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08-18-18 12:39 AM
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Fuck em', lol.

I used to try to be that guy that would do my best to bring anyone and everyone together that I could, remind forgetful friends to invite so and so they clearly like too but somehow just forget about, or tell those kinds of friends who only go somewhere if you do that you're totally going... but yeah. This all has just led to a lot of headaches later in life and I've kind of just let go of it.

I could use a new circle of friends IRL in general honestly. Hopefully I can figure out these neck issues and feel better physically I'll be able to get out there on my own and meet some new people.
Posts: 11669/11671
I'm really tired of shouting plans into the ether only to have no one care, and then -- WITHOUT FUCKING FAIL -- people get all, "Why wasn't I invited?!" when I post the fucking pictures.
Posts: 11652/11671
I'm so behind in my little personal projects.

Heh, I accidentally typed "life" instead of "little," initially. Freudian slip?

And.... I'm a few thousand dollars in credit card debt. Wooooo!
Posts: 9601/9624
Hopefully he doesn't leave... but wow, the drama at that place. Don't these people have lives?

So my supervisor is taking a personal leave of absence because her mother is ill. I feel very bad at the reason behind it, but the entire department is silently celebrating because no one can stand her... and her stress over it all is making her more unbearable.
Posts: 11618/11671
Thanks, sweetie. <3

So those coworkers I mentioned in my previous posts (the ones who flaked) ... they're total enemies now.

And I'm stuck in the middle of two people I consider friends.

I thought THEY were friends. Suddenly she's going to our boss about him to complain, and she says someone else has complained about him too (WTF?!)

I'm honestly shocked, and similarly hurt. He's thinking about quitting, and I'm legitimately worried that he will and that his friends will go with him and then I'll be alone again.
Posts: 9593/9624
I don't even know how to process someone dying their hair to get out of going. If you don't want to go, say you don't want to go. That is just SO rude!

Honestly, it makes me mad that there are people that take advantage of your kind nature. I think that the best day Kaleb had out there on our trip was the day with you and Lee taking us around (aside from dying in the heat of Pasadena). You care, and you put thought into things. People using that against you, or flaking with the lamest of last minute excuses just makes me want to punch them. Can I punch them? At least in my mind?
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Originally posted by Xeoman
Dying her hair.

I award her the worst excuse reward of all time.

I'm sure she was actually doing it. It's just ... really? We said to meet at 6, after work. I know she said she wanted to go home and change and all, but I was blown away when she messaged that she'd started dying her hair. That's a matter of washing it, mixing the dye, applying the dye, letting it process for AT LEAST 30 minutes, then rinsing it, drying it, styling it ...

I can say this just rolls off me (and since Brandon and I were almost certain they'd flake, we just went about the night not expecting to see them), but it still bothered me on some level.

I don't want to go back to being completely anti-social at work. Being introverted, I feel like I've been staring at the rest of the world through a fogged up window. I want to be included, but I massively fear other people's rejection and so I don't put myself out there because I don't want to get hurt. I don't really know how to interact with normal people, and I don't know how to just make friends like everyone else around me seems to.
Posts: 11522/11562
Dying her hair.

I award her the worst excuse reward of all time.
Posts: 11588/11671
It happened again last night. A couple co-workers and I planned for a week to go look at Christmas lights in this neighborhood in Long Beach at 6.

Brandon and I figured if they flake we could still just hang out together and see them anyway.

On the way there, Coworker 1 messages to say she just got home and that she'll be ready to go in a second and she'll meet us there.

Coworker 2 then messages to say he might not be able to make it, that he has to drive his mom somewhere. But, hey, he's up for hanging out after!

I message Coworker 1 that 2 probably won't make it. She says, "Oh well," and though I give her an out if she doesn't want to go anymore still says she's coming.

More than a half hour passes and she messages to say she's been busy DYING HER HAIR. If we need to go eat or something, go do it.

Another half hour passes and she messages to say that since she's taking so long she'll just go with us another time. I tell her if Coworker 2 calls to still hang out, I'll let her know.

Brandon and I had already been out walking and looking at the lights and once we were done, we sat on a bench talking until about 8 when we figured no one else was coming and finally just got up and headed home.

Since this is the same couple of coworkers that I had the "birthday plans" with a few posts ago, I'm pretty well done planning anything with them.
Posts: 11515/11562
The winter also puts more pressure on me to just stay more too in general, lol.

"Then when Brandon and I post pictures of the shit we do, people occasionally remark on them (either in comments or in person, months later) asking why I didn't tell them about the event and/or invite them."

I luckily haven't had that happen. Yikes.
Posts: 11579/11671
That's a shame. And while I'd say, "No, man, don't give up! There's still great people out there to connect with!" and so on, I wouldn't be practicing what I preach. I mean, I've pretty much become a homebody if Brandon's not available to go somewhere, depending on the situation.

Say there's an event in L.A. on Saturday to which I want to go. If Brandon's got work, I'm more likely to just not go because I've already mentally checked off people going, "Well, I could call this person, but they're more likely to say they'll go and then I'll be messaging them all day asking if they're ready and then end up feeling like I waited by the phone all day and then have nothing come of it."

While in a few cases they're checked off because they have kids and therefore will far less likely be available, there's still the childless and unmarrieds who just flake on me on the regular.

