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06-20-19 09:02 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - The Happy Thread
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Posts: 11601/11675
I got promoted to a Tech III position recently for learning some new stuff a few weeks ago. Nice raise!

Health/wellness seems better than average again, I think from being back on the yoga for about a month and a half now. I'm still doing DDP's program and the old DVD's, love them. So I'm glad to be back on it and will keep at it... I just have to be careful with my left shoulder.

Still sleeping like crap though...
Posts: 11708/11793
I don't remember if I've said it before up there, but I'm happy Elara moved back to California. It's been great hanging out with her and Kaleb.

Posts: 11598/11675
Happy for cooler weather, October, a foggy morning, and played Silent Hill games all day.
Posts: 9629/9671
Huzzah for flea free! Now you can join me in the land of paranoia and combing them every time they scratch.

Happy for rain and a three day weekend. And rain. Did I mention the rain?
Posts: 11665/11793
And seriously, what kills me are the people who go, "If you can't afford going to the vet, don't get a pet!" If only people who have disposable income can have cats and dogs, there'd be so much more euthanizing going on. Every single cat I've ever had has sort of been foisted on me in some way or another.

I'm just happy Miko's finally flea-free. Jesus Christ, it's about time. Since she was so light before, we tried to medicate her with Advantage for kittens, but it didn't work.

Nothing much else to report.
Posts: 11555/11675
That's great Rogue. Hope she keeps improving! I'd love to get a cat or two eventually but yeah the vet bills really freak me out... maybe not a good idea in my dinky apartments too. Love cats though and I miss the two my family and I had growing up.
Posts: 9622/9671
Yay!! I am happy to hear that she is doing better!

I am happy that my credential has finally be transferred, even if it is late for this school year hiring season. Also happy that Kaleb is getting a new shift bid soon and we might finally have a day off together.
Posts: 11664/11793
I'd been spending the last month worried that my cat was getting ready to die. She was just so weak and when I would lay down with her, she could barely left her legs or head. She would eat really well. I mean, she was getting wet food twice a day, with kibble always available. Still it got so bad she was practically a skeleton.

We're way too broke to take her to the vet. Anyway, ended up ordering a lot of things online and hitting up Petco. I didn't know there's de-worming pills you can just order now, as opposed to going to the vet and getting a shot. She's responding very well to treatment and has even put on enough weight that we can finally order her the good flea medication.

She's able to jump onto the bed again without a struggle and she looks so much healthier.

I'm just happy right now.
Posts: 11659/11793
I've got a few things.

I'm happy the wedding went over well.

Happy that Dread Crew of Oddwood played it.

Happy that we got to go on a honeymoon, taking three weeks to drive around the United States.

Happy to FINALLY get to see a lot of places - my favorite being New Orleans, as I knew it would be.

Happy to have gotten to go to Georgia Renaissance Faire. *Sigh* <3

Happy to have had season passes for Koroneburg, so we went a few times. Boggards and Oddwood played that faire this year. Outstanding shows, even compared with Pleasure Faire.

Happy to get to see a few friends' bands lately.

Happy it's SHAKESPEARE SEASON!!! God, I love this time of year.
Posts: 11629/11793
And we'll be happy to see you guys when you get here.

There's so many things I should be thankful for, but it's been difficult lately.

Happy that my weekends have been pretty full, I guess.
Posts: 9606/9671
One more week before I am free of work... at least for a bit.
Posts: 11601/11793
I had a very good day at work yesterday.

My three new coworkers (people who literally started over the past month) surprised me by giving me a "Last Jedi" Kylo Ren shirt and since they had worn Star Wars shirts that day, they wanted me to put it on so we could all match.

Not kidding how incredibly happy this made me.
Posts: 51/56
I got hammered last night.

Girlfriend wasn't too pleased, but it was one of my best friend's birthday party, and we had lots of fun drinking games to play and only so much time to do it all.

I love the rage cage.
Posts: 9576/9671
Came home to yummy soup on a rainy day.
Posts: 11502/11675
I have $2,000 in my PayFlex account I might be able to get for my surgery!
Posts: 50/56
So, the first person in my life to reach out to me over my absence (long story short, I cut myself off from most everybody) is someone who I wasn't even sure cared about my existence, so that was really neat.
Posts: 80/153
Happy I finally have a loving gf. Her name's Avery ;3
Posts: 9563/9671
Now if they could only do that for the rest of the bill.

Starting the transfer process for work. Picked up boxes to start some packing... gonna need to get boxes with handles for books, though. I've learned THAT lesson.

Found a good solution for getting the second car to California (yay!)

And.... it's almost October! Halloween mode is already activated!
Posts: 11494/11675
Okay well the anesthesia bill was looking like $945, but thankfully my insurance did do some adjustments after all and I only owe $100 something... phew. Good news.

Still owe a ton to the hospital though.
Posts: 41/56
Originally posted by Luigi442wii
Wait, how did you end up getting punched in the first place?

I do martial arts.

In martial arts, sometimes we spar.

We sparred.

I got a lot of solid leg kicks (at 30%-40% power).

The other guy took exception to this, got mad, and hit me with a 100% haymaker (you are only supposed to go around 30%).

I ate the haymaker and almost got knocked out. I got a nice shiner to show for it.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - The Happy Thread

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