" She was pissed, and with her psychic power, some empty bikes were lifted off the ground, crumpled up and exploded in mid-air.
Dutch just laughed.

"Looks like you boys picked the wrong people to get in a fight with," Dutch announced. The Gardevoir stared at him, and using wide area telepethy affecting all in the area, she shouted, "Now! Show them why you're called 'Two-hands'!"
"With pleasure!" He pulled out his guns, and aimed sideways, as he quickly readied himself into position. "Shoot at my best friend, will ya?" He fired off two shots from each gun, and penetrated the aggressor's head and heart, as he fell in a bloody mess. He then noticed that Ryan and Kayla were in trouble as well.

"Kid! Duck!" With that, he fired off several more shots into the bodies of the ones attacking Ryan, and they fell to the ground.
"Kayla-" He stopped himself. She was pretty adaptable, it seemed. He was looking forward to seeing how she'd handle the situation. If it got too messy, he'd step in, but only if he felt it was necessary.
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