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01-20-19 06:51 PM
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I like milk chocolate, but most have just gotten too sugary these days. I know there's a world cocoa shortage, but it's really turned into basic chocolate just tasting like vanilla and sugar.

I know red velvet is supposed to be chocolate. When you get real red velvet, it actually does taste like it not Playdoh or vanilla with red dye. Still, I haven't eaten red chocolate. I should track it down.

What's your cheap, fast dinner plan?
Posts: 9643/9645
Food and sometimes alcohol... but mostly food.

As the great chocolate time descends upon us, what are your preferences? Dark, milk, white... bonus question of what do you think of this new "red" chocolate?
Posts: 11735/11740
I took lessons for violin and piano, but never went past being able to play a few songs on either.

What is your go-to vice (smoking, drinking, complaining, porn, etc)?
Posts: 11622/11626
That's a good one... I've been at a loss for the last several years now. Especially when dubstep really took off and even took over trailers, etc. I can't think of any mainstream modern artist I like or know much about. It's bizarre how society worships a bunch of artists that are either ancient or passed away for years at this rate. We're never going to have some icon like Michael Jackson or whatnot ever again, if that makes sense. Nobody right now is going to be remembered 10 years from now or whatever. lol

Do you or have you ever played any instruments?
Posts: 11733/11740
I guess it depends on your definition of poster. I had a medieval brass rubbing I did in 7th grade, mounted with a string on one wall, and a print of a painting someone did of Frida Kahlo getting raped by a skeleton on another wall, hung up with pins over my bed.

Oh and a gun range target of a zombie that I shot up. That's taped over Brandon's desk.

Do you "get" music these days?
Posts: 11618/11626
I've actually noticed that bending forwards, as if you were working to stretch your lower back touching your toes, it also helps my neck and head a lot. I'm guessing since that gets some blood rushing up in there and moves some things around. Then slowly roll up neck relaxed and all.

How many posters do you have hanging up?
Posts: 9640/9645
Besides cell phones in general?

I honestly don't know if I would call any product life changing. I would have said the bed frame from Ikea for getting rid of my back pain, but that has finally come back after months... so now, I don't really know. Maybe Epsom salt?

What do you do to get rid of nasty muscle cramps in your neck and shoulders?
Posts: 11728/11740
Believe it or not, I have not played much Smash Bros. I've been to parties where most of the gathering is in the living room, watching everyone play. People with Gameboys and Switches joining in on the screen. Eventually they all get bored and everyone plays as the same character in seven different colors.

So.. uh.. Pikachu?

What product has changed your life?
Posts: 11610/11626
Hmmm, does broccoli cheddar count? haha. I love soup but I honestly rarely have it. Miso soup is great too, chicken noodle, tomato, love all of it.

Who's your favorite Smash Bros character(s)?
Posts: 11724/11740
It's one of the few things I get superstitious about -- talking about upcoming things to which I'm looking forward -- because it's as though I always jinx them and then they fall apart.

I actually wrote out something of a list and then got anxious and deleted it.

I'll just say, I guess, that I'd really like to find a new job. I've been pretty unhappy with this one for a while now. I'd also like to travel some in the next year, and I'm making some attempts to put that into motion.

What is your favorite kind of soup?
Posts: 124/129
Good question!

* Nicole, my girlfriend
* Food
* Drink (not sugarfree bullshit)
* Cirno
* Windows XP startup sound

What are three things that you're excited for next year?
Posts: 11711/11740
Well, there are videos by people I look forward to, like Pop Culture Detective and Every Frame a Painting (though he sadly hasn't put out videos in years.)

I don't dedicatedly follow YouTube, though, to the point that the moment someone drops a video I MUST watch it.

What are five things that are guaranteed to make you happy?
Posts: 11602/11626
"Execute Order 66..."
"Unlimited POWER!"

Yes... the Emperor from Star Wars Episode 3.

Do you follow some channels on youtube or twitch?
Posts: 11709/11740
Latest would be that Brandon and I actually sat down together and carved jack-o'-lanterns last night and did a pretty good job of it for two people who've never really carved jack-o'-lanterns.

Otherwise, I guess it's my Tina costume I threw together. I got a few people complimenting it and others wanting geek about "Bob's Burgers." The other night we went to see our friends' bands show and another friends came dressed as Louise while Brandon and I were Gene and Tina. It ended up being a thing for some of the bands to mention on stage. "I'd like to thank all the Belcher kids for coming to the show!"

Yeah, it's stupid, but I was proud.

What line from a TV show or movie do you repeat to yourself simply because it brings you joy?
Posts: 11654/11740
Yes. I sure do miss this place.

What's the latest thing that you have been proud of?
Posts: 93/129

Want this site to make a comeback?
Posts: 11645/11740
I'm addicted. I have a regular place I go after work. Usual order: "Medium cold brew, room for cream."

My favorite cold coffee is Blue Bottle's New Orleans iced coffee. It comes in a little milk carton, like the ones from school. Been drinking it for years, and holy fuck is it amazeballs over ice cream.

What would make you de-friend someone on Facebook, Twitter, etc?
Posts: 9618/9645
I actually just watched a video on what powers the Queen of England actually has... which is surprisingly a lot. It made me wonder how different the country, and world, would be if she had less restraint... and what happens once she passes.

What is your opinion on Cold Brew coffee or cold coffee in general?
Posts: 11627/11740
Mint and chip.

What's the last YouTube video you watched that really made you think?
Posts: 9604/9645
I have not heard anyone make this claim, and I don't know if I would agree with it. One the one hand, in terms of effects and such, yes... we can do a lot more now than we could before... but we have lost some things in doing that. Game of Thrones can make a dragon fly, but Star Trek TNG made a borg cube out of bits of model kits that looked pretty damn realistic and intimidating... I don't think you can find many people who can do that now. Pixar makes great CGI animated movies, but can anyone do the old style animation or stop motion? In short, we have advanced, but I think we also got lazy.

And don't even get me started on how repetitive shows have become... how many Law and Order or CW Superhero shows do we need?

Side note on that book group... we read one book a month, because "more is too much". I will have to look into some of those titles. For March I suggested "The Martian Chronicles"... I and the other heavy reader voted for it at least. My April suggestion is "Children of Blood and Bone"... let us see how that one goes.

Snap decision: You are offered an ice cream in the flavor of your choice, what do you pick?
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