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04-22-19 12:52 AM
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Arya yawned and watched the people get off the train, but had to stifle a smile when she saw a man that looked like he was on his way to Hawaii.

'Tourist in the wrong place?' She wrote it down and placed a big question mark beside it then began writing a small story about a man who wound up in the wrong city. After a few minutes of busy writing she shook her head and laughed at herself. Get a hold of yourself Arya. You're here for research not fun.' But then again her research was rarely boring to her. She stood up and stretched with her arms reaching up still holding her pencil and pad of paper.

Relaxing she wandered up to the train curiously and looked inside one of the doors. A new stream of people began boarding while a few passengers were still getting off. The crowd chattered and laughed as they said hello to whoever came to meet them; they also cried and hugged as they said goodbye to their loved ones. She touched the cold metal of the hand rail that was attached to the train a little sadly then jumped as it let out a loud gust of steam.

She laughed nervously then stepped back and walked over to the nearest water fountain to take a drink.
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"You bastard..." Kara mumbled as she staggered into the station, clinging on to her cousin for dear life. Brian Winchester laughed as he jerked Kara around as much as he could while they were walking up the stairs.

The night before, Kara finally caved. That Friday, as she was leaving the office, she was pulled aside and greeted with news of receiving a job. Up until that point, Kara was interning with the law office as an assignment, and keeping herself afloat in school through scholarships and waitressing on the side. Now, she was getting paid for the observing and paperwork she completed throughout the week, and much more than she was as a waitress.

Rather than going directly home that night, Kara took the train to where Brian worked and presented him with the news. Almost immediately, he took her to the restaurant she worked at to let them know.

I was so scared to tell them I was quitting... Kara thought as her mind wandered back to that night. But her fellow co-workers had done nothing but cheer her on and wish her well. Her manager even offered soup on the house for the nights they "worked her too hard."

After that, the weekend seemed to spiral downward. Friday night their apartment was flooded with their college friends, most of which were Brian's of course. Kara was too shy and into her work to make that many friends in the short time she and her cousin attended college together.

All Kara wanted to do that night was relax, but she knew she brought this upon herself.

"I should have waited until Monday to tell you..." she muttered, glancing up at him angrily with her brown eyes.

It wasn't that she never drank before...but she never drank excessively. She was able to hold out until Saturday night, when some of Brian's friends talked her into sharing a drink with them, to celebrate her accomplishments. Reluctantly she agreed, but agreed nonetheless. After that, it was a night of drinking games, shot glasses, and even a few bets. She hadn't fallen asleep...rather, she passed out, until about two hours before they stood in the station now.

Brian, who had probably not slept at all, gleefully woke his cousin up with a pot of ice cold water, telling her it was a beautiful Sunday morning and that he wanted to take her out. Really, Kara knew, Brian was just torturing her in her hung over state, something she wouldn't forget for a long time, she promised herself.

The walk to the station wasn't so bad, but that was because the sun wasn't quite awake yet either. However, now, the sound of people running about and trains moving was proving to be quite the headache.

Brian smiled as he looked down at his drowsy cousin. Already she was breaking out in a cold sweat. "Just you wait Kara. The sun will be up when our train leaves the station. You'll feel better then. The light will do ya good!" He exclaimed.

Again Kara found herself groaning and cursing him under her breath. "Bright lights and a train...just what I need asshole..."
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Miska held Juline's hand. "Momma..."

Juline nodded. "What's wrong?"

"Momma I don't feel so good..." She said looking to the side.

Juline blinked. "We have to go to mass right?" She kneeled down to the little girl. "We have to pray for Papa's rights into Heaven."

Miska nodded. "But momma..."

Juline put a hand on Miska's head. She wasn't burning up. "You feel fine."
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Arya took a seat on a nearby bench and studied people as they walked around the station. She watched as a couple hugged and kissed goodbye and as mothers pulled their sons and daughters along by their hands to make sure they didn't wander off. Here and there were men and women in business suits holding onto briefcases with one hand and coffee cups in the other.

Her eyes went quickly back and forth between her notebook and the people in the station. 'There might actually be a character in the making' she thought then glanced up one more time and saw a man walking up to a woman and a little girl who was probably her daughter. Arya felt a little bit of uneasiness creep over her as she watched the man ask the woman something. She didn't know why that made her feel uneasy so she looked away as another train pulled into the station.
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Juline looked at the stranger.

Miska looked up at Richard. She blinked and gave Richard a greeting smile.

Juline's eyes thinned. "What could be so urgent you would want to speak with a stranger about?"
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Showered and dressed, but still yawning Arya grabbed a poppy seed bagel and her satchel. "Pens...paper..notebook...pencils..awesome. Everything is all here." she patted her bag and slung it over her shoulder. Nibbling on her bagel she stepped out into the halls of the apartment building and carefully locked the door behind her.

She blinked in the bright sun and stepped carefully over some trolley tracks and crossed the street when the way was clear. Reaching a different set of tracks she stood and waited for the trolley to come along. As much as she's seen of this city she still couldn't get enough of it. The mystery, the crime, the romance...It was perfect for the setting of her new book.

Arya smiled and smoothed her hair back when she spotted the red, slow moving trolley finally ambling up the hill. She caught the rail as it went past and boarded, looking every which way to see all the sights at once. For the month she'd been here there had been too much to do while house hunting to take in any real sights so she had been looking forward to a day to herself for a while now. She sighed and enjoyed the brisk breeze blowing in her face and hair as the trolley continued on.

Finally spotting a place that looked promising she jumped off the trolley and hurriedly got out of the street when she began hearing car horns. "Oh! I'm so sorry sir!" she apologized to a gruff looking man she had bumped into after running out of the street.

"Careful where you're walking." He said curtly then stepped quickly past her.