Then when Brandon and I post pictures of the shit we do, people occasionally remark on them (either in comments or in person, months later) asking why I didn't tell them about the event and/or invite them.

I don't tell them it's because I already figured they'd blow me off (hell, one guy openly jokes that he does that on purpose. He'll answer my calls and messages with that he's getting ready, but he's not and will eventually tell me at the end of the day that he's not up to leaving the house any more.)

Most things in L.A., and many other SoCal places, are just too much of a hassle to attend if you're just going alone. Why bother most of the time? I'm sort of passed those days when I would just jump of the train or drive myself and fight traffic, crowds, and all that just to look at something alone and have no one to talk to or act as a buffer.

Posts: 11510/11562
Rogue, you're really speaking my language there (unfortunately for us both in this case). That's something that's really been bothering me the last year or so. To me the more friends that hang out together the more fun it usually is. I've always tried to round up friends, or get some of my best close friends interested in going to things along with me to others, but the amount of times people keep flaking is getting more and more stacked. The worst is when I'm told a yes days in advance, then "something came up" at the last minute. And I know we're all adults, things can happen. But these are trends and friends that I've known for years and are all too predictable, that "something" is probably all bullshit and they just can't give me a straight no.

In general lately I think I just need to meet some new people somehow and find some new circles. And I guess at this point in our lives it's just too taxing to rely too much on others.

I hate to admit it, but I flat out did nothing for my birthday this year kind of because of all this. I still do one on one planning with some good friends or will go out to events myself, but me trying to unite people or round up a group? I'm losing interest in that.
Posts: 11571/11671
Originally posted by Rogue
Outside of my foray in realizing my own mental bullshit, I've really had it with people saying they want to hang out (hell, in a couple cases it's people who've claimed that they're depressed we don't hang as much any more) and then when I start to plan something they then flake.

I know I didn't post this that long ago, but it's going double again.

Seriously, it's a friend/co-worker's birthday. Another friend/co-worker is all, "We've gotta do something!" and starts trying to plan a day trip to Solvang or some other far off place. Turns out she's stuck working Sunday and tells me we'll do stuff Saturday instead. I then spend all of Saturday texting her, going, "So when are we meeting?" and trying to get in touch with her and the birthday boy. We ended up not meeting up until just before 10 p.m. and I had to take over the planning. We went to a karaoke bar in Little Tokyo and I got stuck with the $120 bill. Wooo!

Posts: 11563/11671
Outside of my foray in realizing my own mental bullshit, I've really had it with people saying they want to hang out (hell, in a couple cases it's people who've claimed that they're depressed we don't hang as much any more) and then when I start to plan something they then flake.
Posts: 9559/9624
I wish someone had got a picture of her face. Seriously, what a bitch.

My friend just sent me a message about how she ended up spending $20 on Halloween decor at Michael's... I find it funny because the other day she was saying how she was going to go, but leave her wallet in the car because she would be able to resist the urge to buy stuff then... so much for that strategy.
Posts: 11538/11671
Hopefully they'll all die off soon when it gets cold.

Yesterday, we had four incidents of clients shitting their pants. Two of them were with me in the morning.

I mentioned the pants-shitting to a co-worker when we were waiting for our clients to get direction from the admin on where to go next. She made some comment that went, "You really attract them. Hahahaha. Either that or they're just doing it at the sight of you. Hahahahaha."

OK. First off ... the last time I had a client shit their pants on my watch was many months ago and even then, it was that she shit her pants during her morning club, the staff she had at the time either didn't notice or didn't care, so she ended up being sent to me and I had her clean up and change.

Secondly, that's just fucking mean.

Karma struck in the afternoon. One of the clients she had was using a public bathroom and realized there wasn't toilet paper, so he wiped his ass with his hand and then walked out of the bathroom with his shit-covered hand saying he needs toilet paper.

Yeah, fuck people sometimes.
Posts: 11407/11562
Been a lot of bugs in my new apartment...

I wonder if they're more active on the first floors since that's where I'm at now and it's probably more damp/humid around the outside of my walls.
Posts: 11483/11671
That last post should probably have been in the "Fuck You" thread. Well, I've been reserving posts in THAT thread for much more serious shit.

On the lighter side, fuck the bugs that ate two of my pumpkins. We've still got 5 viable ones growing bigger.
Posts: 11442/11671
Good lord, fuck people who sit down to watch shows at the renaissance faire and talk through them. It was most annoying because they'd usually be either right behind me or next to me and I'm sitting near the front. The freaking performers can see and hear you.

Posts: 11410/11671
Got the gloves at long last.

They're nice, but yeah, not sure they were worth the wait. Just tried to check on the item's listing on Etsy now and noticed there are tons of 1-star reviews from people complaining that they never received the item (she had entirely positive reviews when I ordered back in October.) When I tried to click on her shop, I got a message from Etsy saying she doesn't exist. I guess I can only see the item page because it shows up as a previous order for me.

In other news, fuck me for over-eating a lot these days, most particularly last night. I'm not sure if it's stress or my poor impulse control, but I've been snacking a lot on terrible things again and then trying to pour an absurd amount of dinner on top of that? Yeah, fuck me. I was miserable all night.
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