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10-17-18 12:07 AM
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I'm also going through a fair amount of credit card debt at the moment. It's been consistently over $3,000 since the honeymoon. I deposit every paycheck right onto the credit card as payment and I never have cash.

Yeah, I'm probably not going to be going anywhere this Halloween, unless I have someone to go with me to Paramount to drop off that beer.
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Oh yeah... I hate when Halloween lands on a weekday.
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Well... yes and no. Brandon's working Halloween night, so it's likely I'll either stay home. It's been our unofficial tradition to go to this one guy's house to bring him a six-pack because he always decorates his house up so amazingly.

I'll be working during the day, so we'll probably have a Halloween/Harvest festival thing with the clients.

The weekend before Halloween, looks like we're going to a friend's band's show and that's it. Brandon's working practically every weekend this month. I'm a persistent weekend widow most of the time.
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And it's not even Halloween!
(I imagine you'll be even busier that week?)
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I'm the same way. A lot of shit never works for me, but Aleve actually does. The problem with naproxin is that you can only take so much in a day (2 pills first dose, 1 pill 12 hours later) before it's an overdose.

Glad to hear you had social time with people.

Brandon and I had a busy weekend.

Did Oktoberfest on Thursday. We were supposed to see an old friend from high school, but she forgot we were hanging out. I was actually glad this fell through. Oktoberfest was our Plan B that we had ready to go. We had brats, did the chicken dance, and I was in a drinking contest.

Friday, went to the Greek Orthodox Festival after work. Was sooo full of food. Could barely move.

On Saturday, Lee, Bran, and I went out to the apples. Got our cider and had our usual lunch at the colonial tavern. We pet the sheep and goats. There were tons of people. At night, went to a friend's birthday party and watched the big MMA fight.

Sunday was a college friend's wedding.

I'm exhausted and I have to go to work now.
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Yeah, I'm keeping at it. Just think I have to be really mindful of my left shoulder and not overstretch it, or else it can mess me up for a whole day it seems.

I ended up trying Excedrin Migraine and didn't notice anything... so maybe it's tension headaches rather than migraines. I imagine tension is maybe more physical in the head and face, to which Tylenol seems to help a lot more than Excedrin, and I don't think Tylenol has all the anti-inflammation properties. I have no idea but maybe I'll try some Aleve and a few other brands. Not like I want to be dependent on these but they come in handy on really bad days, and maybe a certain type will lead me to what main issues I'm really having.

On a better note, I saw a ton of friends last night at a gaming party at my ex roommates apartment though, so finally got some more social life fun in for once haha. Might do a barcade night or something later this month for my birthday.
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Originally posted by Xeoman
It never ends.

I hear that. When it's not one thing, it's another.

Definitely continue on doing yoga. When I had chronic hip and back pain (which is still a burden on my life from time to time), the only thing they gave me was a week's worth of painkillers and descriptions of stretches I needed to do. A lot of people think it's bullshit, but seriously, stretching really helps. Painkillers rarely work for me, and I could see the massive amount of improvement.

I hope you're able to fix what ails you.
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They do work through one bank where I could get a loan. But whatever quick math the secretary did on a sticky note still came to like... some near $6,000 down payment and then $580 something monthly. WTF...

So, well I've been having a better week since that appointment. It was a wake up call and I've gotten back to doing DDP Yoga, this time just being a lot more cautious about my left side, neck, and shoulder stretches. And so far the results have been good.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I just need to focus on tension headaches and or migraines though. It finally hit me maybe that's the biggest issue I'm having over my neck pain, which I can kind of help control. But I always have a lot of pain and tension in my face, behind the eyes, around my brows, burning eyes, and glass never helped. Maybe I'll try to see a neurologist soon. Tylenol helps and clears up my vision usually, which makes me think it's not an eyes thing. I did get some Excedrinto try out.

It never ends.
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I mean, will it solve all your problems? Is there a payment plan? GoFundMe?

Posts: 11585/11599
The stem cells doctor wants $19,000 for everything.

Yeah, time for another plan I guess.
Posts: 11691/11705
I know, it's RIDICULOUS. I feel like every time I check in, there's a buttload of threads to delete, 'less they keep polluting the Last Posts.

It's like we've become the target of a Bangladeshi user farm.
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The latest spambot posted 66 times... just a huge giant list of links in each post. Wow, they're getting worse. Hope DS can patch this up eventually or something.
Posts: 11685/11705
Well, hopefully everything's looking up when you get the stem cells done.

This year has gone really friggin' fast. It's goddamn September already?!
Posts: 11573/11599
Finally got another MRI for my neck. It's still just as weird as I remembered from the few I did years back haha...

Seeing the stem cells doctor later in September. Back to the waiting game.
Posts: 11684/11705
It's Hawaiian Day tomorrow at work. I go all out on that shit.

Need to get the hell out of there, though. My bosses' mistresses are making the place unbearable.
Posts: 109/114
Well I got my exam results yesterday

I passed maths, English and both sciences I took

4 in maths and science, 6 in English

So that's good ^.^
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Not much to report these days, other than it feels like the weeks are FUH-LYING by. I mean, I blink and it's Thursday. Quickest way to get into trouble. I'm letting myself get old without accomplishing anything.

My neck is killing me from head-banging so much last night.
Posts: 11550/11599
Yup, lol. I'll consider that... so far so good with this little blanket folded up under the bad spot though. Hopefully it lasts for awhile.

What pisses me off is this bed is just barely a few years old. Think I got it from Mattress Firm... I'll probably look into other options next time. Of course I can't find my damn receipt now either.
Posts: 1566/1566
Thanks Rogue. Sorry to hear about the debt thing, it all comes back around eventually though.


as far as the bed goes, does it live on a box spring because there are some ghetto solutions to fixing that kind of thing with plywood.
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No other scans since I kind of gave up on that doctor. She seemed like she wanted to do everything to avoid simple X-Rays for whatever reason.

I went through three physical therapists too which was annoying. I'm not sure if that's normal or not? The first woman I saw I liked the most and she seemed to have some good ideas about my C5 area being messed up. But then she had to leave to take cake care of a child or something like that. The other woman I saw was okay but didn't seem nearly as good or thoughtful. Then they gave me this old dude I didn't like much at all and he even called in sick during one of my appointments, they called me ahead of time which was nice at least... but I've never had something like that happen before. The whole experience was kind of weird. I just gave up on them.

Great timing for my bed to have some dip in it too and it's only a few years old! My back was killing me these last few weeks/months. So that's really annoying. I tried rotating it which gave me a few good days again but the dip in the middle appeared again. Even though the box spring seems to be in good shape. For now I put a folded up thin blanket under the dipping spot and that seems to help.

And my apartment is having some carpet beetles again... this happened last year and I don't want to deal with that crap again. More spiders popping up too.

Might give this a shot:
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