"Well there certainly are nice folk here aren't there?" She hmph'd and turned toward the building she'd ended up at. 'Penn Station' said a large sign over the doors. Feeling curiosity taking a hold of her she stepped inside through the double doors and looked around hoping for some inspiration while she took out her notebook and a pencil.
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Richard walked towards Juline and Miska, feeling the energy emanating from the young girl. In fact, he could see Pandora's smile shining just above Miska's own toothy grin. His old heart warmed just slightly, but in a flash, business was once again the primary focus of his mind.

"Ah, excuse me ma'am, but might there be any chance of me speaking to you? It's very urgent."
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Sunlight began to hit the walls of the three story apartment building causing the faint grey walls to glow with the light hitting it. A blind closed on a window in the third story, it's owner grumbling about being up too early.

This apartment building was nicely built with medium sized lush green lawns and strategically placed brick walls around it to keep the residents' privacy. It had large, spacious rooms and all of its back windows had splendid views of the entire city since the building had been built upon a tall hill located at the edge of New York City.

A second floor room numbered B4 was silent. At this time, 5:30 am, most well established New Yorkers had begun to trudge silently through the glossy wooden halls either returning from graveyard shifts or heading out to greet their morning shifts with lattes and coffee mugs in their hands. Inside B4, as in all of the rooms, the entryway was a lowered grey brick square with a "Welcome" mat covering half of the space in it.

The entry hall opened up into a spacious half-living room half-large kitchen. The living room contained a sofa and coffee table that had come with the apartment and looked very comfortable until you sat on it and felt how lumpy it was. There was a 20" high definition TV on top of a TV stand a yard and two feet away. The kitchen contained shiny, light wooden shelves above nice looking counter tops and kitchen necessities.

There were two doors on the other side of the living room from the kitchen. One was a half bathroom and the other was a bedroom almost the size of the living room without the kitchen. Inside the bedroom was completely wrecked compared to the cleanliness of the other rooms. Crumpled paper wads and notes littered the floor around the computer desk and waste basket, boxes upon boxes of clothes, books and other personal items were scattered about the room and the bed had its covers flung right off and onto the floor.

Sprawled on the bed was the owner of the apartment room. She was sweating causing the long red shirt she was wearing to stick to her figure. Twisting her limbs and body around she tried to escape the dream that was haunting her and with a large gasp of air she finally managed.

Suddenly sitting straight up with light blue eyes wide open she panted for breath and searched the room from top to bottom. Finding no danger she relaxed her grip on her shirt and rubbed her face with her slender hands. She groaned and then looked back into the fading darkness of her room. It seemed unusually menacing this morning and she shivered, wondering what kind of dream she'd had that would scare her awake.

"I'm not gonna bother thinking about it..." she decided and, standing up, picked the blankets up off the floor and put them on the bed in a heap.
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"Miska, are you ready?" Juline put a fnger on a stray bunch of bangs and put her long hair in a bun. She took out a lipstick placing the crimson color on her lips. "Miska," Juline walked out of the bathroom of the loft. You could hear the clacking of her high heels on the hard wood floor. Juline walked by a picture of a man. His eyes and hair were shadowed by the darkness in the room. A candle beside it stood lit. "Come on Miska."

"Mommy..." A little girl slept in her bed and rolled over. She got out her bed and blinked rubbing her eye. The door to her room opened. The blinding light came into the room. Her hair was frizzed and a mess. She got out her bed and looked up at the door.

"Miska," Juline said walking into the room. She walked over to the closet. "We have to get ready for Mass, we're going to be late." She sighed taking a white frilly dress out of the closet. She handed it to the little girl. "Wear this."

"But Mommy, I want to wear a skirt like your's. The other girls my age don't wear this stuff," Miska said streching and unbuttoning her pajama shirt.

"Miska, you're going to have to wear it. You look so good in these dresses."

Miska began to put on the white dress with the underskirt that made the dress flair out. Her eyes rolled as she put the red pettycoat on over the dress. She sat down and slid her feet into the boots.

Juline began to brush Miska's hair. She put the hair up in two black buns with red ribbons in them. "It's going to be a special day for you today hunny." Juline said with a smile. "We're going to have a lot of fun after Mass today. Because guess what today is?"

Miska blinked and looked up. "It's not my birthday."

Juline laughed. "No today is the anniversary of Mr. Rather's death. He would've wanted us to be happy... so we're going to have a good day today."

Miska nodded. Juline grabbed her keys and her purse. She held Miska's hand and walked out of the loft. It was now 5:30 in the morning. She began to walk fast with Miska. "Mommy, you're walking too fast..."

Juline walked faster.

"We're about to miss the train hun."

Miska nodded and began to keep up with her. The two walked down the stairs in the Penn station and began to stand in line waiting on the next train so they could go to church across town. "St. Anne's Chapel..." Miska said looking at Juline. "Mommy, one of the girls there is very sick. I wish I could help her."

Juline smiled and looked down at Miska. "Miska, dear, pray and you'll be able to help her okay?"

Miska nodded and smiled. "You think she'll be better today?"

Juline's eyes softened. "I believe she'll be better today."
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OOC: The New York branch of Blood Line.

5:12 AM. Richard Corrina was already up and at 'em. He was wiping the floors at Penn's Station when the morning crowd flocked in. He watched them with a weary eye, making sure his hood covered his eye patch. He could smell the others. If he took the eyepatch off, he could find them. But that was not today, Richard Corrina decided to himself. He would meet with the Touched one by one, and unite them against the evil he could see with his hidden eye.

If only he could show these men and women, so obsessed with their day to day affairs, the future the world could have in store for them. If he could show them, how soon the world would change.

He felt her presence enter the Station, along with others who bore the Mark. This would be an interesting morning indeed.
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